POSTED 3/14 - PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE A RESCUE!  Pull and some transport help available! 

CONTACT: Email - [email protected] or J'RieElliott - [email protected] - call the shelter at (859) 498-8751 or please stop by the shelter,115 Adena Dr. Mount Sterling KY.




FOSTERS WANTED! NEED short and long term standby dog and cat fosters. A foster gives them a place to stay, out of the shelter environment, until transport can be arranged.  CONTACT: Email - [email protected]
#137 Kennel 7 Stella Adult Female URGENT! PREGNANT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $10 PLEDGE! 3 years old. Super sweet dog. Friendly and loving.
 #37 Kennel 8 Snoopy Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT!  HAS $80 in PLEDGES! 2 years old, 45-50lbs. Well mannered, handsome young male. Friendly with the staff and volunteers. Happy. Walked well on the leash.
#90 Kennel 4 Ben Pointer Mix Adult Male URGENT!  HAS $60 in PLEDGES! 1-2 years old, 40lbs. Neutered.  Owner surrender. Handsome and friendly.
  #72 Kennel 21 Rudy American Staffordshire Terrier Mix Adult Male URGENT! LOCAL RESCUE HOARDING SITUATION! HAS $90 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 72lbs. Great on a leash. He is a big boy with lots of energy and muscles. He is friendly and loves to run and loves treats. Neutered, up to date on shots.
 #93 Ruby Red Miniature Pit Bull  Terrier Adult Female URGENT! LOCAL RESCUE HOARDING SITUATION! HAS $60 in PLEDGES! 5 years old, about 25lbs. Ruby loves attention, great on leash. She is only knee high. Loves to run and chase toys. Needs to be only dog. Was found in Arizona after owner left her for weeks in a apartment with only toilet water and her pup surviving off of her milk after he moved out leaving them behind.

 #64 Kennel 35 Hank Pointer/American Staffordshire Terrier Adult Male MEDICAL URGENT! LOCAL RESCUE HOARDING SITUATION! HAS $100 in PLEDGES! 3-4 years old. Hank came into the shelter severely malnourished and emaciated; he was showing all of the signs of his condition—hair loss, gum ulcers, lethargy. Since the time of his intake he has put on 10 pounds and his coat has begun growing back and his mouth ulcers have healed. He is a gentle dog with beautiful blue eyes who needs attention and love. He has developed a growth between his toes and a small lump on his left hind leg.

   #100 Kennel 20 Dobby Treeing Walker Coonhound Young Male URGENT! HAS $200 IN PLEDGES! 1 year old,  30lbs. Handsome young fellow. Full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Friendly with the staff and volunteers. Could use a few pounds.

  #144 Kennel 11 Penelope American Staffordshire  Terrier Female URGENT! HAS $45 IN PLEDGES! Owner surrender. Returned due to a death in the family.

 #116 Kennel 16 Jag Black Lab Mix Adult Male URGENT! 3 years old. Jag came in emaciated and abused and is very distrustful of new people. With great effort, shelter staff have gained his trust and can handle him and he behaves well for them, but it takes him a while to warm up to new people. He is scared of rapid movement and loud noises as well as being picked up. He has some hair loss from his malnourishment--but it is growing back and some scabbing from healing wounds. He has gained 10 lbs since he came to the shelter--pictures are after weight gain.

#41 Cage 1 Marley Domestic Short Hair Tabby Adult Male - HAS $10 in PLEDGES! 2 years old.
 Cage 10 Midnight Domestic Short Hair Black Adult Female HAS $10 in PLEDGES! 2 years old.



POSTED 3/14  - CODE RED! WILL EUTH FOR SPACE IF DOGS AREN'T MOVED OUT TODAY!   CATS ARE EUTHANIZED EVERY WEEK!  HEARTSTICK SHELTER!  Serves two counties: Clinton and Cumberland Co. KY.  Transport and short term foster possibly available based on space availability. Adoption fee is $65 with approved application for Dogs & puppies Rescue pull fee is $15 for adults & $10 for puppies.

CONTACT: PH: (606) 387-0943 

Doobie Large Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! 3 years old. 87lbs. Very friendly. NO GOATS!

 Pretty Girl Adult Female URGENT! LONG TIMER! 2-3 years old, 47lbs. Friendly. Hair loss due to fleas.

Kerri Young Female URGENT! 1 year old, 42lbs. Very Sweet. Friendly with people and good with other dogs.
 Mr. Smith  Adult Male URGENT! LONG TIMER! HAS SARCOPTIC MANGE! 1-2 years old, 46lbs. Nicknamed Smiley thanks to his beautiful smile. He is being treated, but he needs a special rescue that has a foster that this baby needs. Please help.
Benny Adult Male FOSTER/ADOPTION PENDING!! 2 years old, 27lbs. Very funny and playful. Very scared in shelter. Not aggressive.
Rayne Young Female URGENT! 8 months - 1 year old, 41lbs.  Has very sweet temperament.




UPDATE 3/15 -  

CONTACT: PH: Julie Zine - PH:  (317) 327-1397  Email: [email protected]

💖💜 Senior Sweethearts in need of Rescue! 💚💛RESCUE ONLY!
Total Pledges: Doug - $180 + $200 to an All-Volunteer Rescue, Bertha - $85, Chuck - $65, Champ - $130
 #272258 Doug Mastiff Mix SENIOR Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $180 in PLEDGES + 200 to an All-Volunteer Rescue!  8+ years old, 90 lbs. Neutered. Doug was surrendered by owners because of landlord. He is a happy and very large old man who loves affection and attention. He is currently housed in our supervisors' office and is doing well! Doug was going to be going to our adoption floor, but our vet has determined he has more medical issues that need to be addressed and should be rescue only. He has malconfirmation in his front legs causing a very bow-legged appearance. He will need to have a small mass on his eyelid and another on his penile area that should be removed. His ears have been infected and are currently being treated. Doug is a trooper and has been very sweet. Loves everyone he meets! Our supervisor took him on a field trip, and he rides well in the car. He did do okay for his temp test here with other dogs but is forward when meeting and would do better with a more submissive dog. Doug can be strong on leash but easy and calm when just hanging out in the office.

 #273135 Champ German Shepherd Dog Mix SENIOR Male URGENT! HAS $130 in PLEDGES! 12 years old, 65 lbs. Neutered.Champ was surrendered by owners when they became homeless. Owners have had Champ his entire life, and he doesn't know any other home. Champ is very nervous here at the shelter and seems fearful and confused. He can be barky at the cage and avoids the leash but will come out willingly, and once in quiet room, leaned into me for affection and seemed to feel safe being next to me. His owner said he does not do well with cats or children but has been around other dogs and has been good friends with a neighbor's dog. Champ has been known to resource guard (food) and may do best in an only dog home. He does like to be outside and walks well on leash. Hoping to find this handsome boy a quick rescue, as he is not doing well here in the shelter environment. Champ is URGENT and needs rescue ASAP!

#273289 Chuck Beagle Mix SENIOR Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $115 in PLEDGES! 9 years old, 46 lbs. Chuck was surrendered by his owner. Owner said Chuck nipped their 8 month old child when he was startled while sleeping. Child sustained a small scratch under eye. We have to quarantine Chuck for 10 days but hoping to find rescue for him, so he won’t have to be here longer. Chuck is a handsome boy who will need to have his cherry eye repaired. He is well mannered and sits for treats. He enjoys relaxation and naps. He was great for handling and walks well on leash.
 #273075 Bertha Mastiff Mix?? Large SENIOR Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $100 in PLEDGES! 9 years old, 95 lbs. This big gal was found as a stray. She is an absolute doll and very sweet! She sits for treats and is good on leash. She did well when introduced to another dog. She was excited to meet and pulled to say hello. She is on some pain meds for arthritis and can be slow to rise from sleeping, but once she is up and at em’, she is good to go!
 #273270 Clarice Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female EXTREMELY URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS PROLAPSED RECTUM!   HAS $270 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 43 lbs, This poor gal was found as a stray with a prolapsed rectum. We have done a “purse string” here, and it seems to be holding. However she is still having difficulty and pain while defecating. The shelter is no place for her to try to heal, so she should be considered URGENT. Clarice is a sad girl who just isn’t feeling well and seems depressed. She is easy to handle and walks well on leash. She met another dog and seemed fine. Not overly social when meeting. This poor girl just doesn't feel her best. PLEASE share and help us find her a spot in rescue or consider fostering her for rescue. She needs a freedom ride ASAP!!
#273330 Duchess Pit Bull Terrier Mix Young  Female URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! SCARED AND SHUT DOWN! HAS $60 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 35 lbs. Duchess was surrendered because owner was moving. She is very scared here and seems to be very shut down. We have her in our small dog room hoping she will not feel so overwhelmed. I had to carry her down the hall, as she does not seem to have any comfort walking on leash. Once in a quiet room, she took her time trembling but then scooted over and snuggled my back. She did allow me to pet her, and that seemed to give her some comfort. She should be considered URGENT and in need of foster based rescue ASAP!
 #272423 Claude Pit Bull Terrier Adult Male URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! HAS $70 in PLEDGES! 3 years old, 59 lbs. Claude arrived as a stray. He was evaluated for our adoption floor but was too jumpy and grabby with leash. He really needs some work on manners. He is a sweet, fun guy. Very social and friendly when meeting people. Likes attention. Was forward when meeting another dog. He seems to frustrate easily and will not do well long term in the shelter environment. Hoping to find him rescue soon so he can start getting some training and won't become stir crazy being cooped up here. Claude is a big hunk of sweetness!
#271935 Noelle Pit Bull Terrier Mix Adult Female RESCUE ONLY! HAS $185 in PLEDGES! 6 years old, 50 lbs. Noelle was surrendered by her owner. It seems she guarded her toys with their toddler who likes to play with the dog's toys. Noelle has snapped at the child but not broken skin. Now that toddler is toddling around more, parents aren't comfortable with Noelle living in the home. I found her to be very sweet and friendly. She has some missing fur on her rump consistent with flea issues. Ears looked thickened, and she may have had some ear issues in her past. Noelle was easy to handle but seems timid with strangers. She will soften when you sweet talk her and seems to really enjoy affection. Easy to walk on leash. Noelle met two dogs and did fine with the first. She was outgoing and wagged her tail. She walked away from the second dog and did not want to meet her. Second dog wasn't barking or growling or anything, but she seemed to frighten Noelle a little. She has met dogs since and done fine.and naps.

272509 Chops Rottweiler Adult Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $85 in PLEDGES! 4 years old, 57 lbs. Chops is a smaller than usual Rottie who was owner surrendered with friends Lucy and Bentley. He may very well be Bentley's father. Chops is very fearful here but came out of his kennel willingly, and I was able to handle him and give him some affection. He will need time to relax and be comfortable with new things. Chops has likely always lived outdoors and has healing wounds to his ears. His hackles went up when first introduced to another dog, but he did okay when meeting.

 #272319 Clay American Bulldog Mix Adult Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $130 in PLEDGES! 6 years old, 77 lbs. Clay arrived as a stray with a very large laceration on his ankle as well as wounds to his face. His wounds are healing, and he is putting on a bit of weight and becoming more social. He was timid and didn't seem very trusting when he first came to the shelter, but volunteers and staff have been working to make friends. I was able to easily get him out of his cage. He is not very gentle with treats and can be a bit mouthy when he thinks you have something for him. He has likely not had the best life and will need someone patient to help him come out of his shell a bit more and work on gentleness with food.

 #271940 Seuss Mastiff Mix Young Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $140 in PLEDGES! 1 year old, 45 lbs. Seuss has been a staff favorite since he arrived. He was one of several very scared dogs who had to be carried for days, as he was too scared to walk on leash. Staff have been really working with him, and he is now a completely different dog. He loves affection and walks around the shelter with confidence and pizzazz. While waiting for his evaluation for the adoption floor, he got into a fence fight with another dog outside. Jaws locked through the fencing, and the other dog sustained one puncture to his lip. Seuss has done his 10 day quarantine and was then tested for adoption floor. Seuss did not pass dog intro and snarled and growled so was placed on rescue only. He has loads of energy and is a happy, friendly guy, but will need a spot where he won't be with other dogs. He is wiggly-waggly and loves people! Please consider him URGENT, as dog issues are a big deal at the shelter. We must get this boy a rescue ASAP!!
Penny the Pig URGENT! RESCUE ONLY! Penny was found in a suburban neighborhood as a stray. She easily weighs 200 to 300 pounds. She is becoming destructive in the area we are keeping her in, as it is not meant to house a large pig long-term. She is vocal and grunty but friendly! We need to find her a spot in rescue ASAP!!
Charlotte #272075, 13.2hh, 11 years old, chestnut mare, listed as "grade", quarter horse/pony? Charlotte is said to act like a pony and doesn’t always want to mind. She is friendly with people.

Earl 2#72078, 14hh, 20 years old, bay gelding, listed as "grade", quarter horse/pony? On Equioxx for arthritis. Earl just needs a spot to retire. He is friendly and handsome. He really enjoys attention and grooming.

   #273372 Jensen SENIOR Male MEDICAL URGENT! HAS $70 in PLEDGES! Neutered, 8-10 years old, (missing all teeth except five!). Jensen was found as a stray with a horrible wound on his left rear paw. We are hopeful it can heal, but he will need bandage changes daily for a few weeks. Then, every few days totaling 6-8 weeks at least. If it doesn't heal, he may need an amputation. Jensen is a social and friendly cat. Quiet and relaxed in his cage here. Jensen is FIV positive.
 #273576 Oliver Adult Male RESCUE ONLY! HAS $50 in PLEDGES! Neutered, 5 years old. Oliver was owner surrendered because of a skin condition. Owner was unable to continue to care for him because of the cost. Poor guy has scabs, oozing sores, and hair loss all over his body. His back end and abdomen are blotchy and red, but he is super social and loves affection. We have done a skin scrape and did not find anything. We have given him Revolution and placed him on special food and meds hoping to ease some of his discomfort. He may need further diagnostics.
Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Services
Indianapolis, IN
Facebook: IACS Rescue -




CONTACT:  Kristie Jones PH: (502) 331-3644 for Rescue or Adoption or Shelter PH: (859) 734-5154

Newton Treeing Walker Coonhound Adult Male EUTH LIST! 4-5 years old. Stray. Friendly.

Mercer County Animal Shelter
Harrodsburg, KY



CONTACT: PH: (606) 526-6925  - Email: [email protected]  To Adopt/More Information: Email [email protected] 
Max Boston Terrier Mix Adult Male - 6 years old. Max has the sweetest little underbite. He really wants a family of his own.
Hanna Golden Retriever/Lab Mix Young Female - 10 months old. Hanna is a stunning beauty.

Smiley Boxer Mix Young Male - 6 months old. Neutered. Has infamous “Say cheese” smile.

Mufasa Domestic Short Hair Tabby/White Mix Young Male - 1 year old. Mufasa is a big guy with a big personality.