1. Mt. Sterling, KY:  CODE RED! SHELTER IS FULL!


POSTED 3/7 -   Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email - Holly Cichelli at, or J'RieElliott - - call the shelter at (859) 498-8751 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




#362 Kennel 3 Cody Labrador Retriever Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  HAS $160 in PLEDGES! 1-2 years old, 40lbs. UPON INTAKE: Handsome, sweet boy. Friendly, good with the staff and volunteers. UPDATE:  He was okay when he came in but has digressed to a point where we cannot handle him. He is not friendly or good with staff and volunteeRs. He is human aggressive and we don't take him out of his kennel. He will need to be an only dog.

#104 Kennel 4 Brent Mountain Cur Mix Adult Male ADOPTED AND RETURNED BECAUSE HE HOWLED! 2 years old, 45lbs. Brindle. Stupid adopters - Duh! He’s a dog.

 #342 Kennel 5 Oliver American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER!! HAS $100 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 45lbs. Sweet loving dog with lots of energy and a playful personality.

#412 Kennel 25 Chance American Bulldog Mix Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $102 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 65lbs. Friendly and playful boy who loves to play and be petted on.

  #273 Kennel 10 Nell American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $158in PLEDGES! 4 years old. NELL DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE! Spayed. Owner surrender. A friendly girl who loves to walk and play. She is a little overweight and could use some good walks. Sweet girl who deserves a second chance.

#367 Coal American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS BEEN AT SHELTER SINCE JUNE 2018! HAS $140 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 60lbs. A girl from a troubled background, but making tremendous strides. Did very well having her nails trimmed.

K12 #663 Tuk Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Adult Male URGENT! AT SHELTER SINCE OCTOBER! HAS $115 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 30 lbs. High energy guy who loves to play.  He is not dog aggressive; but he will have to have a slow introduction into a pack. He also is a grumbler, so he grumbles whenever he does anything.

 #656 Kennel 14 Howard American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male - HAS $200 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 45lbs. Howard is a handsome boy.
 #785 Kennel 15 Roslyn Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female - HAS $115 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 40lbs. Brindle and white. Pretty girl! Has heterochromic eyes - two different colors!

#44 Kennel 20 Dale German Shepherd Dog Mix SENIOR Male - HAS $20 in PLEDGES! 8+ years old, 50 lbs. Tricolor.

Cage 2 Scrappy Domestic Short Hair Gray/White Adult Male - HAS $20 in PLEDGES! 3 years old. Scrappy is an older sweet guy who has had a rough life.

#42 Cage 3b Jenkins Domestic Short Hair Orange Older Adult Male - HAS $60 IN PLEDGES! 5+ years old. Friendly older cat, missing teeth. Neutered as indicated by tipped ear.

Cage 22 Razor Adult Male - FERAL. NEUTERED & VACCINATED. 3 years old. Color: Blue.



POSTED 3/22  SHELTER IS FULL! HEART STICK SHELTER! PLEASE HELP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!  Serves two counties: Clinton and Cumberland Co. KY.  Transport and short term foster possibly available based on space availability. Adoption fee is $65 with approved application for Dogs & puppies Rescue pull fee is $15 for adults & $10 for puppies.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 or message Jamie Scott-Cross via Facebook 

 Labrador Retriever Female URGENT! SHE IS VERY SICK! Has severe diarrhea. Doesn't appear to be coccidia, but she isn't able to keep any nutrients in. Spayed. Very people friendly, but dog aggressive!

Starr Mixed Breed Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  3-4 years old. Starr was adopted in a different state brought to Kentucky and left abandoned in our shelter after a break up. Very sweet, loves puppies and small dogs that she thinks are puppies... Best suited for an experienced owner and as an only dog. Very sweet with people. Loves walks, drying off with a warm towel and playing with her milk bones. Starr is a healthy, happy girl.

BC Mixed Breed Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! 2-3 year old, approx 60 lb... came in small dog aggressive. Since being in the shelter since the first of November, he has gotten worse towards dogs his size also. Would do best as a only pet... so much love to give, such a sweet boy. Very people friendly and very sweet. Owner surrender. Likes to play.

Christopher Mixed Breed Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS BEEN AT THE SHELTER SINCE Thanksgiving Day when he was left outside in the rain!  4-5 years old. Such a sweet boy, has been with us for far far to long, so far he hasn't let it change his personality but he does give us this look like "what have I done, to not get my chance" that absolutely destroys our heart. Please help us get this boy out before he spends another holiday in the shelter.

  Beagle Mix Male URGENT! About 35-37lbs. Very frightened/petrified at shelter.

Brinlee Young Mixed Breed Female URGENT! Less than a year old. He has a sister in the shelter with him. The two don’t get along during feeding time, but overall both are very sweet and friendly.

King Mixed Breed YOUNG Male RESCUE COMMITMENT! 1 year old. Very sweet, but very scared at shelter. NEEDS OUT ASAP!

BrinDee Young Mixed Breed Female URGENT! Less than a year old, 48 lbs. She has a sister in the shelter with her. The two don’t get along during feeding time, but overall both are very sweet and friendly. She has had two beds and destroyed both. She receives Kong toys that are interactive with treats and peanut butter to help with her anxiety... this girl is so playful and the shelter is just not the home for her and her siblings.

Mini Mixed Breed Young Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! 1 year old, 36lbs. She is very small for her assumed breed. Weighs about 30lbs. Very friendly with people, but dog selective.

Mixed Breed Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS BEEN AT SHELTER SINCE JANUARY! 1 year old. Very sweet and dog friendly.

Adult Male RESCUED PENDING!! LONG TIMER! 2-3 year old. He has been at the shelter about 2 months! Loves running and playing and finding smell trails with his beagle buddy.

Bud Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male RESCUED! LONG TIMER! Skinny! 1- 2 years old. Has a cry that will break your heart. Sweet boy. Dog friendly. Dog friendly, untested with cats. Calm self entertaining but gets excited and energetic with a playmate also very loving. Lays into you and just whines.





POSTED 3/14  

CONTACT:  PH:  (317) 327-1397  Rescue: Email: Adoption : Email:

#285820 Cato Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male SAFE! 3 years. 66 lbs. Cato was surrendered by his owner who had been taking care of him after his original owner moved out. Cato is VERY stressed at the shelter, and has begun to salivate to the point of soaking his kennel and the floor in front of his kennel as well as his entire chest area. He just isn't able to relax in this environment at all. I got him out today on leash. He did well passing other dogs in the kennel, pulls some on leash but is manageable. Once in the room, he ran right for the stuffy toys and was pulling towards the blanket because he really wanted to lay down and enjoy his toy. He seemed to enjoy his time away from the kennel and just acted like a normal dog. He was temperament tested when he first arrived in January and and was stiff at first when meeting another dog and can be forward. We had suggested a meet and greet with other dogs in the home when he was up for adoption. He has been placed on rescue only now. Cato knows sit and is treat motivated. He will trade toys for treats nicely. I did call Cato's original owners (as he was microchipped) and they said Cato had lived in the home with another male dog and they had to start slow with muzzle training until the 2 could be together without muzzles. He could not take Cato back as they were only allowed one dog in their current housing. Cato is HW positive and will need treatment. Owners also said he had a titanium hip but we haven't confirmed. Because of his stress level at the shelter, we MUST find rescue by 6pm on Thursday 3/7!!

# 287794 Venus Catahoula Mix Adult Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HW POSITIVE! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $85 in PLEDGES! 5 years old, 67 lbs. Venus was surrendered by her owners because they lost their home and they had no place for her. Since arrival, she has been very mentally dull, not eating well, and just overall shut down. We currently have her on IV fluids in screening but she will need urgent rescue for more in depth veterinary care. We are all kind of puzzled as to this girls issue. We did take xrays and found nothing significant. Vet staff is concerned about her well being and that something might be wrong that we are unable to determine. Or she may just be so shut down that it seems like something medical. Either way, she needs to find a rescue ASAP. Owner said she does well with dogs and even likes small dogs. She has lived with small children and did well with them.

#286538 Herbert Pit Bull Terrier SENIOR Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $260 in PLEDGES + SNSI Neuter Certificate for an Indiana rescue! 9 years old, 64 lbs. Herbert arrived as a stray. He has some skin issues and wounds on his legs when he arrived. Wounds have healed, and we placed him on adoption floor, but his skin issues continue to flare up and he is going to need some long term skin management and perhaps some special food. Herbert is a happy and social older dude who loves to play with tennis balls. He did ok when meeting other dog. He was forward but did meet several dogs nicely. Our staff have noted that when Herbert pulls too hard on leash, he will pass out so we have been having to harness him. He may need some senior diagnostics and further medical care so should be considered URGENT. Herbert is HW negative.

#284975 Moe Lab Mix SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $185 in PLEDGES! 10 years. 50 lbs. Moe was surrendered back in December when he started having issues with the other animals in the home. He had been living peacefully with other dogs and cats but seemed to no longer tolerate either. He has done well in "pack walks" here walking next to other dogs, but hackles up when other dogs get too close and in his face/space. Moe is great with people and owner reported he did great with their 7 yr old child who liked to play dress up with him. He has a grain allergy and needs grain free food or his skin will flare up. He has been struggling some with skin issues here at shelter. Vet thinks she did hear grade 2-3 heart murmur. Moe is HW negative.
#287777 Titus Rottweiler Adult Male URGENT MEDICAL! RESCUE ONLY! NEEDS ENTROPIAN REPAIR! HAS $850 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 88 lbs. Titus was surrendered by his owner because he did not like their 12 year old daughter. They have had him for just 2 months and said his original owner had passed away. Titus lived with another dog and did well except when it comes to food. He growled when the other dog came near his food. Owners said he was fine with food around people. Titus is going to need entropian repair. This is the worst case I have ever seen here at the shelter. He is terribly bothered by it and constantly rubbing his eyes on anything he can. Titus is very friendly and loves to go for walks. He can be easily walked and handled, and seems to love belly rubs. He should be considered URGENT! Titus is HW negative.
#287881 Valentine Domestic Short Hair Black SENIOR Male MEDICAL URGENT!! HAS DIABETES! HAS $100 in PLEDGES + Lantus Insulin! 11 years old, neutered, front declawed. Valentine was surrendered today because he has Diabetes. The person who surrendered was not the original owner but has been fostering the cat the last month and administering insulin daily. Valentine did not come with any insulin today. She said he has been doing well on the dose and food regimen she has had him on but will need urgent rescue. Valentine was friendly when I went to take his photo. He is nervous having just arrived, but allowed me to pet him. rubs. He should be considered URGENT!

#286780 Bowser American Staffordshire Terrier Large SENIOR Male - RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDER! HAS $235 in PLEDGES + SNSI Neuter Certificate for an Indiana rescue. 10 years old, 80 lbs. Bowser was surrendered by his owner when they became disabled and could no longer handle him. Owner said he had lived with a cat. Bowser is a senior, but still pretty active and strong. He is friendly and social and meets people well. Our vet staff said Bowser has enlarged prostate and may need further diagnostics. He also has some arthritis in his hips and thinning hair on his legs with what looks to be some lick wounds. Bowser is HW negative.

#286789 Strawberry Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female RESCUE ONLY!! HAS $375 in PLEDGES! 6 years old, 52 lbs. Strawberry was surrendered a few days ago and was sent immediately for spay because of pyometra. Now, that she is back at the shelter, she is not doing so well. She is still lethargic and vomiting. IV fluids were given today. Owner said she is friendly with people, has not been around dogs since he got her (6 months ago) and will chase cats. UPDATE: Strawberry is doing much better than her original post. She has perked up and started to play a bit and will wag her tail with the vet techs. Once she leaves the vet room though, she freezes and pancakes and is super scared. Though her health is better, we are leaving her on rescue only since she is just so fearful.

#276446 Legend Shepherd Mix Adult Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! ADOPTED AND RETURNED! SHELTER FAVORITE! HAS $270 in PLEDGES + HOME Scholarship ($150 for training and a bag of toys/treats)! 4 years old, 60 lbs. Neutered. Legend was adopted from our shelter last summer, and returned late November. Adopter said he was snappy with his 2 yr old child and did not do well with strangers. Legend has been at our shelter this time around waiting to be adopted and has become very stressed lately and supervisors have moved him to "rescue only". He struggles to show well with adopters in our environment and should not be around children. He has not done well with dogs here at the shelter. He can walk next to them and near them with no issues, but when they approach, he snarls and snaps. When he was originally brought to the shelter, he was hanging out with 2 small dogs in a mans yard. The man said the smaller dogs were his but Legend was not. So his dog issues might be leash related or shelter related. He does take time to be comfortable with people and because of this and his extended time here at the shelter, he should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP!
#286828 Miss Gray Pit Bull Terrier YOUNG Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! OWNER SURRENDER!  HAS CRANIOMANDIBULAR OSTEOPATHY & POSSIBILITY OF PNEUMONIA AND UTI! HAS $295 in PLEDGES + SNSI Spay Certificate for an Indiana Rescue! 1 year old 64 lbs. Miss Gray was surrendered by her owner because she is too strong and pulling him down (as owner is disabled). Our vet staff have discovered she has craniomandibular osteopathy on xray. And we are also very concerned about the possibility of pneumonia and UTI. Miss Gray can be shy here but I was able to leash her with no issue and she was friendly for her picture. She should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP!!

#286957 Nova & #286958 Luna BONDED PAIR! OWNER SURRENDERS DUE TO MOVING… RESCUE ONLY! HAVE $380 in PLEDGES + an extra $50 if rescued together!  Nova was surrendered with friend Luna because owners are moving to temporary housing and could not take them with them.  Luna is a spayed Catahoula mix, 7 years old, 78 lbs. Nova is a happy social gal who seems to be very well adjusted and well fed! Her sister Luna is terrified and depends on Nova for security, so we will need to find rescue together for them. We think Nova would do fine without Luna, but we do not want Luna left here in the shelter alone. Owner said they lived with cats/dogs/kids. Nova is HW negative.
286958 Luna is a spayed Husky, 3 years old, 31 lbs. Luna was surrendered with her beefy sister Nova. Luna is absolutely terrified here and has been difficult to leash and interact with. She wants to go wherever her sister goes but becomes so frightened when trying to reach to leash her. She is far too thin and I have suspicions that her sister is getting some of her food during feeding time. Luna needs to feel safe and be reassured and leaving her sister with her in the kennel here, and asking that they be rescued together, is for her own well being. She may be fine with another dog and not necessarily her sister but we do not want to split them up here leaving one behind. Owner said Luna has lived with cats/kids/dogs and that she does take time to warm up to new people and things.

#286552 Rose Domestic Short Hair Adult Female MEDICAL URGENT! RESCUED! HAS $55 in PLEDGES! Spayed. 6 years old. Rose was found as a stray with a large scabbing wound on her neck. Our vet determined she has severe rodent ulcers on upper lip as well. We have been treating her with convenia. Rose is a sweet cat who likes affection and will lean in to receive more. She has been at the shelter for a few weeks now. When you pick her up, she doesn't seem to mind and didn't react to the other kitties around her. Because she is a stray, we are not sure if she has lived with other kitties or dogs. Please respond quickly if you can help!

#286482 Carter Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT IACS! 2 years old, 77 lbs. Carter was found as a stray. We are concerned he may have pneumonia. He is currently being monitored in our medical room, and vet staff would like to see him get out of the shelter ASAP! Carter is a sweet guy who is just mush when you show him some affection. ❤ The person who found him last week said he did well with the kids at his house. Carter is heartworm negative.

#286652 Osiris Pit Bull Terrier YOUNG Male RESCUED! 1 year old, 64 lbs. Osiris arrived as a stray. He is not bearing much weight on his back leg. Leg is swollen with 2 small puncture wounds. He will need x-rays. He is VERY sweet and a staff favorite. He loves attention and does very well walking on leash. He seems smart and attentive and loves treat. Osiris is heartworm negative.

#Arnold the Pig URGENT! RESCUED! OWNER SURRENDER! This is Arnold. He was surrendered earlier this week for being "too big". Arnold is very friendly and social and loves apples! We guess him to be about 150 lbs and owner said he was 4 years old. He is listed as unaltered. It will be up to the receiving rescue to have him neutered.  UPDATE: Arnold has been here for a month with no rescue interest. He has been super friendly when petting through the cage, but when staff go in with him, they have to be super-fast and super cautious, as he tries to bite. He has large teeth and grabs legs and shoes etc. He was owner surrendered for getting “too big”. He looks to be in good health as there are no notes about medical concerns. .

 #287143 Roxy Pointer/Lab mix? SENIOR FEMALE - RESCUE ONLY!  NO LONGER POSTED AND NO UPDATE... HAS $120 in PLEDGES + SNSI Spay Certificate for an Indiana rescue! 10 years old. 51 lbs. Roxy’s owner passed away and she has been staying with owners caretaker. They brought her to the shelter. Roxy has very thickened skin around her ears and seems to be painful. She is an older gal with a little bit of a stiff gait. She was cautious with us and did not initially do well in intake, but she is doing a bit better now and has made friends with some of us. I spent time with her and she allowed me to pet her. I even got a tail wag. She does well on leash and is very calm and quiet here. She seems more fearful here than anything. Roxy is HW negative.

#284766 Maxwell Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male IN FOSTER HOME! NEEDS ADOPTER/RESCUE!  Maxwell has a HOME scholarship for training! This includes a $150 gift certificate for training and a bag full of treats and toys! The HOME scholarship will go to the rescue who pulls or the person who adopts him! 3 years old, 50 lbs. Maxwell was surrendered early December when his owner had to move to assisted living. Owner had him his entire life. Maxwell had been on our adoption floor for a long time, but being passed up time and time again, and the stress of shelter life was taking a toll on him. He panted and drooled constantly and his chest and kennel and floor were soaked all the time. He did well with handling on his temperament test and climbed into staff lap to give kisses. He did not pass his shelter dog test here and was nervous, vocal and growled at the other dog. Seems he was never around other dogs in his home so likely doesn’t know how to react. Maxwell is HW negative.

#228227 Suzy Pit Bull Terrier YOUNG Female IN FOSTER HOME - NEEDS ADOPTER/RESCUE! HAS $130 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 51 lbs. Update - Suzy was posted as rescue only on our page a few weeks ago. She is now at Paws & Play getting the training she needs! We hope to find her a rescue or adopter in the next two weeks, so she does not have to come back to the shelter. Suzy has been with us for a few months. She has become frustrated with the kennel environment and has started to be mouthy and difficult to handle. She did have an incident with a volunteer who was returning her to her kennel after a walk. While removing leash, she become agitated and bit the volunteer on the hand. I spent some time with her and she is such a happy and active girl. She loves to play and is very treat motivated. She will focus on treat and seems to be eager to “try” to sit for treat-so I think she is willing to learn and may be good for anyone who loves a training challenge. Suzy did not do well when introduced to other dogs here. Vocal and focused. Suzy is HW negative.

#284576 Fiona May Mixed Breed Adult Female AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT IACS! 2 years old, 40 lbs. Fiona May was found in a ditch and an officer brought her back to shelter. She arrived with severe punctures all over and her muzzle and leg were very swollen. Punctures were new as well as some older healing ones. I would guess she had been attacked by another dog, or in a dog fight of some sort. Fiona has been staying in our medical room and has been very sweet with vet techs and staff. I visited with her and got her picture to post. She was easy to handle and seemed happy to have some attention. X-rays revealed she has a broken metacarpal, which is the bone on the forelimb that connects the “wrist” to the toes. Fiona May is HW positive and will need treatment. She seemed very interested when meeting a friendly dog, seemed to want to engage, met okay but then snapped at him with no warning. She should be an only dog.

#281639 Winston Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT IACS! 1 year old, 36 lbs. Winston was left behind by his owners when they moved. We were called out and found him injured, skinny and in need of help. He has been eating well here and looking better. He was not bearing weight on his front left leg. Xrays revealed small fracture on proximal epiphysis of humerus. We thought he just needed crate rest, but he is still having some issues with his leg after spending time in foster. He will need more diagnostics than we can do here at the shelter, so we need to find him a rescue ASAP! Winston is HW negative.

#284047 Willis Mixed Breed Adult Male AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT IACS! 7 years old, 55 lbs. Willis was found as a stray after having been it by a car. He has a broken pelvis that our vet thinks will heal with cage rest. Willis is able to stand and walk, however slips around on our floors here and seems very unsure of his footing which is no good for his healing process. He is limited to cage in medical room with potty breaks, but would do best in place with floors he could feel more secure-like carpet etc. Willis is a friendly boy outside of his kennel. He seems happy to visit and likes affection. He has become protective over his kennel when you reach in, especially when food is involved. He is fine at the cage front and not cage aggressive when visiting, but we open cage and let him walk out on his own, rather than reaching in. Willis seems fine when other dogs are nearby. Willis should be considered URGENT and in need of placement ASAP. HW negative

#283894 Buttons Mixed Breed YOUNG Female ADOPTED! 1 year old, 38 lbs. I saw Buttons in the kennel a few days ago hiding in the well under the water bowl so shut down and scared. She has to be carried or coaxed out of the kennel area and even then, doesn't seem to want to relax and open up. She hasn't been any trouble with handling but just frozen in fear most times. She does not seem interested in treats. Buttons was surrendered by her owners after killing their chickens and rabbits, and she recently went after their goat. Buttons is said to do well with dogs though. She has lived with younger children and has been good with them. She should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP!! Buttons is HW negative.

#282731 Alison Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female - POSSIBLY HAS DEMODEX MANGE! GOING TO A FOSTER HOME! ! 10 months old, 46 lbs. Alison came in as a stray. She looks to have demodex mange, but the medical notes are not clear so can't confirm. She is crusty and itchy and has some scabbing. We have treated with bravecto and she will need time to heal. Alison is happy and social and just like a big puppy! She seems to be fine when passing other dogs and loves all the people she meets in the hallways. Alison can be fostered through IACS or pulled by a rescue.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
Facebook: IACS Rescue -




CONTACT:  Kristie Jones PH: (502) 331-3644 for Rescue or Adoption or Shelter PH: (859) 734-5154  Email:

Marlin Pit Bull Terrier Mix Male - Marlin is a gorgeous dark brindle and white pit mix, intact male. Super friendly, ok with cats and kids and other dogs.

Hoss and Emma Coonhounds Young Male/Female - They are about 8 months old, not fixed. Owner Surrenders.

Foster Adult Male - Super cool 2 year old dog of mixed breeds!! Loves kids, gets along with other dogs and house broken. Foster is neutered and UTD on vaccinations.

Little Girl Aussie/Blue Heeler Mix Young Female -  10 months old. Simply, a happy little dog!! Not spayed or housebroken, but excellent on a leash.

Lucille Beagle Mix Adult Female - 3 - 4 years old. Spayed, housebroken and loves everyone!!
Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



CONTACT: PH: (606) 526-6925  - Email:  To Adopt/More Information: Email 
Shep Shepherd/Husky Mix Young Male - ADOPTED AND RETURNED! 1 year old. Shep has a gentle personality and a lot of loyalty to give. He needs room to exercise and would make an awesome family dog. Shep has an extreme fear of thunder storms. He’s neutered and up to date on all his shots.
Blossom Terrier Mix Young Female - 4 months old and as sweet as can be.
Joe Pointer Mix Young Male - FULLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Joe’s an incredibly sweet boy. Neutered.
Miss Piggy Young Female - ADOPTION FEE PARTIALLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Miss Piggy went on a hiking adventure this weekend. She had a great time but what she wanted most from this adventure was love. She’s been at our facility for sometime and has a little heart of gold. She has a great temperament.
 Wilson Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 13 weeks old. Wilson says it’s tiring being this cute all the time so he needs a good home with a luxurious bed to rest from this 24 hour a day job. He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.

Ethan Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 12 weeks old. Ethan wants to say howdy everyone and let you know he is looking for a forever home!! Ethan is 10 weeks old and loves to play!!  He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.





CONTACT:  PH: (270) 759-4141 Email:
Dixie Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - 7 months old. House trained and good with other dogs and children.

Rosie Labrador Retriever Adult Female - 2 years old. Spayed. House trained and good with children and other dogs. Rosie is an all around nice dog!  Owner surrender. She has never lived with cats.

 Sheba Shepherd Mix Large Young Female - Sheba was found as a stray dog running near a local restaurant. She was very shy but is coming around. Sweet girl who is quiet and loving.

Birdee Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Female - Found as a stray on Murray State Campus.  Sweet. Wants to be petted.





CONTACT: PH: (502) 633-0009  Email:

Spike American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered.

 Sawyer American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered. Not good with cats, other dogs and children.
Shelby County Animal Shelter
Shelbyville, KY