POSTED 10/24 - EUTH ALERT! SHELTER IS FULL! MASSIVE INTAKE! PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE A RESCUE!  Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email - Holly Cichelli at, or J'RieElliott - - call the shelter at (859) 498-8751 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




FOSTERS WANTED! NEED short and long term standby dog and cat fosters. A foster gives them a place to stay, out of the shelter environment, until transport can be arranged.  CONTACT: Email -

#362 Kennel 3 Cody Labrador Retriever Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!  HAS $150 in PLEDGES! 1-2 years old, 40lbs. Handsome, sweet boy. Friendly, good with the staff and volunteers. Cody needs to be an only dog.

 #171 Kennel 4 Pepper American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $100 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 45lbs. Very playful and affectionate dog.

 #342 Kennel 5 Oliver American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER!! HAS $100 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 45lbs. Sweet loving dog with lots of energy and a playful personality.

#412 Kennel 25 Chance American Bulldog Mix Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $102 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 65lbs. Friendly and playful boy who loves to play and be petted on.

  #273 Kennel 10 Nell American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $130 in PLEDGES! 4 years old. Spayed. Owner surrender. A friendly girl who loves to walk and play. She is a little overweight and could use some good walks. Sweet girl who deserves a second chance.

#444 Kennel 11 Woody Plott Hound Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $125 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 75lbs. Big boy who is sweet; gentle giant.

 #195 Kennel 15 Quinn Amercian Staffordshire Terrier/Lab Mix Adult Male ADOPTED! 2 years old, about 45lbs. Neutered. Wonderful medium sized dog, has lots of energy and gives lots of love. This is his second time at the shelter; he was adopted in October but was picked back up due to dog neglect and/or abuse.  Very nice dog. Not too big. Friendly and loving - a diamond in the rough.
#386 Kennel 18 LION Anatolian Shepherd Large Adult Male ADOPTED! 3 years old, 80lbs. That's the best photo we will be getting of him. He is not trustworthy. He flips from docile to aggressive without provocation, and will do so when you turn your back on him.

 #946 Kennel 19 Bourbon American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! LONGEST SHELTER RESIDENT! HAS $205 in PLEDGES! 5 year old. Bourbon is approaching his 1 year anniversary at the shelter. He came in almost starved and scared of everyone. He is now a love bug who would like to have a bed that is not behind bars!

 Kennel 15 #649 & 644 Jeff (white male) & Caramel (black female) Lab/Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mixes YOUNG Siblings URGENT!   HAVE $30 in PLEDGES! 5 months old, 15lbs.

 Kennel 6 #640 & 641 Hershey (brown) & Snicker (black) Lab Mixes YOUNG Females URGENT!   HAVE $23 in PLEDGES! 4 months old, 15lbs.  Friendly pups.

Kennel 1 #626 & 627 Reese (brown) & Colin (black and white) Lab Mixes YOUNG Males URGENT!   HAVE $20 in PLEDGES! 4 months old, 15lbs.

Cage 6 Spirit Domestic Short Hair Black Young Female PREGNANT! RESCUED! 10 months old.

Cage 1 James Dean Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Male URGENT! FELV+   HAS $25 in PLEDGES! James Dean is a sweet and loving boy who needs a special needs home due to his FELV+ status.

Cage 2 Reeve & 2 Kittens URGENT! HAVE  $65 in PLEDGES! Reeva, black and white tuxedo, is 2 years old.  She is a friendly mom and her kittens are small nuggets.

 Cage 15 Spooky & 3 Kittens URGENT! HAVE  $50 in PLEDGES! Spooky, a black and white tuxedo, is 2 years old. Her three kittens are 4 weeks old.

Cage 18 Jesse Orange Tabby YOUNG Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! OWNER SURRENDER!!  1 year old. This sweet guy is waiting for a forever home!

Cage 20 Crystal & Five Kittens URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! LONG TIMERS! Crystal is 2 years old and her kittens are four weeks old. Crystal is a sweet and loving girl with 5 friendly babies.




POSTED 11/16  HEART STICK SHELTER!  Serves two counties: Clinton and Cumberland Co. KY.  Transport and short term foster possibly available based on space availability. Adoption fee is $65 with approved application for Dogs & puppies Rescue pull fee is $15 for adults & $10 for puppies.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 

Reba Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! ONE OF THE LONGEST SHELTER RESIDENTS!  1-2 years old, 57lbs. She is truly a sweet and loving girl with plenty of energy to keep herself busy with the right toys. Reba needs a little bit of leash training and needs to learn manners around other dogs... but don't let that fool you this girl is an absolutely amazing dog... so loving and playful and will have you rolling on the floor with her silly antics.

Mixed Breed Adult Female URGENT! NO UPDATE... 3-4 years old, 64lbs. Very sweet and loving.

Lab Mix SENIOR Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! 6-8 years old, 44lbs. Sweet, but doesn't like being in the shelter or other dogs. Deserves a loving home.

Black and White Mixed Breed Adult Male URGENT! 1-2 years old. Possibly a Collie/Short Haired Border Collie Mix. Owner surrender. He is very sweet - his surrender could have been avoided.

Chase Redtick Coonhound Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HE HAS BEEN AT THE SHELTER FOR SEVERAL WEEKS AND IT IS STARTING TO SHOW! Bored in the confines of his kennel. 2-3 years old, 63lbs. Dog friendly, people friendly, We suspect this guy has been a stray for awhile now. He is a sweetheart, but not happy. Loving and playful - needs something to do with his time...a good bone to chew on or a human to love as his very own.

Lab Mix Adult Female URGENT! 2-3 years old. Very scared at the shelter, but friendly.

Lab Mix YOUNG Male URGENT! 6-8 months  old, 34lbs. Very playful, very active and very sweet.

 Thor YOUNG Male URGENT! 1 year old. Very sweet. Owner surrender because they couldn’t afford to keep him. He is a little nervous at the shelter, but not a flight risk.

Mix Breed Young Male - 1 year old, 49lbs. Sweet and loving, but also shy and timid until he see's he can trust you and you’re not going to cause him harm.

Boxer Mix? Male URGENT! 2-3 years old, 67lbs. Was dropped off at shelter very hungry. When the door opened, he came right in. Very sweet, very friendly. Can jump a 6 foot fence so would need precautions in place for him. Also he is aggressive towards males and alpha like females.
Top Row - Small Gray Tabby; Black Adult about 4 years old; Mamma & Four Babies.
Middle Row:  Two Gray Cats; White 9 week old Kitten - SICK!; Black & White Tuxedo Declawed Male, friendly.
Bottom Row: Tabby and White Med/Long Hair; Three Unwanted Kittens; Two Kittens





CONTACT: PH: Julie Zine - PH:  (317) 327-1397  Email:

#283141 Hershell Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male MEDICAL URGENT! HAS INJURED LEG! HAS $20 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 42 lbs. Hershell was found as a stray. He had wounds on his face and body, and an injured leg. Xrays have revealed a left rear tibia fracture. He is bouncing around on all four legs and seems to be doing well in spite of his injury. We are leash walking and doing our best to minimize activity but he is a happy, social guy who wants attention and wants to play. Hershell is HW negative.

#283225 Cane American Bulldog Large SENIOR Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $190 in PLEDGES!  12 years old,  91 lbs. Cane was surrendered by his owner because of a move. He is a lumpy bumpy senior with some irritated skin around his paws and muzzle. He is a staff favorite and a very nice older gentleman. We have him housed in a separate room and he seems to love the peace and quiet. Loves affection. Housetrained and quiet and easy going here. Cane is HW negative.

#283316 Bam Bam Pit Bull Terrier SENIOR Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY!  HW POSITIVE! HAS $235 in PLEDGES + PLEDGE TO PAY FOR HEARTWORM TREATMENT! 13 yrs. 55 lbs. This handsome old guy was surrendered by his owners because they were retiring and wanting to travel. He is reported to be housebroken, good with cats, dogs and kids. Bam Bam does have some thickened ears and crusty nose. He looks a bit raggedy but is happy about life and ready to go wherever the leash will take him. He is still strong and spunky though he is a bit stiff at first and has some muscle wasting from aging. Bam Bam is HW positive.

#076066 Sam Shepherd/Chow Mix SENIOR Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $190 in PLEDGES! 12 years old, 80 lbs. Sam’s owner has left the country and had aneighbor keeping him. Owner will not be back and asked neighbor to bring him here. Sam seems to be an independent fellow. He does get up to greet me when I walk in the room he is staying and will rub against me for affection, but really just wants to go and be somewhere other than here. He has a hard time rising and getting his footing on our floors and in the kennel. He was moved to a room and volunteers laid blankets and rugs all over the room so he would have comfortable things to lay on and walk on….he found the only bare spot on the floor as a place to sleep. Neighbor did say he was good with other dogs and lived with kids.

#283119 Gloria Chihuahua SENIOR Female RESCUE ONLY!  HAS SNSI Spay Certificate for an Indiana Rescue! 10 years old. 17 lbs. Adorable and as sweet as can be. Gloria arrived as a stray. She was said to be good with finder’s cat. Gloria is a very friendly little gal though she is a bit nervous at first. She is severely obese and has some hair thinning and very long nails. She also has a mammary mass that will need some attention and a cough that may be of concern. Handling and picking her up has been no problem. She seems to be very well socialized now that she has become used to the shelter noises and all the people. She is HW negative.

#283407 Gustav Blue Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male RESCUED! 5 years old, 41 lbs. Gustav just arrived yesterday as a stray. Finder reports diarrhea and vomiting so we did parvo test-negative. He is very emaciated and weak. Bloodwork was done showing high white blood count and levels of bacteria. We have him on IV fluid and antibiotics and he has been given de-wormer. He should be considered VERY URGENT but is still on his stray hold until Sunday so would need to stay fairly local. Staff report that he is fine to handle.

#283254 Geneva Min Pin Mix Adult Female RESCUED! 5 years old, 25 lbs. This sweet gal was found and brought to our intake door several days ago. No owner has come to claim and we are now seeking rescue. She was likely hit by car and has broken pelvis per xray. Our vet is recommending crate rest and anti-inflammatory meds to see if she will heal on her own. Geneva is very sweet and loves attention. She is unable to rise on her back end right now and is restless. She likes lots of company and reassurance here. She will eat chicken, but is not interested in regular dog food. She is able to urinate and defecate on her own.

#282731 Alison Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Female - POSSIBLY HAS DEMODEX MANGE! GOING TO A FOSTER HOME! HAS $165 in PLEDGES  + SNSI Spay Certificate for an Indiana Rescue! 10 months old, 46 lbs. Alison came in as a stray. She looks to have demodex mange, but the medical notes are not clear so can't confirm. She is crusty and itchy and has some scabbing. We have treated with bravecto and she will need time to heal. Alison is happy and social and just like a big puppy! She seems to be fine when passing other dogs and loves all the people she meets in the hallways. Alison can be fostered through IACS or pulled by a rescue.

  Honey Bun  Pit Bull Terrier Mix URGENT MEDICAL! IN A FOSTER HOME! Honey Bun was brought in by one of our Animal Control Officers. She is a 50 pound female pit mix who is down in the back end with multiple wounds/abrasions. She does have some feeling in her back end. She will pull her leg back, if we touch her toes. She was likely hit by a car. She has been sweet and allowed our medical staff to do anything they have needed to do so far. She was in shock upon arrival, so she is currently getting IV fluids/antibiotics/pain meds. We need to find rescue ASAP! Honey Bun is up and moving now and did eat today! She is limping on her leg, so our medical staff is going to try to do x-rays. She will still need rescue, so she has time to recover and can get some extra TLC.

#281178 Subwoofer Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $330 in PLEDGES + SNSI Neuter Certificate for an Indiana Rescue! 5 years old, 57 lbs. Subwoofer was found as an injured stray. He wandered up onto someone porch to rest and wouldn’t leave. He has an injured back leg and came in not bearing any weight at all and leg was swollen. He now limps and will bear some weight but clearly still painful. X-rays showed his left hip subluxates due to arthritis/hip dysplasia. He also has some muscle-wasting in his hip. He's on antibiotics for some skin issues right now. Subwoofer is a strong boy but walks well on leash. He is smart and food motivated. Quiet in his kennel and seems to enjoy having soft blankets to relax on. Subwoofer is HW negative.

#282327 Selma Pit Bull Terrier Mix SENIOR Female AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT IACS!! 10 years old, 36 lbs. Selma arrived as a stray. She made her way into my heart and into my office and being spoiled with snacks and affection from me daily. She came here a sad, scared, itchy, yeast gal but has opened up and become social and will wag her tail and sit and shake for treats. Love this old lady and the rescue who pulls her will be lucky to have her! I placed her on rescue only because she is currently getting through a URI and can’t be spayed until she is better, therefore can’t technically be adopted from our shelter. She will need some time for her skin and ears to heal. She has some nakedness on her hind end and yeasty ears. Selma did fine with other dogs but can be a bit forward. No reaction when walking past the cat cages to go outside. HW negative.

#281639 Winston Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male IN FOSTER HOME! RESCUE ONLY! HAS SMALL FRACTURE OF FRONT LEG! HAS $50 in n PLEDGES! 1 year old, 36 lbs. Winston was left behind by his owners when they moved. We were called out and found him injured, skinny and in need of help. He has been eating well here and looking better. He was not bearing weight on his front left leg. Xrays revealed small fracture on proximal epiphysis of humerus. Crate rest is likely treatment for him. Unfortunately he has developed barrier reactivity with other dogs here at the shelter causing him to exert himself and put more strain on his leg than he should. He should be considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP. Winston is HW negative.

 #281954 Ace Domestic Short Hair Tuxedo SENIOR Male ADOPTED! SURRENDERED FOR EUTHANASIA! 12 Years old. Neutered.  Ace was surrendered by owners for euthanasia. We denied the request and decided to do bloodwork. Ace has elevated kidney values, but he is eating and drinking and seems very content. He was a bit snarky in the first couple days with us, but he is becoming more friendly and allows petting and seems to enjoy affection. He may need further diagnostics so we have placed him as rescue only/special adoption.

 Nugget Male RESCUE ONLY! Nugget was surrendered with another rabbit who has a rescue commitment. He is shy but can be handled.

#281575 Florence Pit Bull Terrier RESCUE ONLY! GOING TO A FOSTER HOME... HEART WORM POSITIVE! HAS $85 in PLEDGES + $500 towards HW Treatment for Indiana 501c3 Rescue.  1 year old, 20 lbs. Florence was found as a starving stray. She is very emaciated and pitiful. She is being monitored in our medical room and we have all just fallen in love with her gentle personality. She is quiet and just watches everything that goes on. She was trembling yesterday so I put a sweater on her and she didn’t seem to mind. Florence seems to be fine with other dogs and doesn’t react when they are near her puppy pen. Florence tested positive for HW and will need treatment.
#280170 Arberdeen Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female IN FOSTER HOME! 3 years old,  31 lbs. Spayed. This gal was found as a stray and ran right up to our officer as if she knew she was there to help. She has been hanging out in a supervisor's office and really enjoys the attention and soft beds. She barks at other dogs passing by the office, but once out on walks, she doesn't really seem to mind. She LOVES treats and is very gentle with treat taking. She knows sit and shake. She is always happy and just wiggles all the time and seems to be almost smiling. She is a very resilient gal! Aberdeen is HW negative
 #278988 Mya Border Collie/Lab Mix SENIOR Female IN FOSTER HOME! 12 YEARS OLD, 51 lbs. Spayed. Mya was surrendered by her owners. She has been very friendly here and is not trouble to walk. She likes treats and is attentive and seems very well mannered. Mya has a 3rd eyelid prolapse that will need some attention. Mya is HW negative. She did well when meeting another dog. She politely sniffed and went about her business.

#281266 Boogie Scottish Fold Mix SENIOR Male IN A FOSTER TO ADOPT HOME!! 11 years old. Neutered. Boogie was surrendered for cost. His owners have been working with vets for years and said he was diagnosed with “asthma like symptoms” but no treatment has taken care of what they were experiencing. We have tried to get vet records but unsure if we were able to track them down. He has a good appetite here and is friendly and social. We are sending him over for diagnostics in the next couple days so will hopefully have more info if rescue is interested.

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
Facebook: IACS Rescue -




CONTACT:  Kristie Jones PH: (502) 331-3644 for Rescue or Adoption or Shelter PH: (859) 734-5154
There are 40 dogs at this moment and NO room for more. We desperately need fosters for large dogs!

Shelter now has cats that are spay/neutered, vaccinated and wormed that are free to a good home. Many of them are great barn cats, a couple would make good house cats and 3 are feral!!
Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



CONTACT: PH: (606) 526-6925  - Email:  To Adopt/More Information: Email 
Shep Shepherd/Husky Mix Young Male - ADOPTED AND RETURNED! 1 year old. Shep has a gentle personality and a lot of loyalty to give. He needs room to exercise and would make an awesome family dog. Shep has an extreme fear of thunder storms. He’s neutered and up to date on all his shots.
Blossom Terrier Mix Young Female - 4 months old and as sweet as can be.
Joe Pointer Mix Young Male - FULLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Joe’s an incredibly sweet boy. Neutered.
Miss Piggy Young Female - ADOPTION FEE PARTIALLY SPONSORED! 1 year old. Miss Piggy went on a hiking adventure this weekend. She had a great time but what she wanted most from this adventure was love. She’s been at our facility for sometime and has a little heart of gold. She has a great temperament.
 Wilson Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 13 weeks old. Wilson says it’s tiring being this cute all the time so he needs a good home with a luxurious bed to rest from this 24 hour a day job. He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.

Ethan Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - 12 weeks old. Ethan wants to say howdy everyone and let you know he is looking for a forever home!! Ethan is 10 weeks old and loves to play!!  He has many friends at the shelter awaiting their forever homes as well.





CONTACT:  PH: (270) 759-4141 Email:
Dixie Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - 7 months old. House trained and good with other dogs and children.

Rosie Labrador Retriever Adult Female - 2 years old. Spayed. House trained and good with children and other dogs. Rosie is an all around nice dog!  Owner surrender. She has never lived with cats.

 Sheba Shepherd Mix Large Young Female - Sheba was found as a stray dog running near a local restaurant. She was very shy but is coming around. Sweet girl who is quiet and loving.

Birdee Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Female - Found as a stray on Murray State Campus.  Sweet. Wants to be petted.





CONTACT: PH: (502) 633-0009  Email:

Spike American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered.

 Sawyer American Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Neutered. Not good with cats, other dogs and children.
Shelby County Animal Shelter
Shelbyville, KY