*******************************************************************************************UPDDATE 9/15  - URGENT! SHELTER IS AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY! HIGH KILL SHELTER! TRANSPORT HELP AVAILABLE!

CONTACT: PH: (270) 465-7651  Fax (270) 469-4191    Email: -


URGENT/AVAILABLE CATS: NO pull fees for instate rescues... Out of state must pay for rabies shots and Health Certificates as required by law.

PLEASE NOTE - TAYLOR COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT THE SHELTER - There are at least 18 cats and dogs at the shelter PLUS all the puppy mill dogs. The shelter is full and no one is helping now. Please remember it is the babies that are being hurt by this. They are the ones to suffer. They are the ones that are going to die. Please go adopt if you can.

 T317 Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT! 3 years old, 60lbs. Scared at shelter.

T353 Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT! Neutered. 3 years old, 30lbs. Stray. Dog friendly.

  T381 Hound Mix BABY Male URGENT! ~ His mother T382 is also at the shelter.

  T382 Hound Mix Female URGENT!  Her pup T381 is also at the shelter.
 T347 Shepherd Mix Young Female ADOPTED! 10 months old, 40lbs. Stray. Dog friendly.
T352 Avon Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female SAFE! 3 years old, 60lbs. OWNER SURRENDER! Dog selective.
 T350 Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female SAFE! 1 year old, 40lbs. Stray. Dog friendly.
T354 Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male SAFE! 1 year old, 40lbs. Nervous and growls int shelter.
T368 Alba Domestic Short Hair White Young Female URGENT! 1 year old. OWNER SURRENDER.

T357 Domestic Short Hair Gray Young Male  URGENT! HAS $25 SPONSORSHIP! OWNER SURRENDER.

T356 Domestic Short Hair Gray Young Female  URGENT! OWNER SURRENDER.


*******************************************************POSTED 9/14   -  DESPERATE!  Rescue Friendly and transport help available!

CONTACT: PH: (217) 431-2660   or Email Amy Roberts at ASAP please!

Kirby Rottweiler Young Male URGENT! NEEDS SURGERY TO REPAIR BROKEN LEG! NO UPDATE! Kirby is a 1 year old, male, Rottie who desperately needs rescue. Kirby was found as a stray by the shelter's office staff. He was going through her garbage and she got him a bowl of food and lured him to her back yard. She let him spend the night and took him to the shelter in the next morning. Kirby had obviously had an embedded collar at one time (it has been treated, he has been on meds and it is healing). He also has some other skin issues going on. It was noticed over the weekend that he was limping and the shelter took him back to the vet to find out that he has a broken leg and the estimate for surgery to repair it is approximately $2000+ which needs to be done within 10 days according to the vet or his leg will not heal correctly. Kirby has shown some food guarding/aggression and is starting to get stressed in his kennel and is showing some kennel aggression. The staff member who found him has been going back to see him on the stray floor twice a day and takes him treats and pets him. Kirby is a sweet, friendly boy outside of the kennel and seems to be potty trained. He needs rescue ASAP so he can receive the medical care that he needs. The shelter is a county Animal Control facility with a very limited budget and cannot afford this type of surgery.

Gracie American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Young Female URGENT! HAS $100 SPONSORSHIP!  1 year old, SPAYED. Gracie was brought into the shelter last year, as a stray, after being hit by a car. She underwent extensive surgery to her hip but now you can barely tell there was an injury. She was adopted and returned after four months. She has recently been evaluated by a trainer and shows no signs of dog aggression or play biting (which is what the owners claimed when returning her). She is still a pup with energy and needs exercise on a regular basis. She would also benefit from just some basic training. She is good with other dogs but should go to a home without cats.  Gracie's video!

Frankie Chow Chow Mix Adult Male URGENTLY NEEDS RESCUE! HEART WORM POSITIVE!  7 years old. Frankie is a sweet boy (more temperament info to come soon). He is heartworm positive and urgently needs rescue. Good with other dogs and does not seem to care about cats. He does not show any signs of toy or food aggression.

Ceberus American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Young Male URGENT! HAS $100 SPONSORSHIP! 1 year old. This handsome boy is very playful and social. He is non reactive to other dogs and cats. Gets excited when you bring out toys but doesn't play with them. Ceberus has no food guarding issues that we have seen. He doesn't mind tweaking of his ears, tail or paws. He is not clean in his kennel.

Tango American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT!  LONG TIMER! HAS $100 in SPONSORSHIPS! 2 years old and weighs 56 pounds. Tango is very affectionate and loves attention. He does okay with smaller female dogs, but not necessarily male dogs. He is afraid of cats. He has no food or toy guarding issues that the shelter has seen. In fact, he will back away from your hand if you approach him while he's eating. Tango recently attended an adoption event and is a very sweet boy. He walks well on a leash, too.

Nikki American Staffordshire Terrier Medium Young Female - Nikki is a very happy girl. She is good with other dogs and cats and does not appear to have any food or toy aggression.

Powell American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male URGENT! HW POSITIVE! NEEDS RESCUE ASAP! 4 year old and weighs 55 pounds. He is very sweet and does well with other dogs and has no reaction to cats. He is heartworm positive and urgently needs rescue.

Roscer Small Male - NO UPDATE... Roscer is an energetic little guy that loves to run. He is good with other dogs and a little scared of cats. He does not appear to have any food or toy aggression.

Crue American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Male -   Crue is a very calm guy that's well behaved. He is good with other dogs and cats and does not appear to have any food or toy aggression.

Aiyana Husky Adult Female -  ??? NO UPDATE... Aiyana is a 6 year old. She is very sweet and gentle and does well with others.
Furry Terrier Mix Young Female URGENT!  Furry is a very beautiful 1 year old. She weighs 33 pounds. Furry is super sweet and loving. She is shy at first in her kennel but she is a different dog when she's out of it. She likes hugs and is playful with male dogs but can play a bit rough. She does not do well with female dogs, The shelter has not seen any food or toy guarding issues. In fact, she doesn't seem to care about toys.
Memphis American Staffordshire Terrier Med Adult Male URGENT! 3 years old and weighs 59lbs. Memphis is a lovable, happy guy who would love to spend time with a new family!



CONTACT: Phone: (606) 564-6067  Email: or
Charley Shepherd Mix Large Young Male - LONG TIMER! AT SHELTER SINCE APRIL! About 1 year old. Sweet, handsome boy. Good with children and other dogs. 

Riley Dachshund Mix Small Adult Female - AT SHELTER OVER 30 DAYS! 2 years old, 25lbs. Pretty little girl.

 Diesel Red Tick Coonhound Adult Male - 3 years old. Handsome boy. Sweet. 

Ace Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male - 2 years old.

 Brutus Boxer Mix Young Male -  1 year old.

Gadget Chocolate Lab Mix Adult Male - About 2 years old. Good with other dogs and children. Sweet, handsome boy.



UPDATE 4/3  Transport Help Available!

CONTACT:  Jamie PH: (217) 579-0237 or



*******************************************************************************************POSTED 9/6  TRANSPORT HELP AVAILABLE!

CONTACT:  Email:  PH: (502) 514-1897 or Charlotte at (502) 514-2140

Hope Lab Mix Adult Female - RESCUE HELP NEEDED! EMACIATED! 1-2 years old. Sweet female. Good with other dogs and children. Hope needs a place to recover!
Pops Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix SENIOR Male - About 10 years old and 40lbs.  Pops lived in an outside kennel with very limited human contact. He is gentle and very friendly which makes him good around children and other dogs. He wants to be around people 24/7.

Bobby Bull Terrier/Lab MixLarge Adult Male - Good with other dogs and children.

 Charlie Beagle Mix Medium Adult Male - Neutered. 1-2 years old. Handsome boy. Charlie is a friendly active guy who is good with other dogs and children.

Darla Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix Large Adult Female - 2 years old. Darla  is a beautiful, darling very affectionate happy-go-lucky girl. She is good with other dogs and children. Carla loves to go on rides.



*******************************************************************************************POSTED 12/7

CONTACT: PH: (270) 443-5923  Email:

Tuesday Pit Bull Terrier Large SENIOR Female - ADOPTION FEE WAIVED! Good with other dogs. Needs a home without cats.
Quinn Labrador Retriever Large Adult Male - HEARTWORM POSITIVE!
Eclipse Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Male - Neutered. Good with other cats, dogs and children.
Foggy Domestic Short Hair Young Male Gray and White -  Neutered. Good with other cats and children.
Casper Domestic Short Hair White Small Young Male -  Neutered. Good with other cats and children.

 Ziggy Zigfield Siamese Seal Point SENIOR Male White Small Young Male -  Neutered. Good with other cats and children.

Sprinkles Domestic Short Hair Calico Medium Adult Female -  Spayed.
McCracken County Humane Society
Paducah, KY


7. Millfield/Chauncey, OH: URGENT DOGS! EUTH DATE SET!

*******************************************************************************************UPDATE 11/30  HAPPY UPDATE - BOTH DOGS ON TODAY'S EUTH LIST ARE SAFE!!

CONTACT: Email:  PH: (740) 593-5415

 Creed  Pit Bull Terrier Medium Young Male RESCUED! 1 to 2 years old. Creed is housebroken and crate-trained, good with men, women and kids. Not good with other dogs. Cats unknown. He will come and sit to his name. This gorgeous, happy, people pleaser is going to be euthanized on November 30th. He is young, healthy and devastatingly ignorant of what the last day of November will bring. Creed is a wiggly, friendly guy that likes to sit on your feet while you give him chest scratches. He loves to look at you upside-down, and leans against anyone petting him just to be close to them. Creed is an extremely handler-centered dog that makes you feel like you are the light of his world.  Like any young, healthy dog, Creed is very trainable. He also has the abundant energy of youth, and being cooped up in a kennel all day does not bode well. Creed has been disadvantaged in that he has had little or no obedience training. We feel Creed would do well placed in a home, or foster, with no children or other animals, at least in the beginning, until he learns to channel his energy into listening and learning. Creed’s savior should be experienced enough to set expectations  of him early. He wants to please, and we feel he wants, and needs, structure and consistency. This is a young dog that has great potential in the right hands.

Hardy Shar Pei/Hound Mix Large Young Male RESCUED!! 1 to 2 years old, 53lbs, Neutered. This is a dog that has probably never known the gentle hand of an adoring owner, a warm bed in the winter, or the comfort of a happy home. He was found in rough condition with patchy fur and areas of thin hair, most likely from previously unchecked fleas.  He has probably spent a good portion of his life alone and fending for himself. He is energetic, but our volunteers have handled him just fine with appropriate head-control type leashes such as a gentle leader. Hardy is somewhat fence reactive to other dogs and displays kennel aggression while inside his kennel, but outside the kennel he is very different.  In a controlled situation with an experienced trainer, he was neutral to other dogs with a slow introduction on leash.  After being outside the shelter for a while Hardy is much more relaxed.  He is friendly to people, likes getting petted and tunes into his handler when given attention. As you can see from his photo, he's got the greatest smile!

Athens County Dog Shelter
Millfield/Chauncey, OH



*******************************************************************************************UPDATE  8/20

CONTACT:  PH: (502) 349-2082, ext. 201  Email:

Ruby Boxer Mix Large Adult Female -  5 years old. Ruby is an excellent dog! She is very loving and intelligent. She has had house-training and knows several commands, such as sit, lay, stay, paw, and roll over. She was surrendered due to her owner having some life changes. She has not been socialized with other dogs and typically does not get along with them. Therefore, we think Ruby would do best in a home without other pets. We also require her new home to have a fenced in yard. Ruby is  full of love and spunk. She deserves another chance and a FOREVER home.

Sally Domestic Short Hair Gray/Silver Medium Adult Female -  4 years old. Spayed.  Sally  was surrendered because her owner passed away. Sally is a very friendly and lovable cat that used to being with one person and the only pet. Sally would make a great companion pet. She is currently being fostered at The Critter Cradle.