CONTACT:  PH: (440) 326-5995

Kennel 4 Chica Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! Stray. Gorgeous girl! Friendly, but picky about dog friends. She really loves people, is gentle, loving and well behaved. She just isn’t fond of other pups - it happens - not every dog likes others. It’s her turn to find a home.

Kennel 11 Clifford URGENT! LONG TIMER! Stray. Clifford was cranky on intake, then got sick - went to the vet, fought Parvo and WON! Now adjusting to his new environment, wardens and volunteers worked to bring him out of his shell and he's doing GREAT! Clifford is amazing and deserves a home and family.

 Kennel 11 Gemma Female URGENT! Stray. She has the sweetest soul - so sweet!

Kennel 12 Gigi ADOPTED! Stray. Sweet girl who just wants to sit on your lap and give kisses.

Kennel 1 Alford Male URGENT! Stray. Big beautiful boy. He walks well on a leash and is very calm - everyone loves him!

Lorain County Dog Kennel
Elyria, OH


*****************************************************************************************************IPOSTED 5/22  County Animal Shelter are only guaranteed 7 days. After their 7 day hold, they are at risk of being PTS. Therefore, they are considered urgent at all times.  They kill dogs with rescue offers, pregnant dogs, and all rescues must pay the full adoption fee for each dog! This does cover the spay/neuter surgery and rabies vaccine Please consider adopting or sponsoring and adoption.




UPDATE 8/29  FOUR LONG TIMERS NEED RESCUE ASAP!  Transport assistance is available!

CONTACT:  PH:  (859) 643-3647  Email:  or
- If you are a 501c3 rescue organization and you want to pull one of our dogs please contact our rescue coordinator at

 Fez Pit Bull Terrier Mix YOUNG Male URGENT! LONGEST SHELTER RESIDENT! HAS $550 SPONSORSHIP FOR RESCUE! HIS ADOPTION FEE IS SPONSORED TO AN APPROVED HOME! 1-2 years old, 60lbs (he was 45lbs and gained 10lbs. in a week.) Fez is a very sweet boy who loves attention from everyone he meets. He is super playful and would do good in an active home. he is still a puppy and will need some training, so please keep that in mind. he does pull on a leash and will need some training on it. he is good with other dogs but he will need a doggy friend that can keep up with his energy as he loves to play with other dogs. Needs a home with NO cats. This boy was found as a stray and was never claimed by his owners.

Jansen Pit Bull Terrier/Lab Mix Medium Adult Male URGENT! HAS $300 SPONSORSHIP FOR RESCUE!  3 years old and only 40lbs. Jansen is super tiny like a pocket Pittie. He is also super sweet and good with other dogs. Jansen is a very sweet small boy who came into the shelter as a stray. he was in really bad shape and of course his owner never claimed him. he is very shy at first when meeting new people but it doesn't take him long to warm up to you. he is good with other dogs and seems to be fine with cats. good with kids. he needs a little training on a leash but he is actually starting to warm up to the leash here but pulls away a little bit. this boy has had little training and needs someone who is willing to work with him, he does chew. he is not super energetic. he does have a skin issue going on but he has been treated and we are just waiting for his hair to grow back, which will take some time. he looks way better than he did.

Boone Domestic Short Hair Young Black Male URGENT! 6-8 months old. Boone is a sweet boy who was picked up by an employee when he was almost struck by a car. he is super sweet to everyone who meets him. he is very laid back but he does like to rough house with other cats. so far he is using the litter box. hes okay if dogs are around but he will swat at them if they are in his face.

Conway Boxer/Lab Mix YOUNG Male ON TRIAL ADOPTION! HAS $250 SPONSORSHIP FOR RESCUE! 1 year old, 58lbs., Intact. Loving, sweet and submissive. Conway is in the shelter for no fault of his own. He is scared and confused on why he is here. This boy was picked up by animal control after numerous complaint of him running at large and the owner refused to keep him on a leash. He has almost been hit by cars multiple times. Conway is missing some fur. We assume it is a flea allergy. Owner has not shown up for him yet and his stray hold is up. Conway  is good with other dogs and seems fine with cats. He walks pretty good on a leash. Conway is super sweet with everyone he meets but he is a little shy at first, but you can really tell that he wants to trust you. He needs to find a home that will care for him and love him for ever. Conway is definitely deserving to go to a perfect home or rescue. He is a great dog.

Lilly Labrador Retriever Mix Medium YOUNG Female URGENT!  HAS $200 SPONSORSHIP FOR RESCUE! 6-10 months old, 38lbs. Spayed. Lilly is believed to be a lab mix with some kind of collie. Although she does look Pitty/Rottie in her photos, she doesn’t in person. This girl is good on a leash and in a car. She is 90% house broken if taken out on time. Lilly loves toys an treats, good with cats and seems fine with kids. She is a big cuddle bug when she is home but she is also a very active and playful girl. HERE IS HER FLAW: this girl is almost perfect!! Although she loves people and other animals, she is super protective when on a leash. She needs to go to a person who owns their own home and not in an apartment or subdivision. She cannot be walked around other dogs or people/kids. We did test her with a small dog and it did not go well. if you want to adopt, you will need to bring your dog in to meet her. This flaw can be eliminated through a professional.
Hank Lab Mix Young Male URGENT! 1 year old, 48lbs. Hank seems to be fine with other dogs. He is super friendly and playful with everyone. He walks pretty good on a leash. He is new here so we are still learning more about him, he was found as a stray but never claimed by his owners.
Loretta Beagle Mix Adult Female -  3 years old, 35lbs. Unaltered. Loretta is very scared and shy and needs more attention. She gets really nervous around other dogs so we are going to retest her when she gets more comfortable.



CONTACT: PH: (606) 297-7387 or Email:
Mindy Mixed Breed Small Adult Female - This cutie is Mindy! She is super sweet and may be house trained. She seems to do well with other dogs and cats.
Mindy is a little bitty thing weighing only 22.4 lbs and is only 17 inches tall. We estimate she is around 1 1/2 years old.
Teeny Mixed Breed Small YOUNG Female - This little lady came in with Smalls and is super cute! She does well with other dogs and cats. She weighs 26 lbs and is 16 inches tall. We estimate she is around 1 year old.
Princess American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer Mix Medium Adult Female LONG TIMER! Princess was abandoned tied up along with four other dogs without food or water. By the kindness of strangers she and the others were fed and cared for the best they could be and finally law enforcement seized them.Despite living briefly in deplorable conditions all of these babies are the sweetest you will ever want to meet! Thankfully we know their given names to ease the confusion of being brought to the shelter. Princess does very well with other dogs and loves people! She weighs 54 lbs and is 20 inches tall. She is around 3.5 years old. Good with children and other dogs.
Jake Black Lab Mix Medium Young Male - LONG TIMER! Jake is around 1.5 years old, weighs 49.18 lbs., and is 17 1/2 inches tall! He loves people, is very attentive and does well with other dogs. He enjoys running and playing and hopes to find a new family with a nice yard and lots of love to give!

Salvador Dogi Adult Male - Weighs 42 lbs and is 24 inches tall. About 4-5 years old. We are enamored with this fella! He seems to do well with other dogs and doesn't mind cats.

Simon Adult Male - Simon is super cute and very gentle! He is already neutered and probably belongs to someone. Simon weighs 50 lbs and is 19 1/2 inches tall. Around 3-4 years old. Simon tests well with other dogs and cats.

Clooney YOUNG Male - Clooney is super loving! He loves to snuggle. Clooney does well with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind other cats. He weighs 37 lbs and is 19 inches tall. Around 1 year old.

Smoky Adult Male ADOPTED! Stray. Smokey weighs 7.14 lbs and is around 2 years old. He appears to be very healthy and we can't imagine he has been on his own for very long. He craves attention and is very loving!

Rugar American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Medium Adult Male - LONG TIMER! AT SHELTER SINCE NOVEMBER!  Sweet Ruger! He loves people and is so stunning! The photo doesn't do him justice! This sweet boy was abandoned and tied up on the front porch of an old burnt down house. Ruger is around 5 years old. He is a very strong and healthy boy! Rugar would be best suited to a family that only wants one dog and doesn’t have cats.. Rugar weighs 44 lbs and is 18 inches tall.

Sidney Small Adult Female - This little lady is a little nervous at the shelter. She was called in as a stray.
We have since found out that she is around 5-6 years old and that her given name is Sidney. She seems okay around cats but unsure around other dogs at the moment. This is all very overwhelming and scary for her. Sidney weighs 18 lbs and is 10 inches tall.

Ms. Scarlett Adult Female - Gorgeous girl! Ms Scarlett is quite the charmer with stunning light blue eyes! She is also super sweet. She does well with other dogs and cats! Ms. Scarlett weighs 42 lbs and is 21 inches tall. We estimate she is around 1 1/2 years old.
Sophie Mixed Breed Adult Female - Sophie is a super sweet dog who is an owner surrender. She is around 7 years old, weighs 30 lbs and is 18 inches tall.

 Roxy Mixed Bread Adult Female - Roxy’s owners could not care for her or the four pups (They are at least 6-7 months old.) because they were moving so they called them in as strays. Roxy is so very sweet. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she was an indoor dog at one time. She does very well with other dogs. Roxy is around 3 years old. She weighs 46 lbs and is 17 inches tall.

 Dobby Adult Male - Dobby is super friendly and full of energy! He does well with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats. Dobby weighs 40 lbs and is 18 inches tall. We estimate he is around 1 1/2 years old.

 Stan Lee Mixed Breed Adult Male -  Meet the AMAZING Stan Lee! We thought sure someone would come and claim him as he came in with the collar you see and he seems to have been an inside dog. He is very confused and you can tell he is wondering why he is here at the shelter. Stan Lee weighs 66 lbs and is 20 inches tall. We estimate he is around 2-3 years old. He doesn't seem to mind other dogs or cats. Please consider giving this BIG LOVEBUG a new forever home!

Johnson County Kentucky Animal Shelter
Paintsville, KY



CONTACT: Email: -  PH: (270) 385-9655
  Indy Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female - About 2 years old. Indy is good with other dogs.  She does not like cats. Indy is great on a leash and good with kids. $50 adoption fee pays to have her spayed at our local vet.
 Hound Mix Adult Female -  No owner was found for this pretty lady. She is around 2-3 years old. She is great on a leash, good with other dog and she is a sweetheart. She loves attention and affection and loves to be outside. $50 adoption fee pays to have her spayed at our local vet.
Adult Female - About 1.5 years old. No owner was found for this pretty girl. She is great on a leash and great with other dogs and cats. She loves to be outside and loves attention. $50 adoption fee pays to have her spayed at our local vet.
 Shepherd Mix Adult Female - About 1.5 years old. No owner was found for this pretty girl. She is great on a leash, great with other dogs, and okay with cats. She loves attention and affection and loves to run and play. $50 adoption fee pays to have her spayed at our local vet.

Bear Chow Chow Adult Male - 5 years old. Owner surrender. This pretty boy is great on a leash and good with people. HE IS DOG AGGRESSIVE and will need to be the only dog. $50 adoption fee pays to have him neutered at our local vet.

Mixed Breed Adult Female -  About 2 years old. This pretty lady is ready for her new home. She is great on a leash and is smart as a tack. She loves attention and affection and to be outside. Pretty sure she is housebroken.  $50 adoption fee pays to have her spayed at our local vet.

Green River Animal Shelter
Columbia, KY





CONTACT: PH: (270) 887-4175 after 10:30am  Email

 Melady Terrier Mix Large Young Female -  MeLady is a 7 month old stray who was hit by a car and brought in by animal control. She is doing ok and is sweet with the staff. She is not completely house trained. Uses pee pads. Too hyper for smaller children.

Fred Domestic Short Hair Orange Large Adult Male - Fred is an indoor litter trained cat. He gets along great with other cats and kids, but he's never been around dogs.




POSTED 9/16   Pull and transport help available! Wolfe County Animal Shelter in rural eastern KY is a tiny 10-kennel shelter trying to handle stray and owner surrendered dogs in the county. 

CONTACT: PH: (606) 662-9330  Email:
Wolfe County Animal Shelter
Hazel Green, KY 41332