UPDATE 9/23  -  EUTH DATE SET FOR TUES  SEPT 25th! DOGS AND CATS ARE IN DANGER! Transport/Vetting/Boarding assistance can be provided. NO PULL FEE ON CATS FOR RESCUE!

 CONTACT: Adoptions: PH: (606) 723-3587 or visit the shelter directly at 50 Ginter Road, Ravenna, KY 40472
If you are with RESCUE and want to  help, please e-mail
If you would like to SPONSOR an animal in the shelter, you can send sponsorship directly to our Paypal account at with a note of which animal(s) you would like the funds to be applied to, or if you would like us to apply the funds at our discretion to the most urgent animal(s) in the shelter.

CTL 798 Rocky Young Male URGENT! HAS $105 SPONSORSHIP! 1 year old, 50lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Sweet boy.

CTL 803 Smokie Young Female SAFE! Coco and Smokie, two lovely girls, came from the same home and may be sisters.1.5 years old, 40lbs.  Coco has been rescued.

CTL 812  Bubba  Adult Male ADOPTED!  2 years old, 50lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Such a sweet, happy boy! Who can resist that smile! He licked the hand of our driver today and wagged his tail.

CTL 822 Skipper Adult Male SAFE! 2 year old, 48lbs. Stray. Sweet beautiful boy. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS!

CTL 826 Sam Adult Male URGENT! HAS $30 SPONSORSHIP! 2 years old, 67lbs. OWNER SURRENDER! Sweet boy - GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS!

CTL 844 Dixie Young Female SAFE! 1 year old, 30lbs. Sweet girl. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

CTL 850 Jake Adult Male URGENT! HAS $200 SPONSORSHIP! 2 years old, 42lbs. Came in with Elwood 851 his traveling buddy found in Lee County. Sweet boy. He is GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

 CTL 857 Mack Young Male SAFE! 1 year old, 60lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Sweet, lovely boy.

CTL 864 Buddy Young Male URGENT! HAS $40 in SPONSORSHIPS! 1 year old, 52lbs. Stray. Gorgeous, sweet boy - GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

CTL 872 Raven Adult Female URGENT! 5 years old, 46lbs. OWNER SURRENDER! Sweet girl. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

CTL 879  Kip Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old, 49lbs. Stray. Sweet boy - GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.
 CTL 882 Brutus Young Male URGENT! 1 year old, 60lbs. STRAY. Very sweet and nice boy who is GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

CTL 513 Black Cat URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $20 SPONSORSHIP! Came in with CTL514 Torti who has been adopted.

CTL 535  #2 of 4 Kittens BABY Black/Gray? URGENT! HAVE $30 SPONSORSHIP!

CTL 533 - 536  Two of 4 Kittens BABIES Orange Tabby URGENT! HAVE $30 SPONSORSHIP!

 CTL 551 Tabby Female ADOPTED This poor mama cat had premature babies at the shelter which we requested to be put down humanely. Please help this poor girl out!
CTL 559-566 Two Domestic Short Hair Mix Cats URGENT!  EACH HAS $10  SPONSORSHIP! Two of 7 cats/kittens were brought into the shelter - all from the same home!
CTL 559-566  Three Cats/Kittens URGENT! EACH HAS $10 SPONSORSHIP! Three of 7 cats/kittens  were brought into the shelter - all from the same home!

CTL 559-566  Two Cats/Kittens URGENT! EACH HAS $10 SPONSORSHIP! Two of 7 cats/kittens  were brought into the shelter - all from the same home!

CTL 559-566  Tabby ADOPTED! One of 8 cats/kittens (2 slides) were brought into the shelter - all from the same home!

CTL 579-583 5 Kittens URGENT! HAVE $30 SPONSORSHIP! (3 of 5 shown in photo)

CTL 589 & 590 Two Black Cats URGENT! HAVE $20 SPONSORSHIP! (One of two in photo! ONE OF THEM ESCAPED FROM SHELTER!

Meghan & Three Kittens - OUT OF SHELTER/NEED RESCUE!  Mom cat with 3 one week old kittens - currently with a foster - we couldn’t stand to leave these wee ones in the shelter over the weekend. Lovely family.
Caspar White Male Cat URGENT! HAS TEMPORARY FOSTER - NEEDS PERMANENT FOSTER OR RESCUE! HAS OLD EYE INJURY/HAVING SURGERY TO REMOVE IT! Casper is very friendly.  His left eye has an old injury - eye is sunken in. He has no sight in it but it’s not infected. Need foster. Going to have his eye removed to make him more comfortable and have him neutered at the same time.

Sadieville, KY: STILL NEEDS RESCUE! Transport help available. George Male -  FIV+...George is a lovable, large headed neutered male cat. He likes to sleep at the foot of the bed and make happy toes while he falls asleep. He enjoys being brushed, the occasional catnip fiesta and lots of good food. He gets along well with other cats and dogs. Although he wants to be outside, George is FIV+ and needs to remain indoors. He remains with a temporary foster. CONTACT:  Email:
Irvine, KY: CLARICE NEEDS RESCUE!  Fully vetted! Transport help available! Clarice Domestic Long Hair Young Femal - Clarice was pulled from the Estill County Shelter in June. She had 3 kittens with her at the shelter, 1 was adopted. She along with the remaining two kittens were pulled to avoid euthanasia and went to a temporary local foster. Sadly the two remaining kittens fell ill and passed away suddenly. Clarice is a beautiful, petite, long haired young female. She is extremely shy, once cornered she loves to be petted, with too much freedom and places to hide she will revert to being less social. She absolutely hates to be held and will struggle mightily to get down but has not bitten or scratched. I feel with a really good foster who can spend a lot of time with her, Clarice will blossom into a wonderful cat. She will still probably do best in a quiet home with a another nice calm cat, she adores our young cat Nanook who is friendly and playful. She is skinny, a bit finicky about eating loves the gravy off of wet food but the not food, loved the Iams kitten chow but is eating Purina Muse Salmon flavored dry. Maybe more brands need to be explored to find something she really likes. CONTACT: Email:  or Sherry Reams - PH: Cell  (859) 582-1279 Home (606) 723-7367 Email:

Lexington,  KY: Litter of 3 Kittens STILL IN NEED OF RESCUE! Transport Available!TWHRA pulled this litter of 3 kittens (2 cream females, 1 gr/white male, 7 wks old) from the Estill Co Shelter on 7/25 to take to the vet to get checked out since they didn’t look well. All 3 have upper respiratory infections, but the vet felt it was minor and did not warrant antibiotics at this time (if they don’t improve antibiotics will be given). All were covered in fleas and had ear mites - they received treatment with Capstar and Revolution. Their eyes are being treated with Terramycin. No vaccinations/further vetting will be done until their condition improves. CONTACT:

Irving, KY: NEED RESCUE ASAP! This lovely mom, Bri, had some kittens that needed care so we got them to the vet. Bri is with a temp foster while her babies are at the vet. The one white kitten (long hair) had a wolf worm removed from its neck. The other white kitten (short hair) may have a URI. Black and white kitten is long hair. Another black and white kitten was found with a wolf hole and has been helped as well and added to the others. All are on antibiotics.  CONTACT:

Cynthiana, KY: SENIOR DOG NEEDS RESCUE ASAP! Missy, 13 years old, 40-50lb, spayed but not UTD on shots. Missy gets along with kids and other dogs, but is afraid of storms and fireworks. She is in good health as far as is known. Her owners have another dog who medical costs are climbing and they hope to find somewhere else for Missy. Who can help this senior girl? Transport help available. CONTACT: or Joyce Fox contact for dog 859-227-4424

Tyler, KY: RESCUE NEEDED ASAP! NEIGHBOR IS THREATENING TO KILL THIS DOG!  Transport help is available. Hooch’s owner is seeking rescue for her dog, Hooch. He is already neutered and due for vaccinations in July. Hooch is a Boxer/Mastiff, 7-8 years old, 90-100 pounds. He gets along with kids, cats and most dogs. He is mostly an indoor dog, house trained and lives with a cat. He has been having issues with the neighbor dogs. There is no fence to separate the properties. CONTACT: Contact: or Jenna Allen 606-493-5071 -  Jenna is willing to transport to the receiving rescue or if too far The Way Home Rescue Alliance could possibly assist.

Winchester, KY: NEEDS ANOTHER RESCUE OR ADOPTION! Transport help available! Sadie Mae Large Adult Female -  Seven years old, weighs 60-65lbs. Sadie is large and lovable and does well with children. She doesn’t do well with other dogs or cats. Sadie was turned in to a rescue by her owner. This rescue in turn asked our help to find her a home or another rescue. She needs love and someone that is patient to work with her on her manners. She is only partly house trained. Sadie would do wonderfully on a farm - a fenced yard at a minimum. She is fully vetted and UTD - flea treatment, HW tested, spayed, microchipped and groomed. Her adoption fee or cost to a rescue is $100. CONTACT: Email -




POSTED 9/19 - Please do not think all the animals on our list are safe, they are not.


Homeward Bound Waggin is a transport group; we are not an animal control facility.  HBW posts animals in need of rescue on behalf of 4 different facilities in the areas of Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO. All the shelters euthanize for space. All animals posted are sitting in a kennel somewhere.  They need rescue groups who offer adoptions to take them in if they are going to get any closer to their forever home. Transport help is available.

In need of rescue but not listed: Lola, Callie, Thor and Dudley

Rudy American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male NEUTERED, ALL VACCINES.  2-3 years old. Rudy was an owner surrender for not getting along with the other dog in the house.  Rudy was an owner surrender for not getting along with the other dog in the house.   Rudy is a very nice guy and good with kids as there were kids in the home but he needs to be an only pet.  The biggest and number one issue we see with Rudy is he needs someone to teach him some manners.  He isn’t a bad dog but it is clear no one has worked with him. He is very food motivated so is quickly learning sit, shake, etc.   He is neutered, heartworm negative and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella. He is now working on basic obedience training.

Zara American Staffordshire Terrier SENIOR Female URGENT!  SPAYED, MC, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES. 9 years old, 62 lbs! Zara has had a rough go of it. She surrendered just over two years ago. She spent almost a full year in the shelter and then her lucky day came, so she thought. She was finally adopted! Fast forward one year and she is surrendered again. Why? Because she needs to be an only dog, the person adopting her knew that. The girlfriend moved in with her dog and back to the shelter Zara was sent. Sadly the owner didn’t take the best care of her the last year either and let her eat all she wanted and she gained a whopping 25 lbs! She came back in at 72lb with a leaky bladder so she was started on Proin. She has lost 10lbs and is now down to 62lbs and the leaky bladder seems to be correcting itself now that the weight is coming off. She really is super sweet and friendly and would make a great dog for an older couple/ person that wants a companion and someone to take for walks. She is fully vetted since she has been adopted before.
June and Johnny Lab Mixes Young Female/Male URGENT! HAVE ALL VACCINES.    Lab mixed with something smaller. 6 months old, 30lbs. They were surrendered as the last two of the litter the family couldn’t give away.  June looks Lab/Beagle and Johnny is long legged and very small framed. Neither will be very big full grown.  Both are super friendly and playful and good with other dogs and kids, have not been cat tested.  Neither are altered, both are current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.

Rose Hound Mix Adult Female URGENT! SPAYED, MC, HW NEG, ALL VACCINES.  3.5 years old. Rose was found abandoned over a year ago. She has been in the system all this time with no interest and we don’t know why. We were asked to post her out in hopes that a broader network may help her get placed. She is very friendly and loving with all of the volunteers. Out in the yard she doesn’t want to run around, but rather she wants to be in your lap giving kisses. She is good with more submissive, less rambunctious dogs.  She needs slow introductions as she doesn’t like a dog she doesn’t know running up in to her face.  As long as they greet her slowly at first she is then fine.  She is fully vetted as she is spayed, microchipped, heartworm tested negative and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.



UPDATE 9/23  -     Adoption fee on any available animal is $20. All rescues that are 501(c)3 tax exempt will not be charged a pull fee but must present a copy of their tax exempt status.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 256-1833   Email:



Sasha Pit Mountain Cur Mix Female URGENT! LONG TIMER!! Stray. Very sweet and friendly.  Small, thin lighter build (not muscular like a pit bull), head not wide. Extraordinary color, beautiful eyes, young, friendly, appears healthy. Nice dog! Desperate for love and attention!

Bullit Labrador Retriever Young Male URGENT! 9 months old. Hyper and friendly.

Chloe  Mixed Breed Young Female URGENT! OWNER SURRENDER! 1 year old, 30lbs. Friendly. Has beautiful eyes!
Cujo Yellow Lab Young Male - 1 year old. Good with dog, cats and children. Very hyper.
  Chance Great Pyrenees/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Young Male NO LONGER POSTED..- 1 year old. Friendly. Not leash broken.

JACK Jack Russell Terrier Mix Adult Male - 6-8 years old, neutered. Shy with strangers.


Rockcastle County Animal shelter
Mount Vernon, KY

POSTED 5/8   Shelter is rescue and adopter friendly in and out of state.

 CONTACT: PH: (859) 737-0053 Email: or Email:



Selina SENIOR Female - EYE DAMAGE! Selina came to the shelter as a stray. She is a very sweet kitty that seems to have had a bit of a rough life. Selina has some damage to her eyes, likely from a severe infection that was never treated. She seems to see okay and gets around without any issues. She will likely need prescription eye drops on and off the rest of her life so her new family will need to be prepared for that. Selina is estimated to be about 10 years old but is in good physical condition. She is fine with other kitties and very easy going.

5. Madisonville, KY: ADOPTABLE CATS & DOGS!

CONTACT: Email: PH: (270) 821-8965 

Sasha Shepherd Mix Large Young Female - HEARTWORM POSITIVE! SPONSORED FOR ADOPTION! Are you looking for an intelligent 4 legged companion? Sasha might just be the girl you’ve been looking for! She’s a 1 year old beautiful German Shepherd mix. This girlie is very ball/toy driven, and knows most basic commands. Sasha wants nothing more than to please. She does well with most other dogs, with a proper introduction. Honestly though her dream home would be having her 2 legged people all to herself. Sasha is heartworm positive so that would be something you’d need to discuss with your veterinarian about. Sasha is already spayed, and up to date on all her vaccinations.

Gracie Boxer Mix Large Adult Female -  HEARTWORM POSITIVE! ADOPTION FEE SPONSORED! Who can resist this face? Not to mention those ears. This girl is a beautiful 3 year old Boxer mix. She is good with other dogs. Gracie is heartworm positive so that would be something you’d need to discuss with your veterinarian about.

 Alice Domestic Short Hair Gray Adult Female - ADOPTION FEE IS SPONSORED! This 4 year old girl is searching for her purrfect home! She’s a sweet larger sized girl. She seems to love everyone she meets.

Sable Domestic Short Hair Brown Young Female - ADOPTION FEE IS SPONSORED! She’s a 1 year old DSH. She seems to love everyone she meets. She’s been with us since April, and she’d love nothing more than to find her true furever home.

Clyde Shepherd Mix Medium Adult Male -  HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 42 pounds. Clyde found himself wandering the streets. Unfortunately no one ever came looking for him, but he’s not letting that get in the way of his future. Clyde seems to love everyone he meets. He gets along with other dogs also. Clyde is heartworm positive, so you would need to talk with your veterinarian about treatment options and pricing.

Hopkins County Humane Society
Madisonville, KY




CONTACT: PH: (606) 298-4035  Email:

 Andi Boxer Mix Medium Adult Female - LONG TIMER! AT SHELTER FOR 3 YEARS! 45lbs.  The wonderful ladies who care for me at the shelter tell me every day how wonderful I am and that I am such a good girl. So, why do I not have a family to call my own? I get along with most dogs and love every human who takes the time to give me attention. I wag my tail and dance when anyone walks into the kennel area. I love people. I have been at the shelter the longest of any dog! I am a young, attractive young pup who would be a wonderful addition to your family. I am spayed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated.

Magic Mike Labrador Retriever Mix Medium Adult Male - LONG TIMER!   Good with cats and children. Magic Mike is about five years old and a medium-sized dog. He is a small lab, in other words. Why this sweet, eager to be loved dog is stuck in a shelter is unknown. He is so adoptable and so cute! He likes kids and adults, but has trust issues. He also doesn't like other dogs, due to his hard life scrounging
and fighting for food. He needs a home where he will be loved and appreciated. He has had shots. He weighs about 40 pounds.
 Willie Feist Medium Adult Male - Good with cats, children and other dogs. What a cutie Willie is! He is about 1-2 years old and weighs about 35 pounds. He is a small to medium-sized dog. He likes to have fun and play and would make a great little family dog.
Willie likes to boss male dogs, but when he is neutered, this tendency will cease.He is a friendly, happy dog that needs a loving home.

 Max Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - LONG TIMER! Good with other dogs and children. I'm Max, a strong pit bull with a heart of gold. I came to the shelter with Cassie. We were removed from our home due to neglect. We were too skinny, had worms, and were tied up. We are much healthier now. I am friendly, but cautious. I like people and other dogs, but NOT cats. However, if another dog challenges me, I will challenge him back with growls. When I get neutered, I'll be more appreciative of other male dogs! I weigh 55 pounds. I am a family dog, not meant to be tied or penned up.

Johnie Pit Bull Terrier Medium Young Male - Good with other dogs and children. Would prefer a home without cats. Johnie came to the shelter as a stray. He is still fun-loving. He likes everybody, is a baby really, and is good with other dogs. He is very handsome, and strong, but easily trainable. He would make a great companion for a home that can give him daily exercise and attention. He is a pet, not a watch dog - he is too friendly for that role-and not to be tied up. He belongs with a family who will treat him as the treasure he is. He weighs about 55 pounds.

Artie Feist Mix  Medium Adult Male -  35lbs, 1-2 years old. Good with other dogs, children and cats.  I'm a small to medium little brown fellow with a cute, short tail! I have a fun-loving personality, and I love to smile! I was a stray that was brought to the shelter with an unknown past. Can you make up for what I have lost? I would make a great family pet.

Peppermint Hemingway Polydactyl Young Male - I have grown up at the shelter, which is a shame. I am a male kitten, about 7 months old with extra toes on my front paws, so I am unique! I look like I have an attitude, but really, I love attention, and to play and have fun.

  Jasmine Russian Blue/Domestic Short Hair Mix Medium Adult Female - LONG TIMER! About 2 years old. Loving, quiet and curious. Good with other cats, dogs and children. If you want a beautiful silver/blue cat, then I am for you! I have been at the shelter for a few months with a lot of interested adopters, but no one has committed to me. What a shame!
I am calm, quiet, but young enough to play. I love to climb to the highest spot I can find, and watch and explore. So, a cat tree would be perfect for me! Since I am the quiet-type, I love to chill out. I am fine boned and elegant. I am a beauty!
Biggie Smalls Domestic Short Hair Tabby Adult Male - ONE EYE HAS BEEN REMOVED! Biggie Smalls is a handsome tabby male with nice chocolate tabby stripes. He is about two years old and lives in a foster home with other cats. Unfortunately, Biggie Smalls had an eye infection when he was a kitten that required one eye to be removed. But, that doesn't stop him from playing and being an affectionate cat! He is best as a housecat, due to lack of sight on one side. He could get in trouble real quick outside. Biggie is also neutered.

 Melon Domestic Hair Orange Tabby Extra Large Adult Male - I am called Melon because of my color. I am a deep orange tabby. I am extra large, and a love bug. I love to be petted and get attention, but I am not demanding. I am a laid-back guy. I like other cats and dogs and people, too! I am neutered and had my shots.

April  Domestic Medium Hair Tuxedo Medium Adult Female - LONG TIMER! AT SHELTER FOR OVER 1 YEAR! Loving, shy, quiet and playful. Good with other cats, dogs and children. I came to the shelter with my sister and her kittens. They have all been adopted, but I'm still here! I have big, beautiful eyes, semi-long hair, and a very sweet temperament. I don't know why no one wants me. I am quiet, and a bit shy, so I need a quiet home with older children until I get used to my new home.

 Franklin Domestic Short Hair/Tiger Mix Large Adult Male - Franklin is one of the most loving cats we have ever met. He loves to be petted and butts his head against your hand, encouraging you to pet him. He loves attention and is very gentle. Franklin came to us as a surrender due to skin conditions. Our vet concluded that this precious young cat suffers from severe food allergies. Unless he is kept on a grain-free diet, he itches and his skin and eyes become inflamed. The cure is simple: a grain-free diet only. Rachel Ray grain-free dry is what he is eating at the shelter, and his improvement is remarkable. Please give this one-of-a-kind Franklin a good inside home, where he will love you forever.

Martin County Animal Shelter
Inez, KY




CONTACT:  Lori at PH: (419) 788-8714

 Roger Lab/Chow Chow Mix Adult Male EUTH ALERT!  5 years old. Neutered. Stray found with Rita. Neither dog knows how to play. They don’t like being caged and are becoming more difficult to handle in their cages as time passes. Outside their cages they will run along side a human. Not aggressive towards other dogs and don’t care about cats. Roger likes to be petted and told what a good dog he is. Roger and Rita are not bonded, so they can go separately, but they play well together.

Rita Bull Terrier/Chow Chow Mix Adult Female EUTH ALERT! 5 years old. Spayed. Stray found with Roger Neither dog knows how to play. They don’t like being caged and are becoming more difficult to handle in their cages as time passes. Outside their cages they will run along side a human. Not aggressive towards other dogs and don’t care about cats. Rita likes to flop over on her back and lay with her head on your lap while you rub her belly. She is submissive around other dogs. Roger and Rita are not bonded, so they can go separately, but they play well together.

Hancock County Humane Society
Findlay, OH