POSTED 5/6  The shelter is very high intake and low funded. All Rescues must complete a pull application and be approved. To adopt through the shelter an application is required and there is also a fence requirement for adoption of a pit. It is mandatory all dogs adopted through the shelter are spayed and neutered. Transport Assistance is Available!

CONTACT:  PH: (606) 439-4064 Email:  There is an adoption application prior to adopting. If you would like to have an app emailed to you so we can get the adoption process started a little sooner please email and have "adoption app" written in as the subject.

Sadie Young Female - OWNER SURRENDER! 1 year old, 35lbs. Friendly. Came from same home as Tomb.
 Kalani Adult Female COURT CASE!  EMACIATED! 1.5 year old, 30lbs. Sweet girl!

Joy Adult Female - HAS SKIN CONDITION - Treated with Nexgard. 1-2 years old, 38lbs. Sweet girl.

Ernie Young Male - ADOPTED AND THEN GIVEN AWAY! 1 year old, 52lbs. Ernie was adopted and then his owners gave him away against shelter protocol. He is in the shelter again….




POSTED 11/16 - Cat adoption fees are $35 or less if the cat is sponsored. Barn cats are $10.

  All shelter animals are urgent due to the amount of intake and limited space. If you see a animal that you are interested in please make it a priority to meet the animal and make your decision as soon as possible. Out of state transport assistance available.


CONTACT: PH: (502) 875-7297   EMAIL:  Rescue Coordinator -

Mossy Chow Chow Large SENIOR Male URGENT!  Mossy is a 7+ year old Chow Chow mix boy that weighs 61 lbs. His owner had him since a puppy but their HOUSE WAS LOST IN A FIRE and circumstances didn't allow them to keep Mossy. He lived most of his life outside and is not good with cats. People friendly He seems to be fine with children.

Amelia Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Adult Female - LONG TIMER! Amelia is approximately 4 years old and weighs 43 lbs. She prefers women, sometimes digs, and knows basic commands.

Roscoe English Bulldog Mix Medium SENIOR Male - LONG TIMER! Roscoe is 9 years old and weighs 50 lbs. He knows basic commands, is house trained, and will chase small animals.

Spots Terrier Mix Medium Young Female ADOPTED! Spots is 9 months old and weighs 60 lbs. She has lived with a family since she was 6 weeks old but they moved where pets are not allowed. We are told that she is mostly house trained, is scared of loud noises, and was good with the kids in the home. She was never taught to walk on a leash but knows the commands stay and come. She is not good with cats and gets along with other dogs. She lived with her sibling named Snow who is looking for a home.

Toby Pit Bull Terrier Medium SENIOR Male - Toby is a 9 year old Pit bull boy that weighs 77 lbs. His owner passed away but we are told that he is a house dog that is house trained. He is good with dogs and kids, cats unknown.

Angel Husky YOUNG Female - 1 year old and weighs 60 lbs. She was found as a stray Oct 25 on Flag Fork Rd and needs socialization and a patient loving owner.

Mikie Mixed Breed SENIOR Male - $40 ADOPTION FEE! Mikie is a 7 year old mixed breed boy that weighs 31 lbs and house trained. He was turned in because he was too protective of the lady of the house. He was crated when inside and free to roam outside with an electric fence. He doesn't like children and he is selective of other dogs. He is protective of his person and can act aggressive toward strangers. He needs a owner that will bond with him and be his one and only.

Trooper Pit Bull Terrier Mix YOUNG Male - 1 year old, 49lbs.  Neutered. Good with other dogs and children.

Daisy Boxer Mix Large SENIOR Female ADOPTED! Daisy is a 7+ year old girl that weighs 69 lbs. She is a house dog and is house trained. She is good with kids, cats, and small dogs but is intimidated by large dogs. She is a very sweet girl.

Mittens Russian Blue Medium SENIOR Female - LONG TIMER! Front declared. Mittens is a 8 year old female. She was adopted from us in 2011 but brought back in August 2018 when her owner moved to where pets are not allowed. She was front declawed during that time and we are told she doesn't care for other cats or dogs, scared of them. She has been around children 10 and older and done fine with them. She likes to watch out the window. She has to warm up to strangers and will hide at first.

Izzy Tortoiseshell Medium SENIOR Female - LONG TIMER!  Izzy is 10 years old and weighs 11 lbs. She is use to living with cats and dogs but hasn't lived with children. She is FIV+ but is sweet and can live in harmony with other cats.

 Anubis Bombay/Domestic Short Hair Mix Black Medium Adult Female -  2 years old and weighs 7 lbs. Anubis was found in June on the side of the road in a dog crate and is still waiting for a forever home.

Scarlett Domestic Short Hair Medium Young Female - LONG TIMER! Scarlett is 1 year old and weighs 9 lbs. She is used to living with another cat, likes kids, and loves to watch out the window. She likes to be brushed, is playful, and likes to use a scratching post.

Addam Domestic Short Hair Black and White Young Male - 20 weeks old.

Cory Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Male - Good with other cats.




CONTACT: PH: (606) 324 - 0745  Email:


ID #143 Male - Look how handsome this hunk is!!  This boy is full grown but he is all puppy!  He loves to play and he LOVES attention! He is a big goofy pup. He is super friendly. With a little bit of training he is going to make somebody an amazing pet. He is eager to learn and very smart.

 ID #82 Adult Female -  This pretty girl is approx 40-56 lbs and 2 years old. She has a really nice short haired coat. She was super excited to be playing outside today. She is very friendly and attentive to the people around her. She has a short video on the shelter's page. Look at that face.
ID #43 Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mx Adult Male - This good looking boy is Ryder. We think he is 3 years old and 45 lbs. He has gorgeous markings and a healthy coat. And guess what . . . he is already neutered! That means he is ready to hit the road!
ID #45 Young Male -  This boy is approx 1 year old and 40-45 lbs. He LOVES being outside. He was soooo happy today to be out in the sunshine and sniffing in the woods. When you go to his kennel he sits down and wags his whole body hoping it's his turn to go outside. He is going to be one of those dogs that LOVES to play frisbee, or go for long hikes in the woods on the weekend. He is still young and very smart and eager to learn. He has a short video on the shelter's page.


4. Lawrenceburg, KY:  ADOPTABLE DOGS & CATS!

POSTED 6/12  


CONTACT: PH: (502) 839-8339  Email:

#3047 Danny Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male - PART OF FEE SPONSORED! Danny is a young Pit Bull mix that came to Anderson Humane Society after being hit by a car in March. His injuries were only superficial and he is all healed up and ready for his forever home. Danny can be very timid but is a sweet boy who has never offered any aggression toward people even when he was sore from his accident. Danny seems to get along with female dogs better than male dogs and appears to be a lot happier and more confident with a canine companion. Danny needs a home that can give him plenty of love and teach him he can trust people. Danny's perfect home would be a quieter family including a playful large breed female dog and pet parent's that are willing to bond with him and show him love.

Daisy Lab Mix Large Young Female - PART OF FEE SPONSORED! Stray.

#4412 Halo Domestic Short Hair Mix White Medium Adult Female - SPONSORED! Calm, Sweet, Gorgeous, Loving, Beautiful, Lap cat. Came in as a stray. I get along well with the other cats here and am a pretty easy going kitty. I'm out of the kitten stage so I won't climb your curtains or pop out from under the couch to bite your feet. What I would love to do is curl up in nice warm lap or nap in a sunny windows. I'll play if you want to, but all I really need is to be loved on.

#4346 Schroeder Domestic Short Hair Mix Orange Medium Adult Male SPONSORED! Sweet, Lively, Active, Playful, Personable, Friendly.  I'm a really nice young adult cat. I love to play with the other kitties up here, but if you agree to play with me, I would be ok with being an only pet. I'm super friendly and have never met someone I didn't like. If you come visit AHS I'll probably be one of the first cats to greet you (unless I'm taking a nap, of course).

#61 Baxter Domestic Short Hair Black Large Adult Male - Baxter came to the shelter with his brother Jasper. Their  owner had to go into a nursing home and there was no one who could take them. Jasper still needs a home, too.

#4396 Jazzy  Domestic Short Hair Mix Gray/Silver Medium BABY Female SPONSORED! An adorable little kitten who came to the shelter with her mother and four siblings. All really cute.





CONTACT:  PH: (502) 543-8686 - Email:

Enya Lab Mix Medium Young Female - 1 year old. This sweet girl is Enya. She is still a pup and has a lot of energy. Enya is ready for a forever home.

 Sandra Domestic Short Hair BABY Female - 6 weeks old. Sandra is loving and playful. She came in with her brother Caleb and sister Nichole who also need families.

 Henry Beagle Young Male - LONG TIMER! This sweet guy is Henry, he came in with his best friend Butch. They will need to go to a home together. They are very friendly and loving boys. They will need a fenced in yard.
Hooch Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Male - LONG TIMER! This Big Baby is Hooch. He is 5 years old. He appears to be house broken. He loves attention and wants to play. He likes to go on walks and would love a yard to play in.

Constance Domestic Long Hair Dilute Calico Medium Young Female - This lovely lady is Constance, she is sweet and loving. 

Izzy Boxer?  Mix Large Adult Female - LONG TIMER! 4 years old. Sweet girl. Izzy is ready for her forever home.

Gabriel Lakeland Terrier Mix Young Male  - LONG TIMER! IN FOSTER/NEEDS A FOREVER HOME! Gabriel is a sweet boy. He likes going for walks and being with his people.  He needs to be the only pet but he is the best dog. If you are looking for only 1 dog he is your boy. He is house broke and loves people. They have been taking him to work with them and he has been doing great.

Xena Jack Russell Terrier Mix Medium Adult Female - This sweet little lady is Xena .She will make a great companion and best friend.

Gentry Minature Pinchser Small SENIOR Male - About 10 years old. This sweet old man is Gentry. He is a love bug.





CONTACT:  PH:  (606) 348-0575

CATS ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF RESCUE! The shelter’s cat room is very small and doesn’t have a lot of space, but cats are also free, and typically come with no vetting. No details about the available cats, but if your rescue group is interested in a cat or kittens or want more information, please contact Kayla Sellers Facebook and she will try to get it.
 Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix Adult Male -  2 years old, red and white. He was picked up as a stray, emaciated and covered with ticks and fleas. We fed him and got him the care he needed. This is what he looks like now.
Australian Shepherd Mix Young Adult Male - 1-1.5 years old, brown and tan. Weighs 45 lbs.

Mountain Cur Mix Adult Male -  1-2.5 years old, 50lbs. Brindle.

Wayne County Holding Facility/Animal Control
Monticello, KY





CONTACT: PH:  (630) 232-3555  Email:

Kane County Animal Control
Geneva, IL


8. Greenville, OH: URGENT! SHELTER FULL!

POSTED 11/16  Some, not all of the dogs are on their FB page

CONTACT: PH: (937) 547-1645    FAX: 937.548.7946 

Darke County shelter in Ohio (on the Indiana border about in the middle of the state) is FULL.  They have space for 25 dogs and currently have 28 dogs. They are DESPERATE for rescues (or adopters) to come help save some of these dogs.  Darke County's director left along with a few other staff members and the shelter is currently running with only 2 people.  The new director said she is going to do everything she can to help dogs find homes vs putting them down when they get full.  She went to the commissioners and got them to agree to $40 pull fees for registered nonprofit rescues; normally it is $80 to adopt a dog from them with no discount to rescues. Their website is currently not up to date.

DESPERATE! Some, but not all of their dogs are on their Facebook page. They have:

2 PURE BREED GREAT DANES - 4 years old, all black, one male and one spayed female;
mini Aussie boy 1 year old;
a red/blue heeler mix boy around 2 years old;
a Cavalier King Charles Poodle mix, completely vetted with vet paperwork to prove it, fixed, 10 years old;
5 - 6 lab mixes with 3 of them being under 1 year old;
a few boxer mixes;
a 5 months old female purebred JRT;
a pure breed all white husky with blue eyes
and many many more!

PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE REACH OUT TO THEM!  All dogs come with a 5 way vaccine.

Coco Lab Mix SENIOR Female URGENT! LONGEST RESIDENT IN OVER-CROWDED SHELTER! 7 years old. Coco is super friendly. She deserves a great home.

Rex Corgi/Shepherd Mix SENIOR Male URGENT! 7 years old. He loves attention, walks well on leash and is looking for his forever home.

Loki Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old. Loki loves attention, walks well on a leash and is looking for his forever home.

Alvin Lab/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young Male URGENT! 1 year old. Alvin is very playful, and loves attention. Alvin is looking for his forever home.

 Roscoe Lab/Boxer Mix Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old.  Roscoe is very sweet and loves attention. He walks well on a leash, is up to date on shots, and is looking for his forever home!

Milo Lab/Mix BABY Male URGENT! 2 months old. This sweet pup loves attention, loves toys and has a fascination with shoes! Milo would make a great companion and is waiting for his forever home.

Peaches Beagle Adult Female URGENT! 6 years old. Peaches loves attention and the great outdoors. She walks well on a leash.

Bill Mountain Cur Adult Male URGENT!  5 years old. Bill loves everyone's attention, loves the outdoors, and is neutered and current on his shots. He appears to be good with other dogs.