POSTED 11/13 -  They are a high intake facility, taking in over 12,000 animals a year. In order to help rescues help them, all dogs are fully vetted and have no pull fee.  Please take a moment each day to share some of these dogs. Space is limited at Animal House and not all of these dogs will have the chance to get there (and be more in the public eye) BUT that doesn't make them any less worthy of a foster or adoptive home! Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence. Transport can be arranged, they run weekly from Louisville.   Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence.

CONTACT: Adoption: PH: (502) 473-7387  Email: -  If you are a rescue and wish to pull one of these dogs, contact Shannon Riley at  ~ Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence
 Foster application:
Email the application to Please be sure to include the animal's ID number in all correspondence


bum of Urgent Dogs!  ALL LISTED ARE VERY URGENT!!

A640865 Davey Adult Male ADOPTED! LONG TIMER!  Approx 2 years old, stray. Davey doesn't understand why any pretty lady would walk away from him! This handsome goofball is a long-stay champion that's been in the shelter for 168 days!! We don't know why Davey's been in the shelter so long, because he's an awesome, fun-loving dog and very friendly. Plus, this boy has a lot of personality!The 2-year-old is always excited when you grab the leash, but after a few minutes he settles down and is easy to leash walk. He's very observant and loves to explore. Davey's perfect forever home would be one where there's plenty of tennis balls, toys and playtime. He's also good at playing alone and loves to be in the pool.

A639983 Meat Large Adult Male ADOPTED! LONG TIMER!  HEARTWORM POSITIVE! Approx 2 years old, 94lbs, owner surrender.
#A647449 Lolly Adult Female - LONG TIMER! Approx 6 years old, 58lbs, stray. Lolly loves squeaky toys!

A647108 Madeye Moody Adult Male ADOPTED! Approx 4 years old, stray.

  A647567 Gunther Adult Male RESCUED! Approx 7 years old, 66lbs, stray.
A648548 Guppy Large Adult Male ADOPTED! HEARTWORM POSITIVE! Approx 5 years old, 109lbs, stray.

 #A648898. Dilla SENIOR Female - Approx 8 years old, 52lbs, stray.

  A649897 Pez SENIOR Female ADOPTED! Approx 10 years old, 38lbs, stray.

A650998 Thrilla SENIOR Female ADOPTED! Approx 9 years old, 34lbs, stray.

A634492 Maui Young Male - FREE TO AN APPROVED ADOPTER! Approx 2 years old, 45lbs, stray. Maui is about 8-10 months old and tested well with other dogs. This guy would do best with older children 13+.

 A651001 Baby Gomez Young Male - HAS SKIN ISSUES! Approx 1 year old, 50lbs, stray (came in with A651002) Lil Morticia. HE IS LOOKING MUCH BETTER!

 A651002 Lil Morticia Young Female - HAS SKIN ISSUES! Approx 1 year old, 44lbs, stray (came in with A651001). SHE IS LOOKING MUCH BETTER!

 A444374 Shelby SENIOR Female - Approx 9 years old, 55lbs, OWNER SURRENDER!

   A557163 SENIOR Female - Approx 9 years old, 48lbs, stray.

 A651081 Adult Male - Looks like he may have some skin issues. Approx 7 years old, 50lbs, stray.

A651656 Wolfeena Young Female - Wolfeena, a staff favorite, is waiting to be adopted from Animal House! This stunning, approximately one-year-old German Shepherd/Irish Wolf hound is super smart and very playful. Wolfeena knows some commands and appears to be housetrained. She weighs approximately 85lbs and is already spayed/microchipped and up-to-date on vaccinations.

A651051 Paisley & A651050 Brownie Adult Females - OWNER SURRENDERS! Both approximately 5 years old. Brownie (right) weighs 64lbs. Paisley (left) weighs 27lbs.


There are two ways to see the shelter's animals who are online: 1 - Animals in the adoption program (Animal House) can be viewed at:  2 - Other animals waiting in the shelter who are NOT in the adoption program (and therefore only available to rescues) can be seen at by searching for Louisville Metro Animal Services using 40215 zip code. There are Chis, JRTs, Dalmatians, Labs, Doxies, Beagles, Lhasas, Bassets, Danes, Australian Shepherds, Boston Terriers, Collies, Yorkies, Pitties, Pyrs, Boxers, and anything else you can imagine. Metro gets a huge number of purebred animals and a ton of absolutely perfect mixed breeds. These animals really need help. They aren't even in the adoption program.

Louisville Metro Animal Services
Louisville, KY




CONTACT: Phone: (270) 586-3125  Email:

Lela Terrier Mix Medium Young Female - Lela is around 8 months old. She is a very shy and timid girl, it takes her a bit to warm up to people! But after she gains your trust, she is such a sweetie.

Blue Lab Mix Large Young Male  - Blue is around 6 months old. He is such a sweet boy! He loves to play with toys. Blue was surrendered to us for chasing goats. He did not hurt any of the goats, but we don’t want to take any chances. So no livestock please!
Rooney Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male ADOPTED!    Rooney needs help! Rooney has been at the shelter for a whole year!! He probably doesn't have much time after that. He was found with his harness on!! Someone must be missing thist sweet boy. He is believed to be 7 years old and his adoption fee is $50. Please share until he Is rescued before its too late, he doesn't have much time.

Harley American Bulldog Large Adult Female - HEARTWORM  POSITIVE - Spayed. Harley is a 5 year old American bulldog mix. She is a big, strong girl, and she does pull on a leash! But she is a very friendly and sweet girl. She loves toys! Harley seems to like the other doggies, but you must bring your dog to meet her if interested. She does try to dig out of the fence to get to the rabbits in the woods around our shelter. (We are not sure if she would hurt them, but we don’t want to take that chance.) So a privacy fence would probably be best for Harley, that way she doesn’t even see them. **Harley is heartworm positive. She needs a RESCUE ASAP. Or an ADOPTER WHO IS WILLING TO TAKE ON HER HEARTWORM TREATMENTS.

Penny Border Collie/Shepherd Mix Large Adult  Female - Penny is around 2-3 years old! She is a very smart girl! She has lots of energy and just wants to please you. Penny would make a great agility dog, as she has excellent ball drive. Penny has been great with other dogs at the shelter but if you’re interested you must bring your dogs to meet her!

Diesel Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Young Male ADOPTED! Diesel is an active, friendly boy. He is very smart, but needs some training. Come meet this big guy!

 Beth Retriever Mix Adult Female ADOPTED! 1-2 years old. Spayed. Beth is such a sweet girl! She has been good with other dogs! She loves to play. Beth does not like anyone to bother her while she is eating (people or animals). She would need to be fed separately if she went to a home with other animals.

Mocha Lab Mix Large Adult Female - Mocha is around 4 years old. She is such a sweet, gentle, and calm natured girl. If interested, you must bring your dog to meet her!
Bria Boxer Mix Large Adult Female - Spayed. Bria is around 3 years old. She is a friendly, happy, energetic girl! She can be a goof ball. Bria is good with most dogs! She’s a bigger girl, and as energetic as she is, she is too much for some dogs. You must bring your dog to meet her if interested. Bria also needs to be Crate trained in a home!!




 Thund Marco Sock

Thunder Shar Pei/American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Large Adult Male - LONG TIMER! 2 years old, 60lbs. Neutered.

Danny Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer Mix Large Adult Male - LONG TIMER! 2 years old, 63lbs. Neutered.

Hunter American Bulldog/Lab Mix Young Male - 4 months old, 19 lbs.

Tubby Labrador Retriever/Coonhound Mix Young Male - 1 year old, 59lbs.

Axel Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male - 1 year old, 55lbs. Precious boy. Will sit for a treat and good with cats. Doesn't jump on people.
Tojo Rottweiler/Affenpinscher Mix Med Adult Male - 4 years old, 40lbs. Good with kids.
Ginger Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Adult Female - LONGER TIMER! 3 years old, 50lbs. 3 years old. Ginger is very sweet and loving. Does well with children. Not good with other dogs or cats. Would need to be an only pet. Has had a sad life. Dog fighters ground her teeth down, but she eats dry food.
 Socks Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Female ADOPTED! LONG TIMER! 2 years old, 60lbs. Socks loves children! All she wants is a loving home where a child will sit with her and rub her belly.
Cleopatra Deomstic Short Hair Black Adult Female - 2 years old. Spayed.

Sabrina Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Female - LONG TIMER! 5 years old. Spayed.

Camille Domestic Short Hair Young Female - 1 year old. Spayed. Camille needs a home where she can relax. She is not feral, but is skittish around noise.

Briley Calico Mix Young Female - 9 months old. Mother of the “B” Litter - Bali, Bruttus & Beemer who also need homes.

   Louie Domestic Short Hair Tabby Adult Male - 4-6 years old. Front declawed. Neutered. May have some Bengal in him. Big Boy. He has lost weight in the shelter. Needs a home.
Bianca Domestic Short Hair Black & White Young Female - 1 year old.
 Breeze Domestic Short Hair Young Female ADOPTED! LONG TIMER! 1 year old. Breeze is co-Mother with BeBe to Blair, Breyen, Brinley, Brasil, Breck, Bryton and Bumpus.




 UPDATE 11/9 

CONTACT: PH:  859-792-1562  Email:

Rebel Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! ADOPTION FEE IS PAID! 4 years old., 65lbs. Loves children. Handsome boy. NEEDS TO BE ONLY PET!

Trixie Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! ADOPTION FEE IS PAID! 3-4 years old. Needs a home with no small children.

 Rose Young Female ADOPTED!  Rose is a sweet little girl, who can’t decide if she wants to be with the other k-9s friend or if she wants to be grumpy. We think it’s all the energy she has built up! She’s a young girl who just needs loving!

Bullwinkle (Sarah has been adopted) Pit Bull Terrier/Basset Hound Mix Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER!  ADOPTION FEE PAID! 2 years old, neutered. Bullwinkle is overweight and weighs approximately 45-50 lbs.

 Diesel Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT! 1-2 years old. Loves people, but needs to be only male dog in the household. His brother Blackjack has been adopted.

Miley American Bulldog Mix Adult Female URGENT! HARD OF HEARING! About 2 years old. Housebroken. Miley is a sweet girl who is hard of hearing, but super sweet. She does need to be the only pet because she has shown signs of not sharing well. She’s cute and wants all the cuddles to herself! Can you help her?

Luke (and Duke) Lab Mixes Older Adult Males URGENT! 6-7 years old. Luke and Duke seem to love each other a lot, so we would love it if these boys could find a home together. They both seem older  but super sweet!

 Sweet Boy Male URGENT! ADOPTION FEE IS SPONSORED! Neutered. Sweet Boy was super scared at the shelter at first but he is learning new things everyday!! He is kennel broken, good on a leash, seems to loves all the other dogs!! He's had trial runs at two different homes with children and got scared and a little nippy, so he needs to be in a home without small children.

Major Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male - 1-2 years old. Good with some dogs. Loves children.
Baby Lab Mix SENIOR Female - ADOPTION FEE SPONSORED! 15 YEARS OLD! Needs to be the only pet with no small children. Baby is spayed and UTD on rabies.

 No Name Young Female - This baby has no name never has! She’s right at a year old and very very scared! But will warm up and is sweet.

Garrard County Animal Shelter
Lancaster, KY




6. Columbus, OH: DOGS ON EUTH LIST!


UPDATE 2/15 - THE SHELTER WILL NOT ALLOW RESCUE DOGS TO BE ADOPTED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!  A non profit approved 501c3 is the only group that can get rescue dogs out of the shelter. Fosters or adopters then apply to the rescue group.


#179632  Bug Mixed Breed Male Large Adult EUTH LIST! 3.5 years old, 52lbs. Neutered. He will attempt to fight other dogs when being walked through the ward to go back to his cage. He is also very barrier aggressive when other dogs are being walked by. He would do best in a foster based rescue. Dog interaction: At one point while outside Cole showed slight reactivity- barking and lunging- only lasted a few seconds, easily pulled away, but hard to determine what the cause was, did not display reactivity again. When he was barking and lunging in his line of sight was the other dog but also a person and a child. May do best in an adult home. Bug was returned because they were moving. He was reported to lived with a young child (tolerated), one male dog (plays), and one cat (plays). They suggest he would do well in a home with dogs, cats, and kids over 5 years old.

Brando Pit Bull  Terrier Mix Young Male EUTH LIST! 1 year old, 48lbs. Neutered. Brando is a year old puppy that made it to the adoption floor. He got adopted and played rough with the adopter’s young child resulting in a nip. Why would a person allow a rambunctious large puppy around a small child? Brando is now on the euth list because of this adopter’s mistake. He needs a foster/rescue by 7:00 pm Monday the 12th or he dies. He has just started his life and should not pay the price of a human mistake.

#114770 Coco Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female EUTH LIST! HEART WORM POSITIVE! 5 years old, 68lbs.Dog interaction: Didn't interact, if other dog walked near her she would walk away from other dog, remained indifferent and chose to avoid, did not want to interact, no aggression but did not seem comfortable interacting with other dog. This sweet girl is heart worm positive and that has caused her to end up on the euth list at the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio...poor girl is crying in her video. She needs a rescue and foster to get out of the shelter alive. Pledges are needed to help a rescue with the costs of her treatment. She weighs about 68 lbs so her treatment costs could run approx. $900.

#114145 Bolden Mixed Breed Large Adult Male  EUTH LIST! NEEDS OUT BY FEB 15th!  4 years old, 40 lbs. Neutered. He is rescue only due to behavior. He is now harming himself due to his anxiety level. His paw pads are bleeding due to him surfing his kennel walls. There is also a note stating "Very intense over food in clinic, limited discrimination between food and source.

#114823  Gizmo Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male  EUTH LIST! NEEDS OUT BY FEB 15th!  2 years old, 76 lbs. He is rescue only due to behavior. He is fearful, nervous, and a little anxious here. He is needing surgical correction of both his cherry eyes and doesn't really like us handling his face much. He is going to need a foster based rescue to work with him and gain his trust prior to having the much needed surgery. He was surrendered with his mother Ma Ma because they lost their home. They are reported to be good with children (lived with kids ages 4, 6, and 8yrs). Gizmo is reported to be aggressive/protective over his bones/toys/food. They owner said he was good with one other dog other than Ma Ma.
#114822  Ma Ma Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female  EUTH LIST! NEEDS OUT BY FEB 15th!  6 years old, 65 lbs. She is rescue only due to behavior. She is very fearful and stressed here. She was surrendered with her son Gizmo because they lost their home. They are reported to be good with children (lived with a 4, 6, and 8 yr old). They described Ma Ma to be dominant and not good with any other dog other than Gizmo. Ma Ma is also reported to be protective/aggressive over bones/toys/food.
Franklin County Dog Shelter (FCDS)
Columbus, OH