URGENTS MAY 21, 2019


1. Mt. Sterling, KY:  CODE RED! SHELTER IS FULL!


POSTED 4/25 -   Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email - Holly Cichelli at, or J'RieElliott - - call the shelter at (859) 498-8751 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




Kennel 2 ID: 115 T-Bone Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $85 in PLEDGES! OWNER SURRENDER! 3 years old, 65lbs. Owner bred him to their female, and then surrendered him to the shelter because he wasn’t needed anymore.

#362 Kennel 3 Cody Labrador Retriever Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  HAS $165 in PLEDGES! 1-2 years old, 40lbs. UPON INTAKE: Handsome, sweet boy. Friendly, good with the staff and volunteers. UPDATE:  He was okay when he came in but has digressed to a point where we cannot handle him. He is not friendly or good with staff and volunteeRs. He is human aggressive and we don't take him out of his kennel. He will need to be an only dog.

#412 Kennel 25 Chance American Bulldog Mix Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $102 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 65lbs. Friendly and playful boy who loves to play and be petted on.

K12 #663 Tuk Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Adult Male URGENT! AT SHELTER SINCE OCTOBER! HAS $115 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 30 lbs. High energy guy who loves to play.  He is not dog aggressive; but he will have to have a slow introduction into a pack. He also is a grumbler, so he grumbles whenever he does anything.

Cage 14 Snappie and Four Babies Gray and White Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! 2 years old. Gave birth in shelter on April 19th.

 Cage 15 Rose Tortoiseshell Mix Adult Female - FELV+  HAS $30 in GUARANTEED PLEDGES. 2 years old.

Cage 22 Starkest with 5 Kittens Domestic Short Hair Tabby Adult Female RESCUE ONLY!  2 years old. Friendly momma.

Cage 4 Felony Adult Male - FERAL. 5 years old. Neutered and vaccinated. Needs a barn home.

Cage 17 Ho Ho Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Female - FERAL! 5 years old. Spayed and vaccinated. Needs a barn home.

Cage 4b #58 & 59 Terry and Cory Domestic Short Hair Black Adults Genders Unknown - SEMI-FERAL! Neutered and vaccinated. They need a barn home.



UPDATE 5/24  WILL KILL FOR SPACE! SHELTER IS FULL! HEART STICK SHELTER! PLEASE HELP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  Serves two counties: Clinton and Cumberland Co. KY.  Transport and short term foster possibly available based on space availability. Adoption fee is $65 with approved application for Dogs & puppies Rescue pull fee is $15 for adults & $10 for puppies.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 or message Jamie Scott-Cross via Facebook 

Mixed Breed Siblings Young Females  URGENT! LONG TIMERS!  6-8 months old. Friendly. 

Lab Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  2 year old, 32lbs. Beautiful boy. Not too big. Dog selective.

  BruceLee Mixed Breed YOUNG Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! 1 year old. 61lbs. Beautiful boy!

Starr Kybama Mixed Breed Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  3-4 years old. Starr was adopted in a different state brought to Kentucky and left abandoned in our shelter after a break up. Very sweet, loves puppies and small dogs that she thinks are puppies... Best suited for an experienced owner and as an only dog. Very sweet with people. Loves walks, drying off with a warm towel and playing with her milk bones. Starr is a healthy, happy girl.

BrinDee Young Mixed Breed Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  1 year old, 48 lbs. She has a sister in the shelter with her. The two don’t get along during feeding time, but overall both are very sweet and friendly. She has had two beds and destroyed both. She receives Kong toys that are interactive with treats and peanut butter to help with her anxiety... this girl is so playful and the shelter is just not the home for her and her siblings.

Brinlee Mixed Breed YOUNG Female EXTREMELY URGENT!  LONG TIMER! 1 year old. Her sibling is also in the shelter. The two don’t get along during feeding time, but overall both are very sweet and friendly.

Miss Mini B Mixed Breed Young Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! 1 year old, 36lbs. She is very small for her assumed breed. Weighs about 30lbs. Very friendly with people, but dog selective.

BC Mixed Breed Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS BEEN AT SHELTER SINCE NOVEMBER!   2-3 year old, approx 60 lb... came in small dog aggressive. Since being in the shelter since the first of November, he has gotten worse towards dogs his size also. Would do best as a only pet... so much love to give, such a sweet boy. Very people friendly and very sweet. Owner surrender. Likes to play.

Brindle YOUNG Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  1 year  old, very friendly. Dog Friendly, too.

Labrador Retriever Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! OWNER SURRENDER! 2-3 years old. Spayed. She is dog selective and has been in the shelter for months. DESPERATELY NEEDS OUT!

Mixed Breed Adult Male URGENT! SURRENDER TO SHELTER BECAUSE OWNER PASSED AWAY! 3 years old. Very friendly with people.
Hound Adult Male URGENT! 4-5 years old. Great age for a hound, out of the puppy stage but still able to be playful.





CONTACT:  PH:  (317) 327-1397  Rescue: Email: Adoption : Email:

#289445 Simon Domestic Short Hair Adult Male EUTH LIST! MEDICAL URGENT! HAS ATAXIA (WOBBLINESS) and OTHER PROBLEMS! RESCUE ONLY MUST HAVE RESCUE TODAY! HAS $300 in PLEDGES + $400 to an All-Volunteer Rescue! 6 years old, neutered.  - Very concerned about him. Simon has ataxia (wobbliness) of unknown origin. He is also anemic- possible diagnosis are; mycoplasma, IMHA, toxoplasmosis, cytauxzoon. He will need lots of vet care, possible blood transfusion, possible steroids. Needs rescue by end of day 5/6/19. If he goes downhill between now and then, we may have to make the difficult decision to euthanize. PLEASE respond quickly, if you can help him! He will need to go straight to a vet from the shelter.

#289684 Lucy Border Collie Mix SENIOR Female URGENT! OWNER SURRENDER! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $95 in PLEDGES! 12 years old, 58 lbs. Lucy was surrendered by her owners because of new landlord fees. They have had her for all 12 years of her life. Lucy has never lived with other animals or with kids. Owner said she doesn't like kids and growls at them. She is great in the house. Potty trained, never crated. Laid back and easy to care for. She hasn't been well socialized though and can be nervous warming up to strangers. As you can imagine, she is just a mess at the shelter and scared and has anxiety. She would do best in a quiet adult home. Lucy is HW negative.

# 90272 Corbin German Shepherd Dog Mix YOUNG Male RESCUE ONLY! HIT BY CAR - HAS HIP DYSPLASIA, BUT NO OTHER INJURIES! HAS $10 IN PLEDGES! 10 months old,  62 lbs. Corbin is a young guy who arrived as a stray after having been hit by a car. We have done x-rays, and found he has hip dysplasia but doesn’t seem to have any injuries. He does have hygromas on elbows. Our vet notes: right hip subluxating more than left= hip dysplasia present. no degenerative changes yet will need meds/surgery long term for hips. hygromas present on both elbows- clear to yellow debris aspirated - recommend doggleggs for compression and padding.- no surgery or medication will help these. Corbin is a young, silly guy who loves to play. He did great with other dog - eager to meet, loose & wiggly, just wanted to play, tolerated other dog playing rough with him. Corbin is HW negative.

#289452 Fannie Mae Mixed Breed SENIOR Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! 10 years old, 56 pounds, heartworm negative. This senior sweetie was found as a stray and brought to the shelter. She has arthritis in her hips and knees, is missing a few teeth, and has quite a bit of tartar buildup on the teeth she has left. She is currently staying in our Director's office. She was withdrawn and not excited about anything at first, but now she is up and eating. She even gave a staff member her paw! She does have a hard time getting up, due to the arthritis, but once she does she is able to get around slowly. We hope to find her a loving foster in rescue ASAP who can manage her pain and spoil her for the rest of her days.
#181636 Sadie Pit Bull Terrier/Dalmatian mix? SENIOR FEMALE URGENT MEDICAL! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $525 In PLEDGES! 12 years old, 57 lbs. Sadie was abandoned in a house, and no owner has come to claim. She is a very friendly gal and seems to really like people and affection (and treats!). Sadie has an ulcerated mass on her paw pad causing her to limp. It seems very painful for her. Sadie is also HW positive. We hope to find her rescue quickly as the mass is likely to continue to be painful and perhaps get worse being here at the shelter and having so much moisture on the floors here. She should be considered URGENT and in need of immediate rescue!!l safe. Hoping to find her a spot in rescue ASAP! Tootie is HW negative.

#289346 Trudi Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Female - RESCUE ONLY! ABANDONED IN HOUSE! HAS $205 in PLEDGES! 13 pounds, 5 yearsold . Trudi's owner found her when she moved into a new house. She had been left there by the previous tenant. Trudi's owner intended to keep her, but Trudi did not get along with the dog or other cat in the house. She has eosinophilic granuloma lesions, caused by allergies. She has been on Atopica to treat this and will need this medication long-term, so she has been placed on rescue only. Trudi was very friendly with me when I met her today and enjoyed being petted.

#289771 Diesel Boxer Mix Adult Male URGENT! STRESSED AT SHELTER! RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDER BECAUSE DAUGHTER WENT TO COLLEGE! HAS $30 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 59 lbs. Diesel was owner surrendered back in April. Owner said her daughter left for college and told mother to get rid of him because she wasn’t coming back. Owner said he hadn’t lived with other animals but had been around children and was friendly with them. Diesel was evaluated for the adoption floor and did well. His behavior has changed once in the adoption kennels, and we were having trouble getting him out of the kennel and removing leash once back in the kennel. He was starting to be still and weird with handling with some staff. He was pulled from the adoption floor and placed on rescue only. He is very comfortable and happy with a few staff and volunteers here but takes time to get comfortable. We're not sure if he is just shutting down, and that is why his behavior has changed, but he needs out of the shelter very soon! Diesel is HW negative.

#288581 Sunshine Pit bull Terrier Mix YOUNG  Female EXTREMELY URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS TORN CRUCIATE AND MAY NEED SURGERY! HAS $405 in PLEDGES + Spay Certificate to an Indiana Rescue from SNSI! 1 year old, 42 lbs. Sunshine arrived as a stray. We have discovered she has a torn cruciate and may need surgical repair. We have Xrays that can be forwarded to rescue. Sunshine is a happy, energetic gal. She does limp, but that doesn't seem to slow her down. She was very friendly when I visited with her today and knows sit and is treat motivated. Sunshine is HW negative. She should be considered urgent as the shelter environment does not allow her much rest for her leg. Sunshine is HW negative. UPDATE: Sunshine has become extra URGENT and needs to find rescue quickly!! We dog tested her tonight. Here is what staff said: "She was stiff at first and didn’t do great with the first dog (another bossy female), got vocal. With a more submissive male she did better, very pushy and forward, met ok, tried to play." Sunshine is going to need a surgery consult to see if her leg will need to be repaired.
#288700 Thurgood Pit Bull Terrier Mix SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $165 in PLEDGES + SNSI Neuter Certificate for  Indiana Rescue! 9 years old, 78 lbs. This big handsome hunk was found as a stray. He is going to need lots of TLC. Though he weighs a good 78 lbs, he is thin and has muscle wasting and could use some good groceries. He has some thinning hair, flaky eyes/ears and his teeth and broken and a mess! He is likely going to need some extractions. He also has an inflamed and painful rear leg. The good new-he is HW negative. Thurgood has won the hearts of many of our staff here. Each time he is in the hallway, I hear someone say "oh he is such a good boy!" or "I just love him". He is a heartthrob for sure. We have him on several meds here to keep him comfy but we are hopeful to find him a spot in rescue ASAP.

#290530 Rozzi Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female URGENT! INJURED AND BLIND! RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $1,505 in PLEDGES! 5 years old, 60 lbs. **BLIND** Rozzi looks to have lived a hard life. She was owner surrendered last week after having been attacked by another dog causing injury to her eyes. Rozzi apparently has one eyeball rolling in, and the other has trauma and will need an ophthalmologist. She may need to have her eyeball removed. We have her on pain meds, but she will need to have more diagnostics ASAP. She is an absolute doll and loves people. She is learning how to get around but obviously the shelter and all of the sounds etc, make it difficult for her to adjust. She loves her nap time and is very good about taking treats gently. She does not react to other dogs at the cage when walking through the kennels. She is scared on leash but seems to be getting more confidence about being out and about. Rozzi is HW negative.

#289041 Ava Shepherd/Collie Mix SENIOR Female RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $105 in PLEDGES! 12 years old, 68 lbs.  Spayed. Ava was surrendered by owners. Owners said she had been having accidents and they were not home enough to care for her. Ava lived with a cat and is said to do well with dogs. We introduced her to another dog and she just avoided and seemed nervous. Ava loves squeaky toys and gets very excited and bounces around to play. She is stiff in the back end and sometimes slow to get moving, but very sweet girl. Ava is HW negative.
#289519 Cesar Rottweiler SENIOR Male URGENT MEDICAL! HAS INFECTED WOUNDS ON BACK LEG! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $320 in PLEDGES! 9 years old, 73 pounds, heartworm negative. Cesar was surrendered by his owner when he and the other dog in the home got into a fight. Cesar was not the aggressor and was badly wounded on his back leg. We have cleaned the wounds, which are infected, and have him on antibiotics. Vet staff were able to handle him, but he is really nervous here and hasn't had much of an appetite. We hope to get him to rescue ASAP for any further treatment he might need!

#290590 Clara YOUNG Female 31 lbs. 8 months old; # 290588 Claude YOUNG Male 29 lbs. 8 months old; & #290589 Lilo YOUNG Female 31 lbs. 8 months old RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDERS! EACH HAS $50 PLEDGE! This trio of pups were surrendered by their owners because they did not have time to care for them. They are very shut down in our kennel and likely not very socialized in general. Each of them are very easy to handle. But they are terrified, and have to be carried. Owners did say they were good with kids and strangers, which I believe would be true having met them. I did carry Lilo to the quiet room and she took tiny baby steps to get nearer to me so she could feel safe. The other 2 I visited with while in their cages. Clara gave me timid tail wags and Claude seemed to be smiling. They do not have to stay together and can go to different rescues. They are housed in separate kennels here. All are HW negative. Hoping to find spots in rescue ASAP!

#284322 Miracle Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $185 in PLEDGES!  2 years old, 44 lbs. Spayed. Miracle was owner surrendered after nipping at the children in the home. Owner said she gets annoyed at children when she is relaxing and wants to be left alone. Our intake staff did note that the kids from her home were very rambunctious and tripping over tables etc in intake. Miracle may have just not been suited for the home she was in, and a calmer environment might be a better match for her. She was temperament tested and said to be a fun gal who sought out attention from handler. She gives kisses and knows sit and shake. She seemed to be fine with other dogs. Miracle is HW negative.

#290209 Coolidge Domestic Short Hair Adult Male RESCUE ONLY! NEEDS SURGERY! TERRIBLE CASE OF ENTROPIAN! HAS $15 in PLEDGES + $100 TOWARD SURGERY + REMAINDER OF SURGERY FINANCIALLY COVERED! Coolidge came in the same group as rescue kitty Caroline. We originally though Coolidge’s eyelids were fused together but have since decide he has a terrible case of entropian. He has had enough of us giving eye meds and now refuses and we are unable to give them anymore. We started him on oral meds but he needs surgery for his eyes ASAP. He seems to want to be friends and when I reached for him, he would momentarily lean in but then startle and back his face away. Poor guy must just feel awful!

Piggy Young Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $20 IN PLEDGES! OWNER SURRENDER! Friendly and lovable! Piggy is neutered and said to be a year old. Owner also said she did take him to the vet regularly until he became too big for the car. Owner is moving and had to surrender (plus pigs are not allowed to be owned in our county). Piggy is a nice pig and now looking for rescue. I would guess him to be over 300 lbs.

#288931 Max Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male RESCUED! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $80 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 50 lbs. Max was surrendered because of a move. He has lived with two cats and small children. Owner said he chases the cats but didn't do much else. He was evaluated for the adoption floor and was said to be too mouthy and jumpy right now. His energy level can be a bit much, but a volunteer who spends time with him said he does very well after being outside for a bit and running off some energy. He knows sit and is very treat motivated. He was tested with other dogs and was stiff and forward. Max is HW negative.

#228227 Suzy Pit Bull Terrier YOUNG Female IN FOSTER HOME - NEEDS ADOPTER/RESCUE! HAS $130 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 51 lbs. Update - Suzy was posted as rescue only on our page a few weeks ago. She is now at Paws & Play getting the training she needs! We hope to find her a rescue or adopter in the next two weeks, so she does not have to come back to the shelter. Suzy has been with us for a few months. She has become frustrated with the kennel environment and has started to be mouthy and difficult to handle. She did have an incident with a volunteer who was returning her to her kennel after a walk. While removing leash, she become agitated and bit the volunteer on the hand. I spent some time with her and she is such a happy and active girl. She loves to play and is very treat motivated. She will focus on treat and seems to be eager to “try” to sit for treat-so I think she is willing to learn and may be good for anyone who loves a training challenge. Suzy did not do well when introduced to other dogs here. Vocal and focused. Suzy is HW negative.

#290275 Caroline Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Female RESCUE ONLY! CONFISCATED WITH 30 OTHER CATS! HAS $95 in PLEDGES! 12 years old.  Caroline was confiscated from horrid conditions along with nearly 30 other cats (including Coolidge who is also on rescue only). She arrived anorexic and dehydrated, and with respiratory infection. Her URI seems to have run its course and she is no longer on meds. She will need a dental with extractions. She is fairly timid here but able to be handled.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
Facebook: IACS Rescue -




CONTACT:  Kristie Jones PH: (502) 331-3644 for Rescue or Adoption or Shelter PH: (859) 734-5154  Email:

Marlin Pit Bull Terrier Mix Male - Marlin is a gorgeous dark brindle and white pit mix, intact male. Super friendly, ok with cats and kids and other dogs.

Hoss and Emma Coonhounds Young Male/Female - They are about 8 months old, not fixed. Owner Surrenders.

Foster Adult Male - Super cool 2 year old dog of mixed breeds!! Loves kids, gets along with other dogs and house broken. Foster is neutered and UTD on vaccinations.

Little Girl Aussie/Blue Heeler Mix Young Female -  10 months old. Simply, a happy little dog!! Not spayed or housebroken, but excellent on a leash.

Lucille Beagle Mix Adult Female - 3 - 4 years old. Spayed, housebroken and loves everyone!!
Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



CONTACT: PH: (606) 526-6925  - Email:  To Adopt/More Information: Email 
Shep Shepherd/Husky Mix Young Male - ADOPTED AND RETURNED! 1 year old. Shep has a gentle personality and a lot of loyalty to give. He needs room to exercise and would make an awesome family dog. Shep has an extreme fear of thunder storms. He’s neutered and up to date on all his shots.
Blossom Terrier Mix Young Female - 4 months old and as sweet as can be.
Joe Pointer Mix Young Male - FULLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Joe’s an incredibly sweet boy. Neutered.
Miss Piggy Young Female - ADOPTION FEE PARTIALLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Miss Piggy went on a hiking adventure this weekend. She had a great time but what she wanted most from this adventure was love. She’s been at our facility for sometime and has a little heart of gold. She has a great temperament.
 Wilson Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 13 weeks old. Wilson says it’s tiring being this cute all the time so he needs a good home with a luxurious bed to rest from this 24 hour a day job. He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.

Ethan Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 12 weeks old. Ethan wants to say howdy everyone and let you know he is looking for a forever home!! Ethan is 10 weeks old and loves to play!!  He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.





CONTACT:  PH: (270) 759-4141 Email:
Dixie Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - 7 months old. House trained and good with other dogs and children.

Rosie Labrador Retriever Adult Female - 2 years old. Spayed. House trained and good with children and other dogs. Rosie is an all around nice dog!  Owner surrender. She has never lived with cats.

 Sheba Shepherd Mix Large Young Female - Sheba was found as a stray dog running near a local restaurant. She was very shy but is coming around. Sweet girl who is quiet and loving.

Birdee Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Female - Found as a stray on Murray State Campus.  Sweet. Wants to be petted.





CONTACT: PH: (502) 633-0009  Email:

Spike American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered.

 Sawyer American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered. Not good with cats, other dogs and children.
Shelby County Animal Shelter
Shelbyville, KY