UPDATE 3/15  Transport/Vetting/Boarding assistance can be provided. NO PULL FEE ON CATS FOR RESCUE!

 CONTACT: Adoptions: PH: (606) 723-3587 or visit the shelter directly at 50 Ginter Road, Ravenna, KY 40472
If you are with RESCUE and want to  help, please e-mail [email protected]
If you would like to SPONSOR an animal in the shelter, you can send sponsorship directly to our Paypal account at [email protected] with a note of which animal(s) you would like the funds to be applied to, or if you would like us to apply the funds at our discretion to the most urgent animal(s) in the shelter.

CTL 189? Male URGENT! BROKEN BACK LEG! HAS $75 SPONSORSHIP! 55lbs. NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION FAST - This poor boy has been shot or hit by a car - fractured/broken back left leg. Very sweet GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.


CTL 176 Bandit Adult Male URGENT! HAS $50 SPONSORSHIP! 2 years old, 63lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Sweet lovely Brindle. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.
CTL 175 Chester Adult Male URGENT! HAS $50 SPONSORSHIP! 1.5 years old, 62lbs. OWNER SURRENDER. Came from same home as CTL174. Very sweet. GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS.

Somerset, KY area: RESCUE NEEDED ASAP! Transport help available. Luca Adult Male About 2 years old, 50lbs. Good with kids and other animals. Crate trained and very happy. He will need vetting. Please help this sweet boy find another home!  CONTACT:  [email protected]

Irving, KY: RESCUE NEEDED ASAP! Transport help available. Kasey Adult Female - 3 years old, 50lbs. UTD and SPAYED. Casey is GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS and Children. It is unknown how she would be with cats. Kasey is able to go over a 4’ fence easily so a higher one is a must. Please help this girl find a new home - no fault of her own - new baby in the house...!  CONTACT:  [email protected]
Ravenna, KY: CTL 161. 162 & 163 Claire, Millie and Dallas Young - ALL THREE PULLED FROM SHELTER BY TWHRA TO HAVE THEM CHECKED BY A VET - STILL NEED RESCUE! 2 females and one male. 4 months old, 16-18lbs. OWNER SURRENDER One pup is blind in his right eye. These are scared, sweet pups - may have been abused. CONTACT:  [email protected]
Irvine, KY: URGENT! NEEDS RESCUE! George (aka Boss) Male - URGENT! He was not doing well in the shelter. TWHRA pulled him to get him on medication.Believed to be bad sinus infection. Needs rescue quickly to move out of the vet clinic. Very sweet boy. CONTACT: - Email: [email protected]




 POSTED 3/15 - Please do not think all the animals on our list are safe, they are not. HBW posts animals in need of rescue on behalf of 4 different facilities in the areas of Quincy, IL and Hannibal, MO. Transport is available!

CONTACT: Email: [email protected]

Just a reminder that HBW, Inc does not perform adoptions, we only do shelter to shelter transfers. Therefore all animals posted are sitting in a kennel somewhere no closer to their forever home.

Rudy American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male -  NEUTERED, ALL VACCINES.  2 years old. Rudy was an owner surrender for not getting along with the other dog in the house.   Rudy is a very nice guy and good with kids as there were kids in the home but he needs to be an only pet.  The biggest and number one issue we see with Rudy is he needs someone to teach him some manners.  He isn’t a bad dog but it is clear no one has worked with him.   He is neutered and current on rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella.  He will be heartworm tested prior to transport.


Jazzy American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Female EUTH ALERT! (PTS Date: Any day as hold time has expired, can be euthanized for space.) - SPAYED, ALL VACCINES. 6 years old. Jazzy was surrendered for not getting along with the other dog in the house. She is super sweet, lovable and just a love bug but is very dominate with other dogs. She is spayed and current on rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. She will be heartworm tested prior to transport.

Abbey Domestic Short Hair Black SENIOR Female - SPAYED, FIV/LEUK NEG, ALL VACCINES. 9 years old. Abbey was an owner surrender when her owner went to a nursing home and no one in the family wanted her. She needs to either be an only cat or in a home with older cats that will not bother her and no dogs.  She is very slow to warm up and will most likely hide for several weeks in a new home, but once she gets comfortable she will become quite sociable.  She is spayed, FIV/Leuk tested negative and current on rabies and FVRCP.
PeeWee Pot Belly Pit Young Male - ANYONE KNOW OF A POT BELLY PIG RESCUE???  PeeWee is an owner surrender, PeeWee is a male and is scheduled to be neutered on the 24th.   He was born August 5, 2017 and was a bottle baby.  He has lived inside with 7 dogs and 5 cats, until just recently. He was doing pretty good with potty training. The owner moved and left him behind and a friend has taken him on but he is living outside and the friend can’t keep him.  He knows sit and takes treats nicely.



POSTED 3/19 -   Adoption fee on any available animal is $20. All rescues that are 501(c)3 tax exempt will not be charged a pull fee but must present a copy of their tax exempt status.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 256-1833   Email: [email protected]




Gus Beagle Mix Young Male - Gus gets along great with other dogs and people, but he is somewhat afraid of small children. He appears to be about 1 year old.

  Coty Border Collie Mix Adult Male - Coty came to the shelter after he had shown up at a gentleman’s house and remained there for about 2 months. The homeowner could not keep him because Coty loves to chase chickens and cars. Coty is about 5-6 years old and would need a home with a fenced in yard.

Missy Mixed Breed Female - Abandoned. Missy is very shy and afraid and has the possibility of being a fear biter. If you are a rescue organization that could take Missy and rehabilitate her, she would be forever grateful!


Rockcastle County Animal shelter
Mount Vernon, KY

POSTED 1/17  Shelter is rescue and adopter friendly in and out of state.

 CONTACT: PH: (859) 737-0053 Email: [email protected] or Email: [email protected]


 Denny Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix Medium Adult Male - Neutered. Denny came to the shelter as a stray. He is has many characteristics that lead us to believe that he is a discarded hunting dog. Denny is very much a hound- meaning his nose is always to the ground! Denny is fine with other dogs but will need a home with no cats or other small animals. Denny was very thin when he came to the shelter and was very protective of his food. Since he has been getting regular meals that has improved but is still something his new family will need to be prepared to work with and fit into their routine. Denny is very interested in people and loves attention. He will need a home that understands his past and is willing to work with him on learning to become a pet.

 Bousey Mastiff Mix Medium  Adult Female - Bousey was surrendered by her previous owners due to a divorce. Bousey is a sweet dog but she can be shy with new people. She loves to be close once she knows you and really doesn't understand that she is not built like a lap dog. Bousey is good with other dogs. She has never been around small children so a home with older children may be more suitable for her. Her previous owners told us that she was housebroken. Bousey also knows basic commands such as sit and shake.
 Harley Mastiff/Hound Mix Medium Young Male - Harley is a good dog. He is young and has a lot to learn but has a lot of potential. He barks all the time because he was never taught manners or appropriate interaction so socialization and an experienced, strong owner are a must. Harley is really just a big puppy trying to figure out what he is supposed to do, he is very teachable, just needs consistency. He is good with other dogs and very friendly. Fenced yard required. No children under 14 recommended.
Edgar Hound/Redbone Coonhound Mix Medium SENIOR Male - Neutered. 10 years old. Prefers a home without cats. Edgar came to the shelter as a stray. We were very surprised no one came looking for him because he was such a nice dog and in good shape. Edgar is good with other dogs. He is a senior so he spends most of his time laying around and watching the world go by. Edgar likes attention and would be great to lay at your feet or with his head in your lap while you both relax.
 Remy Domestic Short Hair BABY Male - In Foster home. 4 months old. Remy was found as a stray. He is a very sweet kitty with tons of personality! Remy is very active and playful. He also loves to snuggle and take naps. Remy is very curious so his new home will need to be prepared for him to be adventurous and underfoot most of the time! Remy loves children and loves other animals. An inside only home is a must! 


5. Madisonville, KY: ADOPTABLE CATS & DOGS!

CONTACT: Email: [email protected] PH: (270) 821-8965 
Rumble American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male ADOPTED! SPECIAL NEEDS!  Rumble has been with us since 2016! He was adopted once but unfortunately it just wasn’t the right fit for him. Rumble is an amazing dog, but needs to be the only dog. He’s had kennel mates here and there, but it works for a short time, and then we’ve had to separate. Rumble also must be in a home without small children. He’s not aggressive -  he just gets aggravated with all the commotion. Last he’s on grain free food, as we’ve tried other food in the past but he developed welts. The grain free food doesn’t have to be an expensive brand, as we use a lower priced one and he’s doing great on it. Rumble would make a great companion for someone. He absolutely loves to be outside with his toys. He knows most basic commands, and is a great listener. He’s also heartworm negative. We are hoping that this post will reach that person that would be the perfect match for him. Unfortunately we are running out of time. As much as it breaks our hearts we cannot continue to house Rumble, as we are bursting at the seams at both facilities. This is where the public can step up to save a life. Share this post everywhere, and ask all your family/friends to also. Please note anyone interested in adopting Rumble must meet the mandatory requirements. You may submit an application for Rumble at our Adoption facility; he will go to the most well suited family.
Cliff Boxer/St. Bernard Mix Large Young Male - Who didn’t grow up loving Clifford. Well now you can have your very own! This Cliff is a 9 month old, 48 pound Saint Bernard Boxer mix. He was surrendered due to no fault of his own. Cliff loves to play with other dogs, and seems to love everyone he meets. Cliff would make a great addition to any family.

Sam Shepherd Mix Medium Young Male - Do you need a hug? Are you a person who can’t get enough hugs? Sam is here for you! He’s a 1 year old male Shepherd mix. His favorite thing to do is give hugs. He’s so gentle when he does it though. He can make any day, a good day if you give him a chance. Sam gets along great with other dogs, and of course loves people. He is heartworm negative. He’s a medium sized boy and weighs about 33 lbs right now, although he could stand to gain a bit.

 Capone Domestic Short Hair White & Gray  Adult Male - ADOPTION SPONSORED! Are you looking for a hunky chunky guy? He’s not as far away as you think! He’s been waiting at your local shelter. 5 year old, 15 lbs. Capone is an absolute heart breaker when people lay eyes on him. Unfortunately Capone was diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). He is longing to be the only cat, or with other cats who have the feline immunodeficiency virus. And if you can give him that, then you can give him a miracle. This virus isn’t contagious to dogs. We know it’s a long shot to find him the home he needs but we are determined to give him a chance to win you over. He’s already neutered and up to date on his Rabies vaccination. He loves people and especially little 2 legged ones.
Russell  Domestic Short Hair Orange  Adult Male - Neutered.

Barkley Terrier Mix Small Adult Male - ADOPTION SPONSORED! Weighs 25lbs. Meet one of our very special guys, here at the shelter. Barkley originally came to us back in 2016, with his brother. They were petrified and we could tell they had a very troubled past. He was finally adopted in 2017 to whom we thought understood he was going to need time and patience. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and he's been with us ever since. You will not see Barkley in the runs or small dog/puppy room however. He runs around with us. It still takes him some time to get used to people, but once he knows he can trust you, he's a friend for life. Barkley is heartworm positive which we recommended you speaking with your veterinarian about treatment. Barkley needs to be in a calm laid back home with no young children, and without a lot of new people in and out. We know that his special person out there somewhere, and we are not gonna give up on him.

Hopkins County Humane Society
Madisonville, KY




CONTACT: PH: (606) 298-4035  Email: [email protected]
Charlie Pit Bull Terrier Medium Young Male - Good with other dogs and children. Charlie came in as a stray. He is about a year old and weighs 55lbs. He still has a goofy, puppy personality. He is eager to learn and is thrives on people and other dogs. He is not cat friendly. Charlie is very friendly and full of energy and personality. He would love a home where he would get lots of love and attention. A companion dog to play with would make him happy, too.

 Max Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Male - Good with other dogs and children. I'm Max, a strong pit bull with a heart of gold. I came to the shelter with Cassie. We were removed from our home due to neglect. We were too skinny, had worms, and were tied up. We are much healthier now. I am friendly, but cautious. I like people and other dogs, but NOT cats. However, if another dog challenges me, I will challenge him back with growls. When I get neutered, I'll be more appreciative of other male dogs! I weigh 55 pounds. I am a family dog, not meant to be tied or penned up.

Peppermint Hemingway Polydactyl Young Male - I have grown up at the shelter, which is a shame. I am a male kitten, about 7 months old with extra toes on my front paws, so I am unique! I look like I have an attitude, but really, I love attention, and to play and have fun.

Thomas Domestic Short Hair Adult Male - I was dumped on the road leading to the shelter, along with three of my siblings. I am about a year old and a very sweet cat. I love to be petted. I like other cats, dogs and people. I am a great cuddler and love bug, too. I'd love to be your housecat!
Martin County Animal Shelter
Inez, KY