POSTED 8/14  - EUTH ALERT! SHELTER IS FULL! PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE A RESCUE!  Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email - Holly Cichelli at [email protected], [email protected] or J'RieElliott - [email protected] - call the shelter at (859) 498-8751 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




FOSTERS WANTED! NEED short and long term standby dog and cat fosters. A foster gives them a place to stay, out of the shelter environment, until transport can be arranged.  CONTACT: Email - [email protected]

 #946 Kennel 19 Bourbon American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult  Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $155 in PLEDGES! 5 years old. Bourbon must be an only dog and no young children. Precious…and needs a miracle.

 #171 Kennel 4 Pepper American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Female URGENT! HAS $80 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 45lbs. Very playful and affectionate dog.

 #195 Kennel 15 Quinn Amercian Staffordshire Terrier/Lab Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! HAS $235 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, about 45lbs. Neutered. Wonderful medium sized dog, has lots of energy and gives lots of love. This is his second time at the shelter; he was adopted in October but was picked back up due to dog neglect and/or abuse.  Very nice dog. Not too big. Friendly and loving - a diamond in the rough.

  #273 Kennel 10 Nell American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! HAS $125 in PLEDGES! 4 years old. Spayed. Owner surrender. A friendly girl who loves to walk and play. She is a little overweight and could use some good walks. Sweet girl who deserves a second chance.

 #342 Kennel 5 Oliver American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male URGENT! HAS $90 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 45lbs. Sweet loving dog with lots of energy and a playful personality.

#362 Kennel 3 Cody Labrador Retriever Mix Adult Male URGENT!  HAS $70 in PLEDGES! 1-2 years old, 40lbs. Handsome, sweet boy. Friendly, good with the staff and volunteers. Cody needs to be an only dog.

#368 Kennel 14 Petey Lab/Mountain Cur Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $60 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 50lbs. Owner surrender. Good solid dog that has been through a lot. Needs a owner who will take the time for him to learn to trust them.

#412 Kennel 25 Chance American Bulldog Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS $52 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 65lbs. Friendly and playful boy who loves to play and be petted on.

#444 Kennel 11 Woody Plott Hound Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! HAS $68 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 75lbs. Big boy who is sweet; gentle giant.

 #395 Kennel 23 Abby Shepherd Mix Adult Female - HAS $55 in PLEDGES! 7 years old. Owner surrender. Friendly and personable, pulls heavy on the leash, medium energy.

  #409 Kennel 6 Ford American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Young Male HAS $20 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 75lbs. Super duty boy who is a giant puppy - lots of love in a wiggly package.

 Cage 1 JJ & JADE Adult Females URGENT! BOTH ARE PREGNANT! DUE ANY DAY! HAVE $200 PLEDGE! 2 years old. Two timid and sweet girls who love to be stroked and given attention. Will easily come out of their shell when given a loving home.

Cage 3 Midnight (Black), Tiger (Tabby) & Tigger (Tabby) BABIES Genders Unknown URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! 10 weeks old. Three lovely siblings, brimming with curiosity and ready to tussle and play!

 Cage 4 Sugar (Orange) & Spice (Tabby) BABIES URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! 10 weeks old. Two scared babies who need time to learn to accept people after being raised in the wild.
 Cage 6 Spot Domestic Short Hair Black Young  Gender Unknown URGENT! HAS $100 PLEDGE! 6 months old. Very scared.

Cage 7 Shadow (male) and Inky (female) Domestic Short Hair Black Young  URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! 4 months old. Two sweet babies, adorable and playful.

 Cage 8 Triscuit (tabby) & Biscuit (Tortoiseshell) Young Genders Unknown URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! 6 months old. Triscuit is very friendly. Biscuit is shy.

??Cage 12 Oliver (orange) & Elio (table) Young Males SAFE?? NO LONGER POSTED AND NO UPDATE... 6 months old.  Friendly and love toys.

Cage 13 Mirra (Tabby), Belle (Tabby) & Joe (Tuxedo) Young  URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! 5 months old. Sweet and playful young cats who are energetic and friendly!

??Cage 14 Kit (Tuxedo) & Caboodle (Tabby) Young Males NO LONGER POSTED AND NO UPDATE... Kit is 5 months old and Caboodle is 9 months old. Two gentle and attention loving cats who are very friendly and loving.
Cage 15 Three Kittens (Mom Snazzy has been Rescued)  URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! Kittens are black/White. Three delightful little ones who are full of energy and friendly!

Cage 17 Four Kittens BABIES Mixed Genders URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! 12 weeks old.  Friendly.

 Cage 18 Mike & Ike BABIES Genders Unknown URGENT! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! 10 weeks old. Friendly little kittens.

 ??Cage 21 Molly and 5 Kittens SAFE? NO LONGER LISTED AND NO UPDATE... Molly is 2 years old and her five kittens are 10 weeks old. Fluffy kitten in front was adopted.

 Cage 22 Teapot (Tabby) and 4 Kittens URGENT! LONG TIMERS! HAVE $100 PLEDGE! Teapot is 2 years old and her four kittens are 12 weeks old.




UPDATE  8/19  CATS AND DOGS IN DANGER! 20 MORE WAITING TO COME IN! TRANPORT POSSIBLE TO LOUISVILLE ON FRIDAY AND TRANSPORT TO INDIANAPOLIS MIGHT BE POSSIBLE!  HEART STICK SHELTER!  Serves two counties: Clinton and Cumberland Co. KY.  Transport and short term foster possibly available based on space availability. Adoption fee is $65 with approved application for Dogs & puppies Rescue pull fee is $15 for adults & $10 for puppies.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 

SOME OF THE URGENT CATS AND KITTENS ARE POSTED BELOW! FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT THE SHELTER!!  Black kittens adoptions pending.  Mom & Kitten, Sad Tabby, and Smiley Cat have $25 Pledge!

Anthym Adult Male HAS RESCUE COMMITMENT!!  LONG TIMER!  1-2 years old, 46lbs. Absolutely the sweetest dog. Shy at first, but is a love bug. Thinks he is a lap puppy and just look at that smile! Does well on a leash for a guy that's been in a kennel stuck in the shelter as long as he has been.  He has been with us for awhile and needs to work on his confidence around other dogs. He gets scared and defensive with males very quickly. We currently suggest an only dog home until he can learn to trust other dogs.

Bayne Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER He is the shelter's longest resident AND HIS PERSONALITY IS STARTING TO CHANGE! NEEDS RESCUE ASAP! 2-3 years old, 67lbs. Bayne is such a sweetheart. He is a scared big baby. Doesn't seem to like cats. Found as a stray his finder gave him a home for several weeks, let him build trust, let him feel safe, then decided she couldn't handle a pet and surrendered him. He has been with us for several weeks now and his personality is suffering he isn't the sweet excited soul that greets us with thank you wags for the walk he is about to take. Now he runs and hides in the corner and looks around nervously because he doesn't feel safe back there either.  Prison program might even would be a good start for this boy to find the stability, trust, and manners that he deserves.

Eva Adult Female HAS RESCUE COMMITMENT! LONG TIMER! ADOPTION/RESCUE FELL THROUGH! 1-2 years old, 49lbs. High energy, great dog! She smiles..Needs to be an only dog. & a home without small children. Awesome dog. Would make a great running companion.

Rosie Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!   Very friendly. Good with other dogs. Scared of children. She hides from them. Awesome girl! lbanykyanimalshelter/photos/pcb.603363833343274/603362086676782/?type=3&theater

Red & Lady Bird EXTREMELY URGENT!  Possibly siblings from separate litters. Red is a female and spayed. 2-3 years old. Lady Bird is 1 year old. Red & Lady have recently been separated due to their conditions....

Lady is breaking out in a skin condition, being treated for sarcoptic mange as a precaution but no vetting to determine. But this sweet soul needs rescue to save her life.

Red has been spayed and we have been told and recently discovered that she has in the past had a repair surgery for a prolapsed rectum. This baby needs immediate vetting, she has been in the shelter far to long and has recently had a very uncomfortable night or two. She needs commitment to save her life as well.

Tyson Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT! NEGLECTED/VERY UNDERWEIGHT! Very sweet, came in very underweight from a neglectful owner. His personality is so great even with the neglect he had suffered.

Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! 1-2 years old. Came in with a male she was raised with. Dog friendly.
Little Man Young Male URGENT! 1 year old, 39lbs. Very sweet boy. Possibly has mange or flea allergies.  Look at those ears!

Gunnar Hound/Boxer Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! HAS CHERRY EYE!   4 years old. Unaltered. Gunnar is a big boy. Currently having issues with cherry eye. Needs Rescue Commitment so he can get the treatment he needs. Super skinny!

Tan Mixed Breed Young Male URGENT! 1-2 years old, 49lbs. Very playful. Loves sneaking close to give kisses.

Luke Hound/Shepherd Mix Adult Male URGENT! HAS BEEN AT THE SHELTER SEVERAL WEEKS 1-2 years old. Underweight and needing a better wormer. Chases cats. Such a love bug.

Thelma & Louise Young Females URGENT! 1-2 years old. Bonded sisters who were thrown out at a lake neighborhood several months ago. Through all their scared and hungry nights, they never left one another's side.

Duke SENIOR Male URGENT! 8-9 years old. Awesome guy that doesn't like the confines of his small cell at all.... a man his age can you blame him? Help get this senior guy out of the shelter. Like clockwork he always gives thank you kisses to your cheek after receiving food and water refills. Sweetest guy!

He was dropped off with 11 puppies and 3 adult dogs. All others were saved but Duke. He is still scared and alone in his cell) we provide toys he doesn't play like the young energetic guys, take him outside for a walk and the noises make him fearful but he would make a awesome fishing buddy or creek walker for a nature photographer... doesn't jump, doesn't bark a lot, does whine every now and then on rainy days and tells you if he " accidently spills" his water so he can give you more kisses and you will give him more attention... this boy deserves a big fluffy dog bed
One thing for sure he deserves somewhere better than the shelter to live out his lifetime.

Piper Mixed Breed Young Female URGENT! 1 year old.   Cat curious, very sweet. Hasn't been socialized with other dogs but quickly realized friends and is ready to play. Such a sweet pup who likes encouragement and treats. Other than being excited at the thought of being able to run and play she does fairly well on a leash..

Oakly Adult Male URGENT! 1-2 years old. Oakly is a big scared loving boy. He and his sister was left in a rural neighborhood near a lake to fend for themselves. After several weeks of being on their own, they found a elderly lady to help them with food. A few weeks later neighbors started shooting at the pair. Luckily neither was injured. but the elderly lady only saw the male for a month following and feared the worse for the female.... She payed for Oakly to have flea and tick treatment, but felt she could no longer care for him the way he needed.

Letty Adult Female Letty and her brother Oakly were thrown out in a rural neighborhood a few months ago... She was shot at and ran to the other side of the neighborhood. Letty was very underweight. She has since then made herself at home at the shelter’s rescue coordinator’s house. Her brother Oakly is in the shelter, so both are being posted to help both find rescue.


Momma & Kittens URGENT! Momma showing signs of URI, two kittens showing signs as well!

Three Kittens -  Would need to be worked with and tamed. Still plenty young enough to make a tame house kitten if someone wanted to give them a chance.




UPDATE 8/20  

CONTACT: PH: Julie Zine - PH:  (317) 327-1397  Email: [email protected]

  #2278904 Daniel Corgi Mix? SENIOR Male RESCUED! 12 years old, 36 lbs. Daniel is just the cutest little short guy. He loves everybody and everything he meets. He was picked up as a stray, and his owners never came to find him. He had plans to go to our adoption floor but when we sent him to be neutered, he crashed during induction for surgery this morning but was able to be revived. He will need diagnostics run and may be a hospice dog. I’m not sure if he will ever be able to go under anesthesia for neuter. Because of this, we will need to find rescue and super quick! He is a staff favorite and we are so thankful he was able to be revived, but he needs the help of a willing rescue.

  #277035 Dollie Pit Bull SENIOR FEMALE ADOPTED!! 8 years old, 54 lbs. Dollie was surrendered by her owner because of vet cost. Owner’s vet diagnosed with torn ACL after Dollie had jumped off her doghouse. She is limping on her hind leg, and we have her on some pain meds here. Dollie is an active gal who loves to go for walks! She does not act as though she has any pain but is favoring the bad leg. Owner said she was good with her small dog and child and is housetrained. She also said Dollie loves swimming and car rides. She can be head shy here, but I was able to handle her with no issues. Dollie growled when meeting another dog her size here at the shelter.

#161368 Mercedes Pit Bull SENIOR Female RESCUED! 12 YEARS OLD, 30 lbs. Mercedes was found sleeping in a dirt hole behind a shed. She is sort of a sad senior. She is too thin and a bit stiff in her hind end. She does get happy about the treat bag, and you can see a glimmer in her eyes. She walked well on leash for me and met another dog along the way. She was a bit stiff at first but then relaxed and sniffed and walked away. She does seem timid in general with all the sounds around the shelter. Mercedes in HW negative.

#279348 Jak Collie Mix SENIOR MALE! RESCUED! 13 YEARS OLD, 45 lbs. Jak was surrendered by his owners because they were moving someplace that did not allow dogs. They said Jak was housebroken, friendly with older kids, and did not do well with cats. Jak did fine meeting another dog. Sniffed and walked away. He seems to perk up when he gets outside. He did come in full of fleas with dirty unkempt coat, so perhaps has been an outside dog at times. He is straining to defecate and really struggling so will need to have a more thorough exam outside of the shelter. Jak is HW negative. Hoping to find this boy rescue ASAP!!

#279438 Mitchell Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male MEDICAL URGENT! HAS $290 in PLEDGES + Neuter Certificate from SNSI for an Indiana Rescue! 1 year old, 39 lbs. This handsome pup just arrived with an officer. He has road rash and lots of wounds. He is non weight bearing on left hind limb and left forelimb inflamed and painful when touched. He has a toenail ripped in another direction than it should be. We have begun pain meds. He is super friendly and seems submissive with handling. He has been very sweet with our male uniformed officer too.

 #278975 Sebastian Pit Bull Terrier Young Male RESCUED! CRUSHED LEG! NEEDS AMPUTATION! He is putting weight on it, and seems to be getting along okay, but he will likely need his leg amputated. Is there a rescue that can help this boy?  6 months old,36 lbs. This little guy is super sweet and has loved everyone he meets. He is good around other dogs and has been a very good patient for our vet staff. He was found as a stray with an injured back left leg.

#279472 Luna Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Female DIABETIC! RESCUE ONLY! 11 years old. Luna was surrendered by her owners after she was diagnosed with diabetes. She has not had insulin as owner could not afford. She is a mostly friendly kitty who is staying in our Director's office. As you can see, she is enjoying some “box” time and peeking out at me. She likes to sit on our Director's lap but is definitely a girl who likes affection on her terms. She should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP!!

#279162 BJ Domestic Short Hair Black MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! SENIOR! DIABETIC! STRESSED AND NOT EATING! HAS $110 in PLEDGES + $40 for Medical Expenses. 12 YEARS OLD! BJ was surrendered by his owner because of a move. He was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago and had been on insulin, but owner cannot afford the cost anymore. Owner did not bring any when she dropped him off, so he is going without. He needs immediate rescue so he can get back on his insulin. We have contacted his previous vet so we can get records and will send those along with him to rescue. He has not been eating well here and is stressed but friendly. Please respond quickly if you can help!

#095741 Sly Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Male HAS $10 in PLEDGES! AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!! DIABETIC!  11 years old. Neutered.. Sly was in the home when his owner passed away. We had to come take him and a few other cats back to the shelter. Owner's brother did tell us Sly was diabetic but knew little else about him. He is with us now and we are giving him his insulin, but rescue is needed ASAP. Sly seems sad and lost, but he is a friendly kitty.

#161777 Grace Mastiff Mix SENIOR Female RESCUED! 9 years old, 58 lbs. Spayed. Grace was surrendered when her owner became ill and house bound. Grace has mostly been an outside dog (as you can see from her mangled ears), and they said rarely came in. Grace lived with another dog who they also surrendered. We will be evaluating the other for the adoption floor. Grace, however, will need rescue. Her ear tips are just filleted by flies, and she is itchy and scabby and needs some TLC and time to heal. She is sort of slow to rise and is stiff in the back end, but just sweet as can be! Very social and happy to say hello.
 #275921 Marcel Mixed Breed Young Male URGENT! STRESSED AT SHELTER! RESCUE OR SPECIAL ADOPTER! HAS $50 in PLEDGES! 1 year old. Marcel was on our adoption floor for a bit, but life at the shelter has taken it’s toll on him. He is beginning to become hard to handle. He is a happy, jubilant boy who has zero manners on leash. He is starting to be very mouthy with strength and finds his antics very satisfying, since he is so very bored here. Marcel can be forward with other dogs, but then wants to play. He would benefit from training and lots of room and time to run and play. Marcel is HW negative and up to date on rabies vaccine.

 #279285 Percy Rottweiler Mix SENIOR MALE URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! SCARED AT SHELTER!  HAS $40 in PLEDGES + Massage Treatment. 9 years old, 48 lbs. Percy was found as a stray and has not been claimed. He is quiet and fearful here. Staff have been working with him, but he is struggling to feel comfortable and confident. He has some older dog issues with shaking of his back legs, and he has some muscle wasting. He seems sad and confused about why he is here. Hoping to find quick rescue for him. He was tested with other dogs and seemed nervous and turned away and did not engage.

🙀 HELP! Our cat cages are full of kittens! 😿We have more kittens than we have available foster homes for. These kittens are not yet old enough for spay/neuter so can’t yet be adopted. We hope to find help with rescue groups! If your rescue does not want to pull kittens but has fosters willing, they can be IACS foster kittens. We will cover vetting, and they can come back here for adoption. We just need somewhere for them to “grow up.” Most of the kittens we currently have are 6-8 weeks old. Please take a look and see if you have any foster homes willing.

  #277841 Quinten Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Male MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $145 in PLEDGES! Neutered. 10 years old. Quinten arrived as a stray. He hasn’t been feeling well but does enjoy a good head scratch and some affection. He is FIV/FELV negative. Quentin is a sad guy who has been under the weather since he arrived. Our vet thinks he may have some kidney issues and on x-ray did have thickened bowels. He has been having a lot of loose stools so may also be irritable bowel disease. He should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP.

#278739 Ponyo Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Female MEDICAL URGENT! HAS $90 in PLEDGES! Spayed, 3 years old. Ponyo was surrendered by her owner because of medical needs. Ponyo has a previous history of bladder stones and UTI’s that have not responded well to treatment. We were able to get her vet records and will gladly pass those on to rescue. She is currently on a C/D diet. Ponyo is very social and friendly and seems to like to be chatty.

 #274757 Cali Domestic Short Hair Adult Female NEEDS MEDICAL RESCUE! HAS $40 in PLEDGES for MEDICAL EXPENSES!  5 years old. Cali was surrender after her owner died. The family can’t keep her. She has been urinating outside of litter pan in home and Cali seemed stressed in busy home with other animals and kids. She was adopted from here in April. We have done blood work and determined Renal disease. Eating some and we are giving fluids here.

Precious SENIOR Female AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! This sweet gal is 14 years young and arrived as a stray. What we thought was an abscess on her cheek has turned out to be a mass. Our vet suspects cystic mass, and it will need attention and removal. We have drained it, and it continues to fill with fluid. We must find her a rescue ASAP, so she can continue the care she needs! Precious is eating well, but does seem nervous here. She likes head scratches but is not demanding of attention and seems very reserved.

# 277010 Bishop Pit Bull Terrier Young Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS WONKY WALK…HAS $110 in PLEDGES + Free SNSI Neuter Certificate to an IN Rescue! 1 year old. Bishop was surrendered by his owner. HAS HAD FHO SURGERY AND NEEDS A TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME! Bishop runs and jumps and plays like any other young dog. He loves toys and sits for treats. He can be strong on leash and will need to work on some leash manners once his leg is better. He is a happy, social guy who seems to have some basic training already.

#194604 Princess Husky Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS Free Spay Certificate from SNSI for an Indiana Rescue! 6 years old, 40 lbs. Princess was here in 2013 and returned to owner. She was picked up as a stray recently. Owner was unable to be reached and has not come to claim her. She appears to be a very happy and social girl and has been friendly at the cage front, but she is touchy and whippy with handling. During evaluation for the adoption floor, she did whip around and mouthed, but did not bite. Volunteer got her out for the photo here, and she was excited and busy and gave us no trouble at all. She was vocal when meeting another dog but then just walked away.

#276918 Bentley Cane Corso Male ADOPTED!  61 lbs. Bentley came in owner surrendered with a sibling who has since been adopted. Bentley is showing barrier aggression here at the shelter while in his kennel so is unable to go to our adoption floor at this time. Our staff are able to get him out on leash and handle him. He trembles out of his kennel and pancakes and is very head shy and will cower. Hoping to find a rescue with some Corso experience. Bentley is very stressed in the shelter environment and should be considered URGENT!

 #053075 Dana Mixed Breed SENIOR Female ADOPTED! Spayed. 13 YEARS OLD, 40 lbs. Dana was adopted as a puppy from our shelter 13 years ago. Her owner surrendered her because she is an outside dog. He said the flies keep getting to her, and he can’t care for her anymore.  Dana has some skin issues as well as eye infection and is on meds here. She is missing quite a bit of fur here and there and has very thickened skin on her neck and shoulders. She is also heartworm positive. Poor gal has led a rough life, it seems, and deserves to be treated like a princess in her last part of life. She is currently hanging out in our supervisors' office and is doing well. She loves going outside for potty walks and greets everyone with a smile. We are all very smitten with her! Hoping for quick rescue for her!

#244776 Jordan Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS WAITED SECOND LONGEST FOR RESCUE! GETTING DEPRESSED AT SHELTER!  HAS $135 in PLEDGES + Free Spay Certificate to an Indiana Rescue! 5 years old, 58 lbs. Jordan’s owner was taken to the hospital, and Jordan was left in the car so we were called out. Owner is unable to have her back. She was evaluated for the adoption floor and did pass her temperament test. Then, she growled when vet staff was doing adoption floor exam and hard barked/lunged at someone entering the room (while she was tethered), so she will not be going to our adoption floor. Her evaluation says she is a happy, energetic gal who takes treats nicely. She sits when asked and is treat motivated. She was interested in meeting another dog but can be pushy and forward so will need slow intro.

#277586 Peanut Staffordshire Terrier SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! $45 PLEDGE + Free Neuter Certificate to an Indiana Rescue! 10 years old, 68 lbs. Peanut was surrendered when owners moved to a place where dogs were not allowed. We are told he can easily jump a 4 ft fence. Peanut was very friendly when I got him out for pictures. He sat for treats and seemed interested in affection. Owner said he had been around kids and done well but does not like his ears to be messed with. I imagine he has suffered from ear infections at some point in his life. Here are notes from his temp test here: FRIENDLY GUY. SOUGHT OUT ATTENTION. DID NOT TOLERATE TOOTH CHECK - SNAPPED. FOOD MOTIVATED. TOOK TREATS NICELY. KNOWS SIT. W/FRIENDLY DOG - STIFF, FOCUSED & VOCAL.

  #279787 Jimmy German Shepherd Dog SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $35 in PLEDGES!  11 YEARS OLD, 48 lbs. Jimmy was surrendered by his owner who said they could no longer care for him. Jimmy has lived with another dog and also lived in a house with children and does well with them. He is housebroken and did not need to be crated in the home. Jimmy is such a happy guy and always looks like he is smiling! He greets everyone with a tail wag and did well meeting another dog on leash. He is a bit wobbly as his back end seems weak, likely from arthritis. He also has a mole/mass on his nose that may need some attention. Jimmy is HW negative.

#277120 L.J Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Female ADOPTED! 11 years old, spayed. LJ was surrendered. Owner passed away several months ago, and the person caring for LJ said she has had consistent diarrhea since living with her. She is going to need more diagnostics to rule out parasites, IBD, metabolic disease, stress, etc. Her fecals have been normal and she is eating well here. Very friendly gal who seems to love attention and also loves snacks!

 #278988 Mya Border Collie/Lab Mix SENIOR Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $55 in PLEDGES! 12 YEARS OLD, 51 lbs. Spayed. Mya was surrendered by her owners. She has been very friendly here and is not trouble to walk. She likes treats and is attentive and seems very well mannered. Mya has a 3rd eyelid prolapse that will need some attention. Mya is HW negative. She did well when meeting another dog. She politely sniffed and went about her business.

   #279438 Misha Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS 290 in PLEDGES + Spay Certificate from SNSI for an Indiana Rescue! 1 year old, 39 lbs. This beautiful pup just arrived with an officer. She has road rash and lots of wounds. Misha is healing and doing well. She is non-weight bearing on left hind limb, and left forelimb inflamed and painful when touched. She has a toenail ripped in another direction than it should be. She is super friendly and seems submissive with handling. She has been very sweet with our male uniformed officer too.

  #279000 Asher Affenpinscher Mix Small Adult Male RESCUED! 2 years old, 17 lbs. This little man has some attitude. He has been friendly at the cage and able to be leashed, but he will try to bite when removing leash. A staff member has been working with him. He jumps in her lap and likes to give kisses, but she can't really touch him yet. So far, handling has been on his terms. He was surrendered after biting a neighbor's child.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
Facebook: IACS Rescue -




CONTACT:  Kristie Jones PH: (502) 331-3644 for Rescue or Adoption or Shelter PH: (859) 734-5154
Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



CONTACT: PH: (606) 526-6925  - Email: [email protected]  To Adopt/More Information: Email [email protected] 
Max Boston Terrier Mix Adult Male - 6 years old. Max has the sweetest little underbite. He really wants a family of his own.
Hanna Golden Retriever/Lab Mix Young Female - 10 months old. Hanna is a stunning beauty.

Smiley Boxer Mix Young Male - 6 months old. Neutered. Has infamous “Say cheese” smile.

Mufasa Domestic Short Hair Tabby/White Mix Young Male - 1 year old. Mufasa is a big guy with a big personality.





CONTACT:  PH: (270) 759-4141 Email: [email protected]

Milo Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Male -  Milo was found as a stray, he is the most loving, friendliest boy! He will kiss you all over until you are soaking wet and he has never met a stranger!

Dixie Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - 7 months old. House trained and good with other dogs and children.

Rosie Labrador Retriever Adult Female - 2 years old. Spayed. House trained and good with children and other dogs. Rosie is an all around nice dog!  Owner surrender. She has never lived with cats.

 Sheba Shepherd Mix Large Young Female - Sheba was found as a stray dog running near a local restaurant. She was very shy but is coming around. Sweet girl who is quiet and loving.

Birdee Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Female - Found as a stray on Murray State Campus.  Sweet. Wants to be petted.
Marianette Domestic Short Hair Tortoiseshell Adult Female - Spayed. Marianette is an adult tortoiseshell with gorgeous coat coloring. She came to the shelter pregnant and spent a few weeks in a foster home to have her babies. Marianette has been around children, dogs, and other cats. She is currently looking for her forever home.

Luna Domestic Short Hair Tortoiseshell Medium Adult Female - Spayed. Luna is an owner surrender to our local shelter. She is housetrained and loves to lounge around.





CONTACT: PH: (502) 633-0009  Email: [email protected]

Spike American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered.

 Sawyer American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered. Not good with cats, other dogs and children.
Shelby County Animal Shelter
Shelbyville, KY