URGENTS  SEPTEMBER 22, 2018




POSTED 9/19  - NEED RESCUES/ADOPTER! CATS AND DOGS AT RISK!  SHELTER HAS 50 CAT LIMIT!   Transport help is available to rescue groups.  Owner Surrenders, Russell County Dogs and Cats HAVE NO HOLD TIME! Offers of sponsorship are greatly appreciated and may make it possible for rescues to step up for animals that they wouldn't otherwise be able to help. 
CONTACT:  PH: (606) 679-6432 - Email -  -   If you would like to be a foster until a permanent home is found, please email Ellie Grant at
Daisy Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female ADOPTED! 3 years old, 45lbs. Seem to be a sweetheart. Very pretty. Seems to be afraid of men.

Jessa Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer Mix Adult Female PREGNANT! 49lbs 2 years 3 months. Very sweet and seems to be real friendly.

Lana  Mountain Cur/Shepherd Mix Young Female -  25lbs 23 weeks old. 2 of 3 sisters very scared.

Aros Male Jack Russell Terrier Mix Adult Male - 48lbs, 4 years old. Very scared and shy.

Rollie Jack Russell Terrier Mix Adult Male -  35lbs, 4 years old. Very scared and shy.

  Sparta Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male -  2 years old. Sweet, friendly boy. HIS FRONT PADS ARE PEELING AND HE HAS SORES IN BETWEEN HIS TOES!  If you want a good boy that don’t bark and loves to be snuggled, he is your guy. No cats!

Peter Beagle Adult Male RESCUED! HAS SOME SKIN ISSUES! 30lbs., 2 years 1 month old. Very sweet and lovable. Has HEART on side!

Hatsa Boxer Mix Young Female - 32lbs., 7 months old. A little scared, but very sweet.

Rory Domestic Short Hair BABY Female URGENT! WEEPY EYES! 8 weeks old. SIBLINGS ARE EMILY, LORELAI & LOGAN!

Dwyatt Domestic Short Hair Young Male HAS SORE EYE! 11 weeks old Came in with PAM, MEREDITH, DWIGHT, JIM & MICHAEL. Two are manx. Dwyatt has a tail.

 Donna Domestic Short Hair Baby Female -  8 weeks old. Very sweet and friendly. Came in with Kelso, Foreman, Fez, Steven & Jackie.

Odessa Domestic Short Hair Black & White Young Female EXTREMELY URGENT! 1 year old. Very sweet and friendly and loves attention.


Mom and 5 Babies Female Domestic Short Hair IN FOSTER/NEED RESCUE!  HAVE $315 in PLEDGES! Mom is 1 year old. She had 8 kittens but three have died. The kittens are  4 to 5 weeks old and doing well

Lamb Chop Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! 6 years old, 12lbs. Siblings also in long term foster care and need adoption!

Drizella, Anastasia, Cinderella, & Jaq Unknown Domestic Short Hair BABIES URGENT! 11 weeks old. 3 females and 1 male. Very sweet! Came in with Lara and Lola.

Speedy Domestic Short Hair White/Tabby Mix Young Male - LONG TIMER! 20 weeks old. Super friendly and outgoing. Brother to Smokie and Sadie.

Monarch & 2 Babies Female Domestic Short Hair RESCUE NEEDED! 1 year old. Monarch had an emergency C-section on Sunday 9-9-18. She is seeking a rescue for her and her 2 baby kittens.

Fiona Domestic Short Hair Young Female  EXTREMELY URGENT! 23 weeks old. Very sweet friendly baby. Loves belly rubs and will just lay in your arms.

 Ayana Domestic Short Hair Young Female - 22 weeks old. She and siblings are very skittish. Came in with Asher and Amaryllis.

Pam  Domestic Short Hair BABY Female URGENT! ONE OF HER SIBLINGS HAS A SORE EYE! 10 weeks old. 2 girls and 3 boys 2 are manx. Siblings:  MEREDITH, DWIGHT, JIM, MICHAEL!

Logan Domestic Short Hair BABY Male URGENT! WEEPY EYES! 8 weeks old. SIBLINGS ARE EMILY, LORELAI & RORY!

Emily Domestic Short Hair BABY Female URGENT! WEEPY EYES! 8 weeks old. SIBLINGS ARE EMILY, LORELAI, RORY, & LOGAN!

Odin  Domestic Short Hair BABY Male EXTREMELY URGENT! 9 weeks old. Sweet and friendly.


2. Greenup, KY: URGENT! Available Dogs/Puppies/Cats/Kittens!


POSTED 8/10SHELTER FULL!! Please SHARE this album so that a forever home can be found for each of the innocent animals. Very rural shelter. Adoption fee is $10! Limited transportation assistance is available. No pull fee for reputable rescues.

CONTACT:   PH: (606) 473-5711  Email: Transportation assistance is available to rescues


Greenup County Animal Control
Greenup, KY




UPDATE 9/13  -  THOR HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! Saving one means saving the life of another who needs space to buy them some time! VERY rescue friendly and can recommend transport if you are not local. Please share this with everyone you know! 

For a complete list of available dogs, check out the shelter's Petango site  - (dogs)  -  (cats)

CONTACT: PH: (270) 685-8275  Email:

To see our available dogs, please check our petfinder link ~  ~ as well as the "available dogs" album under "photos" on our Facebook page. PLEASE SHARE!!!!! THIS IS URGENT!!!!

Please share our Petango website for a list of available dogs and cats. We update that site daily so keep checking back often.
Thor Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male ADOPTED! 2 years old, 50lbs. Heart worm negative.  THOR is a handsome, friendly TWO YEAR OLD boy who came into the shelter in July as a stray! He has spent week after week waiting in his kennel for his special someone! Since he is still so very young--little more than a puppy--he has a lot of energy and needs a chance to run and play! He has been out with male and female dogs at the shelter and has not shown any aggression--his play might be too rough for some dogs but he is a good boy--just very young and needing a loving home where he can get the exercise, fun and training that will make him a happy boy and a great family member. THOR loves the wading pool at the shelter and all water--he is guaranteed to make anyone laugh who watches him playing in water!

 Buster Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! $40 ADOPTION FEE! BLACK BEAUTY!  I'm big boy with lots of strength! I love people and will knock you down accidentally in my excitement to give you kisses. I will need consistent training, regular walks and a strong owner to ensure I mature into a well socialized and well mannered dog. Type of home I'm looking for: An active home with no small children - ages 10 & up would be perfect for him! I must meet any other dogs living in the home as well! Doesn't like cats.

Max Pit Bull Terrier/Lab Mix Extra Large Young Male  -  1 year old. Neutered. Beautiful boy in need of a big home. Full of life, love and energy. Good with other dogs. Escape artist! Max is good with other dogs and would probably do best in a home with a 6 foot privacy fence or in the country where he has room to run.  This boy is very, very beautiful and loves belly rubs. His eyes are a piercing green color - very unusual.
Caroline Hound Mix Medium Adult Female -  HAS BEEN TREATED FOR HEARTWORMS - NOW NEEDS ADOPTION/RESCUE! Spayed. Soft as silk and pretty. Outgoing and loves to talk.

 Charlotte Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young ADOPTED! 1 year old. Beautiful young dog who is very energetic and playful. Out going and bounce. Needs a home with love and patience. fate, folks.

Barron Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Mare  URGENT! TREATED FOR HEARTWORM!

Molly Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - 7 months old.     I'm a high energy little girl that loves to play! Super sweet!  I love to play but I can entertain myself quietly with toys too! I lived with another dog and with two cats--and I was fine with them!   I don't know my manners and can be rowdy but am more than willing to learn!  I will need consistent training to ensure I become a well behaved lady. Needs a home filled with love and patience.

Jazz Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Female LONG TIMER!  Jazz is a beautifully marked female torbie that likes to do things her way ;that includes being petted and held when she wants. Her foster said she will do better in a home with no children as she plays too rough . She was found at the court house eating from the garbage can. She is a big, healthy cat that needs a patient person who will give her space. 


4. Hawesville, KY:  ADOPTABLE DOGS!



CONTACT: Email: or  PH: (270) 927- 8544 - the shelter line (not staffed 24-7). Please leave a message if there is no answer and we will return your call.
Jezabelle Adult Female - Jezabelle was hit by a car in 2015, breaking her left hind leg. She has a limp and what appears to be loss of feeling or strength in her foot. This gal is looking for a new family to love her! She is 6 years young, pretty laid back and has so far ignored Ralph, the Shelter Mascot.

 Polly Pocket Patches Mountain Cur Mix Medium Adult Female - Right on the verge of her senior years at about 6 years old, this sweet Mountain Cur is looking for a quiet retirement home. Polly is well behaved and low key and of course lovable. She only weighs 31 lbs but is gradually gaining weight now that she has multiple meals each day and plenty of yummy treats. Polly walks well on leash and is an expert shade tree hunter on these hot humid days. This girl is ready to find her new home (NO CATS!)

Rosy Foxhound ? Adult Female - Rosy is an “All American Dog”, about 2 years old and enjoys playing with kids and other dogs. She also likes sleeping with kitties. She is looking for a home without chickens because she seems to hold a grudge after losing too many games of Angry Birds.





CONTACT: PH: 901-636-1416 (ext. 2) Email: MAS.RESCUE@MEMPHISTN.GOV

#A302152 Love Shack Brown/White Adult NEUTERED  Male CRITICAL LIST! 2 years old, 58 lbs. Stray. Gorgeous boy!

 #A304291 Sue Young Female URGENT! HAS BEEN AT THE SHELTER SINCE MAY! This girlie is spayed, tested negative, totally ready to roll! She loves to rub against you. Sue is an open book, fuss of chapters for you to endure in. She is as sweet as a pea, and is never mean! She loves being around those who love being around her. She also loves long romantic belly rubs, and she walks along the other condos to visit her neighbors. What more could you want in a kitty? Please come meet her and take her home!

#304444 Cleo Domestic Short Hair Adult Female - FOSTER RETURN! This is one sweet and funny kitty. Cleo loves to play. She will play on a cat tower forever! She climbs, jumps and claws the post as she plays. Cleo we a tad mystified when she first came back to the shelter, but she has adjusted well. She is a friendly cat! Cleo is about two years old.

 #A304640 Demona Brown/White Adult Female  URGENT! ADOPTED AND RETURNED FOR BEING TOO FRIENDLY! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 58 lbs. Originally confiscated for Cruelty!

#A305458 Misty Black Adult Female  CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! HAS PLEDGES! 2 years old, 51.6 lbs. Stray.

#A305469 Brave Brindle/White Young Male FATE UNKNOWN!  HW POSITIVE!  1 year old, 42 lbs, stray.

#A285499 LUCKY Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! HAS $110 in PLEDGES! 3 Years old, 61lbs, stray.

#A306269 Sicily Young Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 1 year old, 36.8 lbs, Stray.

#A306569 Gangster Brown/White Young Male CRITICAL LIST! 1 year, 50 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Gangster wants attention. So cute. Poor baby just wants someone to love on him.

#A306598 Poblano White/Brown Adult Female KILLED FOR SPACE! 2 years, 32 lbs, HW NEGATIVE.

#A306638 Maddie Brindle/White Adult Female ADOPTED! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 38.1 lbs, stray. This is one sweet girl with some super cute ears. Her tail never stops wagging while she is with you. Maddie walks nicely on a leash and will sit for a treat.

#A306647 Dozzer Brown/White Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 4 years old, 59.3 lbs, CONFISCATED/EVICTION!  Dozzer was left behind by his family along with Carmen who is also at the shelter. These two are now needing new homes. They are kenneled together and do well. Dozzer walks well on a leash, and he too will sit for a treat. Dozzer looks grumpy all the time even when he is happy. He has one ear that definitely does the flip/flop thing.

#A306668 Brazil Black/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 60 lbs, stray. You will notice this boy's pictures taken right up on us....he loves to be right by you! Brazil's cage buddy has been adopted, and now it is his turn! Brazil loves attention. He may have not been treated well in his past life as he cowers when your hands some over his head, but once he is settled with you he stops. Brazil walks nicely on a leash, and wants to sit right by your side.

#A306675 Santos Blue/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 5 years, 56 lbs, stray. HW POSITIVE. Santos is a precious happy guy. He didn’t know what to do at first in the play yard but when he realized he was safe he was so happy. Santos has had a pretty rough life so far which is apparent in the condition of his coat and body. He was so happy for the attention he received.

#A306725 Elixir Brown/White Large Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE!   2 years old, 51.8 lbs, stray.

#A306735 Juniper Black/White Young Female CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 34 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Juniper is a pretty happy girl. She loves running and playing outside. She loves attention and likes to give hugs. Juniper is high energy and would a family to play ball with. Juniper walks well on a leash will a lot of enthusiasm. She loves treats!

#A306744 Skeeter CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! Black/White Male 2 years, 55 lbs.

#A306745 Coach Spitz Black/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 3 years old, 51.8 lbs, HW POSITIVE.

#A306759 Discuss Adult Female IN FOSTER HOME!  3 years old, 46 lbs. Sweet girl being overlooked.

#A306829 Mez Tan Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 2 years old, 46.2 lbs, HW POSITIVE.  Mez is a really cool relaxed kid who loved hanging out with me in the play yard. He was happy just sniffing around chilling then coming over for some love. He takes treats nicely and walks well on a leash.

#A306831 Pez Brown Young Male CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 47.3 lbs, HW POSITIVE. Stray.

#A306896  Buffy Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! CONFISCATED/EVICTION! 3 years old, 46 lbs, HW POSITIVE. Buffy was left behind by an eviction! What a pretty sweet dog to leave behind! Buffy walks nicely on a leash, and she sits just as nicely for a treat. Buffy seems to really love attention.

#A306927 Jamie Brown/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 3 years old, 57.2 lbs. Stray. HW NEGATIVE.

#A306943 Angelina Gray/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 3 years old, 35 lbs. Stray. Angelina is so pretty and has the best ears. She is the sweetest and will just melt in your lap for love. Angelina will sit for a treat and walks well on a leash with some pulling.

#A306949 Pickle Blue/White Young Male KILLED FOR SPACE...! 1 year old, 51.7 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Stray.  Pickle is a sweet pretty blue boy. Pickle sure did love going outside and getting lots of treats. He is a very sweet boy and loved being petted. Pickle walks well on a leash with some pulling.

#A306951 Morty Blue/White Young Male CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 49.9 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. CONFISCATED/EVICTION!

#A306952 Beth Tan/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 43.4 lbs. CONFISCATED WITH #A306949 #A306950  - BOTH EUTHANIZED!!!!

#A306953 Rick Tricolor Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 2 years old, 54.1 lbs, HW POSITIVE! CONFISCATED/EVICTION! Two of the dogs he was left behind with have already been killed for space…Rick is another homeless dog because he was left behind on an eviction. What a handsome boy he is! Rick is a little shy at first, but he warms right up. He walks nicely on a leash and he loved to be petted.

 #A306960 Roxy Black/White Young Female CRITICAL LIST!  7 months old, 52.6 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. OWNER SURRENDER! This is Roxy. She and Jojo were surrendered to the shelter due to the death of their owner. These two pups are scared here, but they are not aggressive. Roxy was happy to visit Jojo in his cage. They have probably been back yard dogs as they have lived outside. Roxy barely walks on a leash.

#A306988 Roman Brown Young Male CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 46 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Stray.

#A307010 Athens Brown/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 54 lbs. Stray. This is sweet ATHENS. Athens is just precious and beautiful. He has some wounds and is being treated by the shelter. Athens loves to be petted and is appreciative of everything he is given. He loves snuggling in his blankets. I sat in his kennel with him and just loved on him.

#A307020 Pluto Black/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 56 lbs. Stray. Pluto has the cutest ears and beautiful eyes. He was shy going out at first but warmed up quickly and stayed right by my side. Pluto followed me everywhere and really enjoyed treats. He walks well on a leash and takes treats gently.

#A307029 Buster Tan/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 3 years old, 56 lbs, HW POSITIVE! Buster is a handsome red boy looking for a new home after coming into the shelter as a stray. Buster loves attention for sure. He did not take a bad picture today which is rare. Buster walks nicely on a leash, and he sure will sit when asked treat or not.

#A307070 Tootsie Brindle/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 45 lbs. Stray. Tootsie is a heartbreaker. This girl has obviously not had much in her life, but she so so sweet and loving. Tootsie just cannot get enough attention. She is just so so loving regardless of her past. She has obviously been a "breeder" for someone. Tootsie, those days are over for you. Tootsie walks nicely on a leash, and she will sit for a treat perfectly.

#A307083 Pidge Gray/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! CONFISCATED FOR CRUELTY! HW POSITIVE! 3 years old, 34.1 lbs. This girl (dressed in blue lol) came into the shelter as a cruelty case, and she sure needs a loving home! She seems very gentle and sweet. Pidge walks nicely on a leash, and she sits beautifully for a treat. She is not letting her past get her down.

#A307117 Crimp Black/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! HW NEGATIVE. 2 years old, 48.8 lbs. Beautiful, sweet girl.

#A307120 Cappuccino Gray/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 50 lbs, HW POSITIVE. Stray. Cappuccino is wondering what she did not get to the shelter. She was found wandering stray so with the shelter right now. This girl walks nicely on a leash, and she loves treats taking them nicely.

#A307137 Pumpkin Latte Spice Tan/White Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 2 years old, 50 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Stray.

#A307152 Yvonne Black Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! 2 years old, 53 lbs, HW POSITIVE. Stray.

#A307154 Fireside Brown Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! 2 years old, 56 lbs. Stray. Fireside would love to cuddle with you by the fire during the winter months. We just bet he would! Fireside seems a calm sweet dog.

#A307166 Sandy Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! 4 years old, 34.2 lbs, HW POSITIVE. This little girl never meets a stranger, and her tail never stops wagging! She is one happy do who is not letting the shelter get her down. Sandy walks well on a leash, and she sure will sit for a treat.

#A307193 Blue Young Male CRITICAL LIST! HW POSITIVE! OWNER SURRENDER! 1 year old, 60 lbs. Blue was pretty reserved when we first went outside. He sniffed around and just watched me. Blue came alive as soon as I threw the tennis ball. He happily chased it then looked at me to come get it and throw it again. I don’t think blue has spent a lot of time with his owner who surrendered him. Blue became so happy with some attention. His owner said she couldn’t keep him from jumping the fence. She stated that he is often aggressive towards people and other animals when he gets out and that he has attacked the neighbors dogs before.

#A307235 CARLY (mom) Black/White Adult Female CRITICAL LIST! 2 years old, 43 lbs. Stray. Had newborn pup #A307236 SIMON - who passed away in kennel).


#A307276 Koi  Tan/White Young Female CRITICAL LIST! 1 year old, 53 lbs. Stray. Koi is a cute girl for sure! Koi was so scared when she came into the shelter, but she is doing much better. She is shy first coming out of the kennel. Once is a quiet room she blossoms.

PARVO POSITIVE PUPPIES URGENT! #A307262 Precious Black/White Young Female, 4 months old, 18.4 lbs & #A307263 Grizzly Black/White Young Male  4 months old, 30.6 lbs - GRIZZLY PASSED AWAY WHILE RECEIVING TREATMENT.... OWNER SURRENDERS!

#A307301 Eugene White/Gray Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! VERY SKINNY! 3 years old, 44.5 lbs. SHOULD WEIGH 60lbs! Stray. Eugene has had a pretty rough life. He is so skinny it hurts. His skin needs some care and his poor ears. Eugene isn’t letting all this change what a sweet boy he is. He walks well on a leash and sits right down for a treat. He loves treats!

#A307331 Gamble White/Brindle Young Male CRITICAL LIST! 1 year, 44 lbs. Stray. HW NEGATIVE! Adorable.

#A307429 Earnest Brown Adult Male CRITICAL LIST! 3 years old, 42 lbs. CONFISCATE/EVICTION. Owner left him behind. Handsome, sweet boy.

#A307440 Meep Meep White Young Female CRITICAL LIST! HAS DEMODEX MANGE!  7 months old, 26 lbs. Stray.


A303891 Pegasus Domestic Short Hair Brown Tabby SENIOR Male - Neutered.

Memphis Animal Services

Memphis, TN



6. Leitchfield, KY: URGENT! SHELTER FULL!



CONTACT: PH: (270) 230-8839  Email:

 Fletcher Pit Bull Terrier/Lab Mix Medium Young Male - SPONSORED!! NO ADOPTION FEE TO APPROVED HOME! SHELTER’S LONGEST RESIDENT! 1.5 years old. Good with other dogs, cats, children, and other animals. Friendly. Fletcher is a great boy with lots of energy. Protective and loyal.

Daisy Mae Jack Russell Terrier Mix Medium Young Female -  1 year old. Good with cats and children. At shelter due to unfortunate circumstances - no fault of her own.

 General Terrier Mix Medium Young Male - 1 year old. Sweet and quiet. Good with other dogs, cats and children. Friendly. General was found at the Dollar General and sadly no one has reclaimed him. He seems to be housebroken, does well with other pets and likes kids. If you show him a toy, his eyes light up!

Mattie Labrador Retriever Mix Medium Young Female - 8 months old. Super smart. Awesome girl. Playful. Mattie is housebroken and rings a bell when she wants to go outside. She loves other dogs.

Minton Dachshund Mix Medium Young Male - 10 months old, 25lbs.  Will love fore food Good with with other pets and children.

Gavin Aussie/Flat Coated Retriever Mix Large Adult Male - 3 years old, 60lbs. Sweet is an understatement for mister Gavin! He is lucky to have made his way to safety. He arrived with a neck wound that appeared to have originated from an embedded collar, although the collar was no longer on him. Leitchfield Vet Clinic fixed him up and he's healing really well! Gavin very laid back, calm, and relaxed. He's excellent with kids!!! Would make a great therapy dog or emotional therapy dog.
Jack Sparrow Domestic Short Hair Adult Male - SPECIAL NEEDS! Jack Sparrow is special needs because he is missing part of an ear and is blind in his left eye. He may be partially deaf as well. 3 years old. He is a very good boy but needs to be INDOOR only.  Jack is a very sweet cat who doesn't require much but food, water and love.

Presley American Short Hair Primarily White Medium Young Female - BARN CAT! $25 Adoption fee! Shy, but sweet.

Teddy Domestic Short Hair Medium Adult Male - $30 ADOPTION FEE! 5 years old. Good with children, but may hide from them. Shy, but sweet.  Owner surrender.
 Darla Domestic Short Hair Young Female - 5 years old. Stray. Good with children and other pets.

Leitchfield Animal Shelter

Leitchfield, KY