URGENTS  MARCH 22, 2018




POSTED 3/23  - NEED RESCUES/ADOPTER!  SHELTER HAS 50 CAT LIMIT!   Transport help is available to rescue groups.  Owner Surrenders, Russell County Dogs and Cats HAVE NO HOLD TIME! Offers of sponsorship are greatly appreciated and may make it possible for rescues to step up for animals that they wouldn't otherwise be able to help. 
CONTACT:  PH: (606) 679-6432 - Email - [email protected]  -   If you would like to be a foster until a permanent home is found, please email Ellie Grant at [email protected]
Samson Shepherd Mix Adult Male In FOSTER, BUT NEEDS RESCUE/ADOPTION! 65lbs, 2.5 years old. Samson is a little timid, but has sweet, soulful eyes. He has some hair loss most likely due to fleas and a possible ear infection. Sweet boy.
#213 Latoya Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! LONG TIMER!!  2 years old, 55lbs. Latoya has lots of love and loves to kiss. She will need to meet other canine family members. No cats and doesn't like female dogs.
Shooter Boxer Mix Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT! 60lbs, 9 months old. Very sweet and playful boy -  a big puppy that play rough.

Hooch Bullmastiff Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! 75lbs., 4 years old. Neutered. Hooch has been very sweet and friendly with the staff while he has been at the shelter.

#75 Chief American Bulldog Mix Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT!  65lbs., 1 year 5 months old. Very shy, very scared and confused. Afraid of men.
  #101 Pearl Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female - 43lbs, 2.5 years old. Pearl seems to be a little shy but sweet with people. She as an abscess on her right front leg that is draining and hair loss at the base of her tail which seems most likely to be due to fleas.

#69 Max Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Male - 45lbs., 4 years old. Poor Max is very sweet but very scared in the shelter. We are told he is good with other dogs but not good around livestock. He has what seems to be a scar around his neck and shoulders.

Opie Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female - 30lbs, 2 years old. Boots is a little scared, but seems to warm up quickly. She needs groceries.

Peach Boxer Mix Young Female - HAS DEMODEX MANGE! 42lbs 1 year 5 months old. A very sweet and friendly lady. Has Demodex Mange but very treatable.

Jeb Mountain Cur Mix? Young Male EXTREMELY URGENT! NOT IN NEW ALBUM - NO UPDATE. 55lbs., 1 year 4 months old. A little shy and scared. He has never been away from owner. Seems to be a sweetheart with people.
Gia Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) Mix Young Female EXTREMELY URGENT! NOT IN NEW ALBUM. NO UPDATE.. 31lbs 1 year 2 months old. Very sweet and has lots of energy.

Minnie Coonhound Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! NOT IN NEW ALBUM - NO UPDATE... 46lbs., 2 years old. A little scared, but very sweet.

Patti Terrier Mix Female NOT IN NEW ALBUM...NO UPDATE.  45lbs 6 years 8 months old. Patti came in with Lucie. A sweet girl that has been a loving companion for a little old lady that couldn't care for her any longer. Needs a loving home.
Lucie Collie Mix Female NOT IN NEW ALBUM...NO UPDATE.  Spayed, 60lbs 65 years 7 months old. Lucie came in with Patti. Needs to lose weight. Very sweet older girls who have been loving companions for a little old lady that couldn't care for them any longer. Needs a loving home.

Jeff German Shepherd Dog Mix Adult Male EXTREMELY URGENT! NOT IN NEW ALBUM...NO UPDATE.. 80lbs 4 years, 2 months old. Very friendly boy who loves to play with toys.


2. Greenup, KY: URGENT! Available Dogs/Puppies/Cats/Kittens!


POSTED 3/22 -  SHELTER FULL!! Please SHARE this album so that a forever home can be found for each of the innocent animals. Very rural shelter. Adoption fee is $10! Limited transportation assistance is available. No pull fee for reputable rescues.

CONTACT:   PH: (606) 473-5711  Email: [email protected] Transportation assistance is available to rescues by contacting Bev at PH: (304) 962-0067

Gandalf Husky Large Adult Male - Prefers a home without other dogs and children. Gandalf is a beautiful dog. He loves treats and walks well on a leash. He knows sit and shake. However, he is skeptical of humans and only likes interaction on his terms. He does not like to be touched. Gandalf will require a little more attention.

Tim Pit Bull Terrier Medium Young Male - Active and playful.  Tim really loves humans and seems to bond well with everyone he meets. He’s young and has been through a lot in his short little life so he will need lots of time and attention.

Lady Beagle/Hound Mix Medium Adult Female  - Loving submissive lap dog. Lady is submissive and calm. She would make the perfect pet! She’s a big lap dog who enjoys being petted on all day. She’s never had any leash training, but she’s a smart dog and will learn in no time.

 Simon Feist/Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix Medium Young Male - Simon is an energetic lovable dog. Good with other dogs.

 Roscoe Pit Bull Terrier Mix Medium Adult Male - Loving, playful and calm. Good with other dogs. Roscoe is a very friendly loving dog. He loves nothing more than to be around humans! Give him a nice bed and some companionship and he’s one happy boy. Roscoe has been adopted and surrendered by 2 different families he really hopes this next one is his fur-ever family!


Greenup County Animal Control
Greenup, KY




POSTED 3/21 -  Saving one means saving the life of another who needs space to buy them some time! VERY rescue friendly and can recommend transport if you are not local. Please share this with everyone you know! 

For a complete list of available dogs, check out the shelter's Petango site  - (dogs)  -  (cats)

CONTACT: PH: (270) 685-8275  Email: [email protected]

Offering free spay/neuter for all Pit Bulls Through Oct 31st! Call (270 685-8275! INCOME GUIDELINES APPLY.

To see our available dogs, please check our petfinder link ~  ~ as well as the "available dogs" album under "photos" on our Facebook page. PLEASE SHARE!!!!! THIS IS URGENT!!!!

Lady Pit Bull Terrier Medium Adult Female URGENT! HAS $350 SPONSORSHIP! Spayed! Lady was picked up as a stray the beginning of December, so we have no background info on her. What we can tell you is Lady lives up to her name; she's very gentle, very sweet, and well mannered. She loves people, is very playful, and is eager to please! She would benefit from some obedience training, and would excel at it! Don't you have room in your heart and home for a smaller sized pitty mix girl? You simply will not regret it!
Lucas Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male URGENT! 2 years old, 50lbs. Lucas loves to run and play. Because he is little more than a puppy, he has a fair amount of energy, so he would love to have a home where he will get nice long walks, plenty of play time, and of course, lots of toys. Like all young dogs, Lucas will benefit from training and structure. Lucas is good with other dogs and loves people!
  Scooby Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier Mix Large Adult Male RESCUED! 2 years old. Scooby was given away to an outside home. He kept jumping out of his dog pen at his new home so the owner felt it best to bring him to the shelter. They only had him for two weeks and did not provide any information about his personality so we will work on getting more info soon. He seem find with others dogs and kids he hasn't been cat tested yet but can be!

 Bruno Pit Bull Terrier/Shar Pei Mix Medium Adult Male URGENT!  Bruno is quite the handsome and unique little tonka truck! In person, you can see the Shar-pei in him, and weighing in at only 47 lbs, he's short and stocky! Bruno came in as a stray, so we have no background information available on him. He is very energetic, hates being cooped up in his kennel here, and LOVES to run and play fetch! Bruno would love a home with older kids who can handle his rough and tumble energy, and regular walks will definitely be required!  Playful pup!

 Buck Pit Bull Terrier Large Adult Male SAFE! This sweet 5 year old needs to find a new home ASAP! He lived with 2 small breed dogs, did great with them but needs to learn not to play rough with them. He has been around a larger dogs and did well with them also. He has been around children ages 3-6 and wants to play with them, but he is so big, he knocks them down but wants to give them lots of kisses. Buck does well even alone, walks well on a leash, and loves riding in cars, Neutered and up to date with vacs and heart worm negative. NO CATS*** WEIGHS 78LBS. BIG SWEET BOY!
  Hope Labrador Retriever SENIOR Female URGENT! RESCUE NEEDED FOR THIS SWEET, SWEET SOUL! HEART WORM POSITIVE! 8 years old. She is not a stray after all... This old dog has had a HORRIBLE life, and she deserves a retirement home filled with love, comfort and the soft inside comforts of a loving home! We named her Hope immediately upon her arrival, because she DESERVES hope to fill her remaining years! Hope has had numerous litters of puppies, is covered, literally, head to toe with mange, her ears are so thick you can barely see her ear canal...even her muzzle is covered with thick, red, inflamed skin! (We have started her on antibiotics, medication for the mange, and pain meds. She also received a soothing spa treatment, which nearly put the old girl to sleep on her feet!). And to top it all off - she is a very high heartworm positive!
Catfish Pit Bull Terrier/English Bulldog Mix Large Young Male  RESCUED! Neutered. They renamed me Catfish because of my giant catfish head! I am a big goofy boy - I love kids and adults, but have never lived with other dogs or cats. I have always lived indoors and am completely housetrained - but will need a reminder period once you take me home! Type of home I'm looking for: An active home filled with love and LOTS of toys - regular daily walks would be amazing as well! I must meet any other dogs living in the home, and be sure to let my DCAC caretakers know if you have cats so they can cat test me! Unique things about me: Don't let my low-rider stature full you - I am A LOT of dog in a small body!

Ramona Domestic Short Hair SENIOR Female - Jazz is a beautifully marked female torbie that likes to do things her way ;that includes being petted and held when she wants. Her foster said she will do better in a home with no children as she plays too rough . She was found at the court house eating from the garbage can. She is a big, healthy cat that needs a patient person who will give her space. 


4. Hawesville, KY:  ADOPTABLE DOGS!



CONTACT: Email: [email protected] or  PH: (270) 927- 8544 - the shelter line (not staffed 24-7). Please leave a message if there is no answer and we will return your call.

SENIOR Female URGENT! HAS RUPTURED INFECTED GROWTH ON NECK AND ARTHRITIS! NEEDS IMMEDIATE RESCUE! 13 years old. Owner surrender. We are keeping her as comfortable as possible and she seems happy. She is currently being treated with antibiotics for the dermatitis around the ruptured infected growth on her neck and Carprophen for arthritis pain.

Skipper Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Adult Male URGENT! NO FEES FOR ADOPTER OR RESCUE! Skipper came into the shelter with both bones in his front left leg broken. He underwent surgery to repair the breaks, wore a pretty blue cast and is now healed! Skipper is an active guy, about 4-5 yrs. old, and he doesn't show his age. This handsome boy has a goofy side that makes everyone he meets him grin and chuckle with happiness. His enthusiasm for life is contagious and his carefree personality lights up every room he enters. He enjoys playing with stuffed toys and playing outside. He likes to play with other dogs; running and jumping with them is his favorite. He also really enjoys cuddling with people and getting attention and is ready to go on long hikes to enjoy the great outdoors with people who love him.  Skipper needs a home with dog savvy cats or no cats at all. He's ready to play and can occasionally get little carried away with chasing small animals because he knows they will be fun to play with if he can catch them. 

 Rebel Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! NO FEES FOR APPROVED ADOPTER OR RESCUE!!! Did everyone forget about me? I've been waiting so long! I need a family. Rebel is quite a social boy that enjoys spending time with his people relaxing and getting some attention. He loves to play with toys and go on rides. Rebel deserves to be spoiled! He was heart worm positive, but was treated July 20th. Rebel just wants a nice family to love all 75 pounds of him while he is resting and relaxing with them during the cold winter season. NO CATS OR SMALL CHILDREN!

Terry Treeing Walker Coonhound Large Young Male - NO FEES FOR APPROVED ADOPTER OR RESCUE! Terry is a calm, quiet, laid back boy who is unbelievably sweet. He wags his tail and just watches you from his kennel). This boy has such a sweet soul!  Terry is extremely skinny due to his past living conditions but will do so much better in a home where he can be fed multiple times a day and get some treats to help him gain weight. When Terry meets new dogs he has nice manners and just walks away to show he isn't interested in playing if dogs seem too hyper, etc. He gets excited and acts like he will chase the shelter cat; not aggressively, but he seems like he will definitely chase them. We suggest a home with cat savvy dogs, if any cats are in the same home. 

 Fezzy Foe Jack Russell Terrier/Rat Terrier Mix Small Adult Male - 6 years old, 17lbs. INSIDE HOME ONLY! This little nugget is just ready to steal your heart! Festus (Fezzy Foe) is such a cuddler; carry him around and he is the happiest little guy you will meet. He seems to get along fine with other dogs and cats and of course anyone who will let him sit in their lap or share their pillow at night. This little guy will be so happy when he gets to go home with his new family. He desperately wants love (you can see him stick his little nose through the kennel to get love). The shelter is a scary place for a little guy like Festus and he's begging for someone to come adopt him soon.

Malcolm Young Male - Malcolm is a young guy, one year or less. He has a VERY sweet temperament and seems to get along fine with other dogs. Malcolm seems like he will be easy to train because he likes to please people.

Buster Coonhound Adult Male - NO FEES FOR APPROVED ADOPTER OR RESCUE! 3 years old, 55lbs. Owner surrender. Buster was so excited to be outside and play we hated to make him sit for pictures so he has a lot of action shots. Buster enjoys playing with other dogs and is friendly with everyone he meets. He LOVES belly rubs and has no problem rolling over to make sure he gets plenty. He is fun to be around and to watch him just enjoy life.





CONTACT: PH: 901-636-1416 (ext. 2) Email: [email protected]

#A302538 Sanyu EUTH LIST! HEART WORM POSITIVE! HAS KENNEL COUGH! IN ISOLATION! 5 years old, 67lbs. Sanyu means "happiness" which Sanyu personifies. This boy seems really sweet. Sanyu has a very waggy tail! He looks to have had a hard outside life, but he does not let that bother him. He needs a bath and a good grooming and Sanyu will be a stunner! Sanyu walks nicely on a leash, and takes treats very very nicely. He came into the shelter as a stray. Sanuu has tested positive for heartworms so will need to be treated by his new family.

#A302791 Black/White Young Female CRITICAL 1 year old, 44 lbs, HW POSITIVE & FRACTURED PELVIS!

 #A302060 Mixed Breed Brown/White Large Adult Male CRITICAL! HW POSITIVE! 3 years old., 62 lbs. Litter #K18019507 (came in w #A302058 #A302059 #A302057)

 #A302253 Sasha ADULT FEMALE URGENT! HEARTWORM POSITIVE! 3 years old, 53lbs. Spayed. This is pretty Sasha and a favorite of Tech Eddie who takes care of her. This is one lovely girl! Sasha came into the shelter as a stray. She seems so so sweet, and has been good with other dogs on leash here. Miss Sasha walks nicely on a leash, and she will sit on a dime for a treat!and she is spayed and ready to go home! She has tested positive for heartworms so will need to be treated by her new family. Several people have been interested in her, but they could not provide treatment for her.

#A302619  Big Baby Mixed Breed SENIOR Male URGENT! 15 YEARS OLD! Big Baby weighs about 89lbs. Came in with sibling.
 #A302620  Boogie Woogie Mixed Breed SENIOR Female URGENT! 15 YEARS OLD! Boogie Woogie weight about 89 lbs. and is being treated for arthritis. Came in with sibling.
 #A301955 Brown Adult Male CRITICAL! HW POSITIVE! LOCATED IN ISOLATION! 3 years old, 58lbs. Stray. Big gentle friendly dog. Snuggles against you when interacting and he is attentive and affectionate. Walked nicely on a leash and  just plain adorable.

#A302501 Black/White Young Male URGENT! SPECIAL PLEA! HAS DEMODEX MANGE! HW POSITIVE! 1 year old, 39.7 lbs.  I’m a good dog that initially comes out of his kennel wanting to sniff around, but once someone starts petting me, I warm up to him immediately and snuggle against him affectionately. I want and need attention and will give it in return.

#A302757 Gray Adult Male EUTHANIZED...R.I.P. HAD SARCOPTIC MANGE! 2 years, 40 lbs, HW NEGATIVE.

#A302487 DEE DEE & Pups SPECIAL PLEA! Dee Dee Gold Female 6 years, 55.8 lbs, HW NEGATIVE. Pups are one month old.

#A302419 Tan/White ADULT Female CRITICAL! 2 years, 55.1, HW POSITIVE.
 A302204 Little Girl Domestic Short Hair Tan/Fawn Adult Female -

#A302658  Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Female -

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